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    ~Pst. and Pst Mrs. Deemor:

    God has been faithful, on 27th of February, 2016 God delivered me from death. I ate watermelon poisoned with chemicals, I passed out few minutes later, and was rushed to the hospital, and in a trance I saw myself in the bus, and I saw the face of our founding father Apostle G.D. Numbere of blessed memory, and he asked why I was there and said I should alight from the vehicle and as I alighted I woke up and was miraculously healed.

    Secondly, we had several challenges last year, one of sons who was on scholarship by the Rivers State Government studying Medicine in UK were abandoned by the Government. He was stranded since there was no money to pay his fees and he was almost rusticated from his academics, but God provided the resources. His department also miraculously decided to pay the departmental fees to enable him graduate.

    Thirdly, on the 26th of November, 2017, we were on our way home from church, which by God’s grace we are pastoring in Nonwa, unknown to us that some persons were trailing us. While on our way home at exactly 7:45pm a vehicle double crossed us and four men surrounded us, dragged me out of my car and forced me into theirs and drove off into the bush. After several hours of driving, we finally arrived at their den and they brought me out and stepped on me. In my heart I prayed and told God I am in your hands. Immediately we boarded another bike with two men with guns and drove into the forest for another 30mins, we came down and trekked again for another 3hrs. We arrived at their shrines; I prayed and decreed that nothing will happen to me. I prayed for them and God turned their evil intensions for good. God did something miraculous in that four days I spent there.

    Throughout my stay there I did not have a mosquito bite, but the mosquito affected them and they all took ill with fever, cold catarrh, vomiting etc. but God sustained me I never experienced any health issues despite the harsh environment. I laid my hands on one of them who was terribly sick and God healed him and this brought them closer to me and I ministered to them to repent.

    The 7th day I suffered beating from another group, I was beaten ruthlessly. On the 8th day I prayed asking God to help me to be released unconditionally. I was feed with Sachet water in the morning, one plantain in the afternoon and another sachet water at night, I was crying and asking God to deliver me, and few minutes later I had an angelic visitation and afterwards I woke up I saw myself as clean as though I just had my bath.

    And on the 12th day in another trance someone gave me a key and I collected and the voice came saying “you have the key to your freedom, open your mouth and ask anything you want”, when I woke up, I rejoiced. That same morning I noticed that the kidnappers were panicking, running helter-skelter and they came where I was shouting “madam please stand up because today is your day of release”, because the leader of the gang has ordered that they should feed very well and after which I should be released.

    By 6:30pm we started the journey and trekked for hours and we got to a river. They aided me to cross since I could not swim. After we crossed they got call that the police are after them and they directed the boys to take me back to the forest and we crossed the water back to the forest. After a while they received another call for us to cross the water again for the third time and that the police wasn’t after us. At this point I was very thirsty; I took some part of the stream water to drink to get strength to move. We journeyed out from the forest after a long time, after which I was released. That was how I was delivered.

    The miracle God did for was that through-out the 12 days I spent in the forest, I didn’t pass out stool and neither did I have the urge to defecate until I was released unconditionally. May his name be glorified.

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