Other Miracles


  • Miracle of Contract and Accommodation after Conversion:

    Bro Matthew David

    Testimony by Bro. Matthew David: Miracle of Contract and Accommodation after Conversion.


    I am so happy for what the Lord used our Father to do in my life. I have been to many churches but this one is with a difference.


    I recently came to Port Harcourt but had no house of my own; I squatted with a friend. For squatting in his apartment, the agreement was that I had to share every money that I worked out; I am a carpenter by profession. It was as much as 50-50 proportion sharing ratio, of which a Lawyer was involved. I was unhappy because it was like one in a form of bondage.


    To find solution to my situation, I tried many churches where I was asked to bring holy water, candle, etc. In spite of these, there was no way out for me. Somehow, I noticed a Christian woman who lives nearby; her life style is satisfactorily decent as she does not put on any of those demonic attachments like others do. I felt she could be of help to me, and I walked up to her and asked of the church she attends. She told me, “Greater Evangelism World Crusade”. When I heard the name, I asked her “does such church exist?” I further requested her to take me to her church for prayers. It happened that the Sunday was Central Healing Service day; I joined their church bus by 8am to the service. The Pastor preached something about “well” and assured that we are carriers of “living well of waters”. I was really touched. I was sorry for my ignorance in going after ‘holy water’ people, and so on. I responded to the altar call and was led to Christ. The Pastor prayed for all after the preaching. I filled my details in the form provided and also wrote down my prayer requests.


    After about three days, I got a call and the person asked me, “are you Mr. Matthew, and I said yes. I was told that you are a carpenter. Can you to come and roof my house?” I quickly went over and we agreed N150,000.00 for the job. I was surprised that the man had to pay me an initial deposit of N100,000.00. I said, “this man power is working o”. I completed the roofing job within days, and I received the balance of N50,000.00. As I speak now, I have been able to rent my own house. Praise the Lord.

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  • My Situation is changed with Miracles of Breakthroughs:


     Testimony by Sis. S. Wilfred: My Situation is Changed with Miracles of Breakthroughs.



    Last year (2019), I came to this Temple because of some many challenges in my life. I cried at the altar and told God my needs. And one by one God began to do His miracles in my life. In April, God provided me with a Toyota Corolla car. Sometimes when I’m free, I use the car for transportation. God has been protecting and keeping me safe from accidents and evil people. Praise the Lord!

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  • My Overdue Promotion was Received by 31 December 2019.:



    Testimony by Pastor. Gloria Allison: My Overdue Promotion was Received by 31 December 2019.

    I was last promoted in my office, in 2017 unlike my colleagues. In May 2019, I was due again for promotion but nothing was heard from Abuja. I attended the GEWC end of year programme from Thursday to yesterday. When I got to my office on 31 Dec 2019, a colleague saluted me in a special way. I asked her, “why this special salutation”, she said, “it has happened, your promotion has come”. Glory be to God.

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  • Stopped Menstrual Flow Started again after Holy Communion:


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    Testimony by Pst. Stella O: Stopped Menstrual Flow Started again after Holy Communion.


    In the month of March this year, my monthly period suddenly stopped flowing and I didn’t know what was wrong; it was not a case of menopause either. And month after months nothing happened, so I remained like that. In October 2019 I was chosen by the Federal Government for MTech software training. After the training, I was posted to Edo State. I was there till the date of GEWC International Ministers’ Conference at Bayelsa State. I had a constraint regarding transportation fare and conference registration fee, of which God made a way through my Resident Pastor and my Sister. I arrived at the conference venue on the 5th of December. On the Sunday, was Holy Communion. I was hopeful that the Lord would touch me as I partake of the Communion, and so I prayed as such. After the conference, I hit the road in-route to Edo State that night. My Sister, however, called me back and discouraged me from taken the risk of undertaking a distant night journey. That evening, my sister’s house, my flow miraculously started again, it was very normal. To God be the glory.

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  • Miracles of Financial Breakthrough after I Forgave:


    bro Michael

    Testimony by Bro. Michael Denis: Miracles of Financial Breakthrough after I Forgave.

