Healing Miracles

  • Healed of Apatitis B Via Livestream:

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    Testimony by Evang Victor Ejimadu: Pst. Tambari David: Healed of Hepatitis B via Livestream.

    I was opportune to accompany our father (the Int’l Director) to visit Oyo state church. There they shared a lot of testimonies arising from the Healing service watched via live stream. One Pastor Tambari David testified that he was healed of hepatitis B. 

    When he came to Balm of Gilead Clinic, the Doctor referred him to UPTH. On the day he went to UPTH, he said that he saw a woman that was crying. When the woman was asked what the problem was, told him that her child needed blood transfusion but she that had no money to buy the blood. He offered to donate blood to save the life of that woman’s child. As his blood was screened, it was discovered that he had hepatitis B, hence it was not suitable for donation. It was only by that he realized that he had such a disease. This condition persisted till April Healing service, which they watched via the live stream in Ibadan. During the service, Daddy prayed specifically for people suffering from hepatitis B and he claimed the prayer for himself. He later went to the hospital for another test, and they confirmed that there was no trace of hepatitis B in his blood anymore.

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  • Healed of 2 Years Growth in my Throat:


    Testimony by Mr.  Daniel Samuel: Healed of 2 Years Growth in my Throat.


    In 2017, I began to feel a strange sensational pain right inside my throat. I was with much difficulty that I was able to drink even water, let alone solid foods; I was not able to bend my head any slightly to drink or eat.


    On day, it occurred on my mind to feel the inside of my throat with one of my fingers. As I did, I discovered that there was a big growth. My mind flashed back on a friend who had a similar situation and had to be flown abroad for a special surgery. In my case, I hadn’t the financial means for special surgery overseas. I became worried. My wife encouraged me to take my mind off the problem and rather focus on God.


    During the last central healing service, as the Int’l Director prayed intensively after the massage, he specifically mentioned cases of people with growth in any part of their body. Some days after, I discovered that the sensation was no more. I began to drink water freely, and can even bend my head to drink and eat solid foods without pains any longer. The growth had disappeared. God healed me. To God be thy Glory.



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  • Healed of Breast Cancer as the Int'l Director Prayed:



    Testimony by Pst. (Mrs.) Ebeze Lamech: Healed of Breast Cancer as the Int’l Director prayed.


    Before the January Healing Service, I was feeling a severe pain on the nipple of my left breast; it was so unbearable that nothing should touch my nipple, not even my cloth. When I went to the hospital, the Doctor confirmed that I had a lump in my breast.

    I came to the last healing service with an expectation. The topic for the message that day was, “It is Time for Change.” I so much believed and trusted the Lord for a change in my situation, as our Daddy preached and prayed. Just like a dream, before my next hospital appointment to see the Specialist, I could not fill the pain anymore, the lump had disappeared. To God be the Glory.


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  • Frequent bleeding ceased after God's servant prayed:

    Sis Asele Amos

    Testimony by Sis. Amos Asele: Frequent bleeding ceased after God'sservant prayed.

    On April 4th 2017, I was operated of fibroid, after which I continued to bleed nonstop. The Doctor diagnosed hormonal imbalance and prescribed some drugs for me, but the bleeding did not stop. In 2018 I said to myself that I will not take the drugs again.

    I, however, went to the hospital again. From a Scan result, it was discovered that two veins were open in my vagina and I was booked for another surgery. Before the set date of the surgery, I attended the Healing Service and had a special experience that day. Where I sat, there was no fan close to me but I felt a cool breeze blowing all over me after the prayers of God’s servant. However, when the surgery date was reached, I went to the hospital and was taken into the operating ward. The Doctor asked me, “woman who did you come with, and where is your husband?” I told him that I came with my Master: Jesus. They prepared me and took me into the theatre. The scanned result was available. The Doctor examined the result of the scan and discovered that the two separated veins have been joined properly together. The Doctor confirmed normalcy, hence did not carry on with the operation again. God that healed the woman with issue of blood is still alive today. He healed me. Praise be to God.


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  • Healed of Chronic Leg Pain on the last day of the New Year Retreat:

    Bro. Paul Amadi

    Testimony by Bro. Paul Amadi: Healed of chronic leg pain on the last day of the New Year Retreat.



