Living Testimonies

  • Ten years eyes problem healed:

    ~Mr. Philip Adigbo


    I had eye problem from when I was working at School to Land Authority. This eye problem lingered for over 10 years. At Adadike Eye Clinic where I was examined, I was told that I had a growth in my eyes. All this while, 50% of my monthly salary was shared among several eye clinics and pharmacies in Port-Harcourt, but all to no-avail.

    I saw the central healing service banner of this Church in August, and decided to attend the programme of August 20th 2017. During the prayer session, I cried onto God for the healing of my eyes. I went home after the healing prayers and forgot the problems of my eyes. Since then till date, I have neither visited any eye clinic nor bought a single eye drop. I am totally healed. Praise be to God.


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