    God visited me in a special way a week before my wedding. During the June healing service, the Preacher titled his message, “Healing of the Home”. I was touched by the ministration and illustration he gave on how the devil easily penetrates our homes where unforgiveness is the case. Initially, I thought that there was nothing wrong with me, until the Holy Spirit began to remind me of cases of people that I had grudges for and needed to forgive. The first person that came to my mind was my cousin, the second person was my pastor, the third was my Zonal Minister and the forth was my former boss. I sudden found myself weeping unrestrained! Quickly, I left my seat to located my Cousin, embraced him and reconciled with him; I did same to my Pastor and Zonal Minister who were all in service with me. In my heart, I also forgave my former boss. Guess what! Just the next day, I received a phone call from my former boss for the first time in two years for a reconciliation meeting on an issue that occurred at the place of work, which even involved my family. I grasped that window of opportunity and went for the reconciliation meeting where everything was settled to the Glory be to God.


    After all these, I felt free and joyful in my spirit. I started receiving phone calls from many including people that I didn’t invite for my marriage programmes. Some called to inquire of how we faired and to wish us well; others called to ask for my bank account number, and made cash transfers. Credit alerts began to flow in from here and there. God embarrassed me with miracles of financial breakthrough and great blessings. The Ministers whom I initially had grudges against eventually became the ones that conducted my wedding and blessed my marriage. May the Lord never allow us to go back to the state of unforgivness in Jesus name.

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  • God gave me miraculous sales breakthrough in my shop:

    Pst Dorathy Woke

    Testimony by Pst Dorathy Woke: God gave me miraculous sales breakthrough in my shop.


    Before I gave my life to Christ I had a hair dressing saloon. But after I met Christ, I was not comfortable with that business and I had to shut it down and began the sale of provisions. I also included a showcase for the sale of snacks and related items. I experienced a big business boom and profitability. As a result, three more women brought their showcases for the same business, all lined-up within the same location. I observed that after a while, all my customers had disappeared. My neighbours began to make jest of me openly.

    During the last healing service, Daddy preached on: “The Siege is Broken” and made prayer of breakthrough, which I claimed. The next day, I brought out my showcase but bought a small quantity of snacks for sale. It wasn’t up to an hour, people came from left, right and centre and bought them all. I re-stocked immediately, it was also all sold, and the demands continued to the notice of my neighbor who exclaimed, “madam na God dey do am for you oh…” God gave me miraculous sales breakthrough in my shop and my story has changed to the glory of God.

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  •  I had a great financial breakthrough in my place of work:

    Pst Gold

    Testimony by Pst. Gold: I had a great financial breakthrough in my place of work.


    In 2010, I was promoted in my place of work, also in 2013 and 2016. But, all these took place without any financial benefits. Along the line, my company’s payroll system malfunctioned, given rise to all staff salaries being mix-up. It was such that one staff salary was credited into another staff’s account. The salary that was credited into my account was far bigger than my pay package. I was very happy, thinking that my unpaid increments have been paid in arrears. After three consecutive months of receiving such a huge pay, it was discovered that it was a payroll error. As a result directive was given from the headquarters that all staff must make refund of all three error salaries received within 3 days.

    While others received refunds I did not receive any. In my case, my salary wasn’t credited into any person’s account, rather it was hanging up somewhere. Making the refund was actually a big problem because I had just finished attending to my children in the University and other pressing needs. All my office colleagues had paid theirs. I had to access our cooperative loan with interest in order to meet the ultimatum. Paying up for the loan also without any salary coming in became a big burden to me and I cried onto God for help.

    During the February Healing Service our father preached on breaking of Siege. I keyed into the word and prayers and believed God for a miracle. The next day being Monday, I received an alert which I ignored. Another alert came in, I didn’t also take it seriously; and yet again the third alert. I was compelled to read them up. Behold, they were all credit alerts of my financial benefits of my 2010, 2013 and 2016 promotion arrears which came in rapid succession. That was how God broke the financial seize in my life and enable me to settle the interest loan and had some reserve. Glory be to God.

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  • Siege over my Business was broken and I had a breakthrough:

    Bro Godex Mac-Jaja

    Testimony by Bro. Godex Mac-Jaja: Siege over my business was broken and I had a breakthrough. 

    I decided to go into business some years ago. I took a loan for business sponsorship, but could not really account for the where-about of the investment made. I realized that I have been struggling financially. It was with a great struggle that I was not able to actualize my marriage programme.


    At some point, I went into the supply of AGO. It was also a huge struggle to get a company to make supply to, and capital to execute the few opportunities that I had to make supplies to. I approached a bank for loan. It was like a very difficult request for the bank to grant me the loan. But God intervened, and they eventually gave me the loan in October last year. I placed an order for 2 trucks of AGO and paid the dealer (a friend). I waited for delivery, month after months but no product delivery. The loan duration expired in January and I was left to pay huge interest. I was so scared and prayed more earnestly.