    I woke up one morning with pains on my right leg. The pains became more severe after the burial of my late Dad. I went to see a Doctor at BM Hospital and I was given some medications; it was though, the more I took the medicines, the more the pains increased.


    I attended the End of Year (2018) Retreat in that severe pain conditions. I camped at the Temple; and told myself that I will not leave the church until God settles me. After the 2nd day of the Retreat, I felt I should join in the sweeping and cleaning the house of the Lord every morning. Yours truly, the last day of the Retreat had come, but nothing has happened yet. I placed one of my legs at the altar area and prayed onto God and said, “Oh God, this is the last day, please heal me”. After a while, I forgot everything about the pains. When I got home, I realized that the severe pains had completely all gone. It was so miraculous and permanent that I had to shear the testimony in my local church. During this period, my spiritual life was also in a mess; but God used the situation to restore my spiritual life. To God be the glory.

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  • 32 Years of Complictions Healed:

    32 years complications Healed


    Testimony by Sis. Mary: 32 Years of Complications Healed.


    For over 32 years, I have been having severe pains all over my body with many health complications. I had undergone several check-ups with attendant medications; in addition, the Doctor advised me not to use public toilets.


    When the Ministry’s 2018 Easter Retreat banner, themed: ‘It Is finished’ was out, I was opportune to have one. I prayed to God to give me a testimony during the programme. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it on the early days of the programme. But, I spoke to myself about the theme and said, “it is finished has no expiry date with God until He finishes dealing with all my challenges”.


    I eventually came to the temple on the last day of the Easter Retreat programme. At some point, I felt pressed and needed to use an available public toilet! Immediately, a song came to my mind, “my soul magnify the Lord, and my spirit praise His name, for death could not hold Him captive, even in the grave, Jesus is Lord…”. I continue to sing the song on my way to the toilet house. I tried to urinate first but couldn’t. After sitting on the toilet bowl for a while, I started defecating instead of urinating. It was such a hard stool, so I pushed harder. Suddenly, a big stone came out of me. This was what was troubling me for these 32 years. From that day on, all the pains ceased; all complications left; and I became perfectly healed. Praise God.

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  • Healed from Severe and Protracted Leg Pains:

    Pst Ruth


    Testimony by Pst. Ruth:Healed from Severe and Protracted Leg Pains


    For over 2 years, I have been having pains in my right leg, and couldn’t walk easily. I went to University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital; the Doctors prescribed application of hot balm and hot water for me. My Sister also took me to a local orthopaedic for treatments, but all to no avail.

     A day came, when the International Director (Pst Isaac Olori) visited my local church. He didn’t seat on a chair at the Altar, instead he sat within the Elders and Ministers’ seats. And incidentally, it was on my chair that he was ushered to seat on. That day, our Daddy did not preach but only prayed and left.

    After the service, I went and sat back on the seat where Daddy sat on. As I sat down, I further removed my shoes and placed my legs within the position where Daddy positioned his shoes earlier when he sat on the Chair. By faith I prayed for the healing of my leg. After that day, the leg pain stopped. But, after sometimes, the pain started again. When I mentioned it to my son he reminded me that I didn’t even bother to testify to God’s glory at the initial healing instance. My testimony today has come to seal the healing of my leg pain permanently in Jesus name. Glory be to God

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  • Healed of Constant Cough, Breath Seizure and High Blood Pressure:

    Mark Faith


    Testimony by Bro Faith Mark: Constant cough, breath seizure and high blood pressure, all healed.


    Last year November, after a drama program in my church I slumped and fainted. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in the hospital. I was diagnosed of partial stroke and my blood pressure had risen to 190 plus. I was treated and discharged. I however, discovered that I was constantly falling ill and heart conditions started deteriorating. I often felt chocked and gasped for breath. I couldn’t laugh; I couldn’t yawn neither could I eat solid food like: garri and soup, etc.


    I was determined to attend the healing service of that month, no matter my predicaments. By that move of faith, I felt joy inside of me and I greeted people with smiles. It was a long time that I attended church. During the testimony time, a Sister testified of a miraculous employment in March healing service. Surprisingly, the same song God ministered to me was what we sang in the church, and I knew in my heart that it was going to be a day of healing for me.