    During the February healing service, our Daddy preached on, “The Siege is Broken”. I felt like he was speaking to me because it was done on me that even if I got another capital to invest the money would still go missing.


    The next morning after my family morning devotion, my supplier called to inform me that my product had arrived. I was expecting deliveries of 2 trucks since October, but 5 trucks were delivered. All 5 trucks were line-up by the Company’s gate waiting for me. Product quality had to be tested, which was done in my absent. God used one among them to stand and attest for me and the genuineness of my product. As it were, the company was not under any obligation to accept the trucks because the LPO date had long expired. Nonetheless, they kindly accepted 2 trucks. Despite the fact that they have not paid for the deliveries, I went on to thank them for the acceptance of the 2 trucks. It was a thing of shock to them for an unpaid Supplier to come appreciating. The loan issue is no longer a problem because an understanding of settlement now exists between the Bank and the Company. To God be the glory.

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  • My Stolen Phone became flames in the hand of the Robber, and was Returned:

    My Stolen Phone

    Testimony by Sis. Happiness: My Stolen Phone became flames in the hand of the Robber and was Returned.



    During the last Healing Service, I responded to altar call after the message.When I went back to my seat, I discovered that my tablet, which I kept in‑between the pages of my Bible was no more; it has been stolen! I cried bitterly. A Brother took me to the Superintendent State Minister. He encouraged me and promised me a phone.


    A sister, who was also concerned, asked me of my phone number and dialed it using her own phone. A female voice that answered, said to her, “this phone belongs to me now”. Days after, a woman called the Sister’s phone that was used in calling my line, and said that her daughter had confessed to her that she stole a phone, which had turned into hot flames in her hands; such that, she could not keep it any longer for herself. The mother of the girl pleaded with me, and arranged for a meeting in Mile 1 for the collection of my tablet. That was how I got back my stolen tablet. Thanks, be to God.

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  • God gave Me a Miracle Job among 62 Interviewees:

    Sis Ibiye

    Testimony by Sis. Ibiye: God Gave Me a Miracle Job Among 62 Interviewees.


    I graduated in November, 2017; since then, I have been looking for job. I got a job at Bayelsa State early last year, but it was not quite long, the job was over.


    During the February Healing Service, as the Int’l Director was praying, he mentioned my case and said, “Someone will get a miracle Job”. I jumped up and claimed it. Yours truly, on the next day, being Monday, I got a call from someone who told me to go and submit my CV at a hospital called, “Save a Life Hospital’. When I got there, I discovered that it was rather the day that was slated to interview those who had submitted their applications and CVs days and weeks earlier. I became discouraged and left. However, someone at the gate told me to go back and wait, that I might still be interviewed. As God will have it, they collected my CV and interviewed me that same day with other 62 candidates. I had the highest performance in both the oral and computer-based written tests, which made me to be one among the only two successful candidates.


    As the Management had brief review meeting over our cases, I overheard them say that I was inexperienced because they had wanted to employ someone who had at least 10 years of work experience; more so, I was too young for the job, they added. However, one of them said, “She may be small but mighty, let’s give a chance to perform on the job”. Those moments were so frightful, but I decided to look up to the “God of Grace” that Daddy preached on during the Healing Service, and prayed the more. Shortly after, they called me, congratulated me and offered me the job for an immediate start. The God of grace spoke on my behalf, and gave me a job. Praise God.

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  • Total Revival:

    Total Revival



    During the March Healing Service, I was blessed by the word of God. The Int’l Director mentioned that there are 365 “Fear Not” written in the bible, which means that each “Fear Not” is applicable for each day of the year. He added that one day of doubt is tantamount to 365 days of doubts before God, and that is what responsible for many unfulfilled miracles in the lives of doubtful Believers. I believed God’s servant, and the Lord did 3 things in my life:  
    1) He restored my joy of salvation

     2) He restored His glory in my life

     3) He renewed my trust in Him

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  • My Husband was Discharged and Acquitted after being unlawfully held in prison for 7 Years:


    Sis Gloria

    Testimony by Sis Gloria: My husband was discharged and acquitted after being unlawfully held in prison for 7years.