    After the message, I responded to healing prayers at the altar, and laid my hands on my belly and prayed. Immediately, I felt something like an electric shock in my body. Throughout the time we stood by the altar, I didn’t cough. As I went back to my seat, I told my friend that I was healed. Right there, the devil tried to put a check on me and I coughed a bit. When I got home, I declared that I was healed and started doing things I couldn’t do before. I stopped taking my medications. I further went to check my blood pressure and discovered it had returned to normal. I packed all the drugs and went to my church to testify. God had perfectly healed me. I am completely made whole. Glory be to God.


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  • Healed of Pains on the Left Breast Since 2015

    Fyne T

    Testimony by Sis Fyne Tariah: Pains on left breast since 2015, healed.

    In 2015, I started experiencing severe pains on my left breast. I went severally for medical checks but nothing was seen to be the cause of the severe pain. It continued till 2016, at that point I had to improve on my prayer and fasting life. I wanted to see our Int’l Director but I could not. In 2017, the pain persisted and I started bleeding from that breast. I went again for check-up, rather than telling the cause of the pain, I was given medications for ulcer and other illnesses that the doctors diagnosed at that time, but the main issue they couldn’t discover.

    During break time in the 2017 December End of Year Retreat, I held my breast crying and praying for my healing. I didn’t care about whether people were looking at me or not. When we resumed the next session in the retreat after the break, as soon as the Man of God mounted the pulpit and began to pray, I experienced something like flash-light that came directly from the microphone and struck my breast. Since then till now, the breast pain stopped; the bleeding stopped; I am completely healed. Praise, be God!

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  • Healed of 3 years Chronic Ulcer:

    Sis Dumdisi

    Testimony by Sis. Dumdisi Ndombe: Healed of 3 years of chronic ulcer after a healing prayer by the Int’l Director.

    In November 2016, I started experiencing strange and severe pains in my stomach. I visited the hospital severally as the pain persisted. In one of the occasions, I was diagnosed of ulcer and was further placed on ulcer medications. The Doctor advised me not to eat certain foods and drinks.


    At some point the pain seemed to have subsided, but came up even more severely. I continued to suffer the excruciating pains till May this year. When my birthday was approaching, I prayed and I asked God for the healing of the ulcer as my birthday gift from Him. I believed God and came to the May central healing service. After the message, as the man of God (the Int’l Director) began to pray, he repeatedly declared and said, “every sore in the womb, disappear”; and I echoed Amen each time. Instantly, I felt God’s touch in my stomach, I started crying. When I got home, I didn’t feel any unusual pains in my stomach anymore. Later on, I went for another scan; when the Doctor examined the scan result, he confirmed that the ulcer was no more. I became healed since then. May God’s name alone be glorified.

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  • The Lord healed me of headache and fever as we worshiped.Also, fibroid that tormented me for the past 6 years disappeared:

    Pst Silverline

    Testimony by Pst. Silverline:
    The Lord healed me of headache and fever as we worshiped. Also, fibroid that tormented me for the past 6years disappeared. 

    I have two testimonies, which happened during the course of September Healing Service. Firstly, prior to the Healing Service Sunday, I was experiencing severe headache and discharges from my body. I came to the Healing Service in that sick state that day. As our Father came up to minister, he started worshiping, and at some point he called out people for prayers without even preaching. I stepped forward from my seat, believing God for my healing. There and then, in course of the worship and prayers, the headache disappeared instantly.

    Secondly, in 2012, I went for massaging and fully formed fibroid was detected in my womb. The local medic had to administer some herbs to me, in order to dissolve and flush out the fibroid. After the complete dosage of herbal treatment nothing happened. I decided to depend on God for my healing.

    Some months after, I started experiencing heavy menstrual flow plus related complications. This time around, I had to seek for medical attention from a hospital. After the Doctor’s examinations, it was recommended that I should go in for surgery. We didn’t have the money for the surgery, and so the Doctor gave me some medicine pending when we may be able to pay for the surgery bill.

    During the Healing Service, I had a sensational experience in my body; I believed that it was touch of healing on me. The following day, when I felt like urinating at my place of work, I had a feeling that I should use an open place instead of the rest room. When I did, I saw lump after lumps came out of my body. From that day, God healed me of fibroid. Praise be to God.

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