    In October 2010, my husband was detained for a crime he did not know anything about. The magistrate who accused him frustrated all efforts to grant his release. We prayed and fasted severally with the brethren and Pastor, but things were still difficult without any head way.


    After the June 2018 healing service, I stayed back with my children to cry at the altar. We prayed and vowed that in August healing service we shall stand to give a testimony of his release.


    What a faithful God, we serve! On the 31st of July, God did the miraculous; my husband was unconditionally released from prison after 7yrs in prison. That was how he was discharged and acquitted of a crime he didn’t know anything about. Glory be to God.

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  • Greater open doors to the Ministry in East Africa:

    Evang Ejimadu


    Testimony by Evang. Victor Ejimadu: Greater open doors to the Ministry in East Africa. 
    During our recent visits to Sierra Leone and Liberia, God’s power was awesome to wrought great miracles. There are evidences of God’s spiritual and material blessings in the Churches despite the crises situations they experienced earlier on. Many more Ministers were ordained to continue with the revival fire and work of the Lord in the Ministry.

     God granted us safe journeys to and fro all the airways, waterways and land routes. We give Him all the praises.


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  • Souls harvested onto the Lord, as an anniversary gift:

    Pst Iyagba

    Testimony by Pst (Prof) Apelle Iyagba: Souls harvest onto the Lord, as an anniversary gift.


    As a 46 year Anniversary gift onto the Lord, we crusaded and opened a new church. Before now, Mile 1 Zone had already opened some Churches within and outside the State.


    However, during one of our Officers’ meetings, I mentioned to them the need to open yet another Church at Elechi Beach waterfront. The EXCO members were worried saying, “where will the money for the Church planting come from, especially now that there are huge financially demanding projects before the Mile 1 Zone?” Actually, our Church has need of about N40m for roofing of the big church auditorium; plus other immediate challenging needs in the Church. But, I assured them that God would provide for the church planting mission.


    After we had agreed to open the church, we first of all embarked on renovation work on a property that was donated at Elechi Beach water-front for the intended new Church. By the grace of God, we have been able to successfully crusade the area, and on the 9th of September 2018, the Anniversary Church was established at Elechi Beach waterfront. To God be the glory.

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  • Grace prevailed on me to overcome severe persecutions that accompanied my salvation:

    PSt Salome

    Testimony by Pst. Salome Puene: Grace prevailed on me to overcome severe persecutions that accompanied my salvation.


    While I was asleep, one early morning in the year 1977, I heard a song, “…only Jesus can save; hallelujah, only Jesus can save …” I couldn’t sleep any longer. It was some Brethren on morning call. I was touched and decided to meet the group outside, and they took my details.


    They followed me up until I joined the Church (Greater Evangelism World Crusade). I eventually got baptized by immersion as opposed to the mere water sprinkling baptism that I received while in Anglican Church. My baptism and new faith in Christ didn’t go down well with my family who were all of Anglicans. I was sent out of the house. I remember standing outside in the cold all through the night because my parents wouldn’t let me into the house. I went to take refuge from one Mama Kpabari who housed me and encouraged me. I used pieces of old clothes for pads during my menstrual periods. No money, no nothing! Things were really tough for me!


    My parent persecuted me, and refused to train me at school. I was in that condition for years. A certain day, I decided to visit the Base to see our founding father (Apostle G.D. Numbere). He told me that he had heard everything that I was passing through. He further instructed my fellowship to raise an offering for my school fees. Before long, the fellowship raised some money for my school fees, and I was able to go to school.


    In the school hostel, I was on fire for the Lord and led many of my school Girls to Lord through evangelism and the life style of Christ. When the number of my converts increased, we began to have fellowship meetings in one of the school’s classrooms. As the information got our Principal, she requested that our names be submitted to her. We were arraigned before the entire Students during a morning assembly. The Principal threatened to suspend us from the school. We took the suspension threat to the Lord as we fasted and prayed. God answered our prayers; the Principal changed her mind and asked us to fetch four buckets of water from a distant place to the field in place of suspension.


    During the holiday, my mother was seriously sick at home. I went and told our founding father; he decided to follow me home to pray for my mother. As we got home and he prayed for my mother, instantly she got healed. She asked me who was it that prayed for her. I told her that it was my Pastor. She said, oh, she had expected to see a very big man as my pastor. She added, “all this while that I was sick no one visited me or prayed for me but for this man; from this day forward, I will follow you to your church”. That was how my mother also experienced salvation, and my persecution ended. To God be the glory.

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