Living Testimonies




     ~Pastor (Dr.) Nonyem Numbere

    ~ culled from the Book 'A MAN AND A VISION' 







    Numbere’s testimony in Bomu could well be written as “In Bomu, I was stoned, and I was shot at…..”


    Bomu was a village that was completely given over to idolatry in those days. While the team was in Nwebiara they were advised not to go to Bomu that it was a dangerous place and that people scarcely went there. “Nobody goes to Bomu”, they were told. Therefore after he crusaded Nwebiara, he bypassed Bomu; leading his team towards Bodo, another village further down the area. But just as they reached a village called Bera, the Lord spoke to him, “Do I not have souls there (Bomu) for whom I died?”


    He was sorry for his actions and immediately ordered his team to turn back, for to Bomu they must go. On arrival, they found out that Bomu measured up to its billing. Every compound had a juju shrine, every roof had a flag flying to one juju or the other. The town square itself had a big juju flag erected in its middle. The whole village looked like the United Nations building in New York City, with its assorted flags flying, not to nations but to idols of all sorts.


    Amidst the terrible state of idolatry in this place he pitched his Crusade right in the middle of the market square and cursed all the flags and idols of the land. Very soon things began to happen. The first was that the very next day a tipper lorry driving along the bad road of the village, veered off the road into the market square and rammed into the juju flag-pole and it broke into two and fell down. To the glory of God both the juju flag and pole were never set up again!


    Hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ as Numbere preached the gospel with power with signs and wonders following. Satan did not take this incursion into his stronghold lying low. He got mad and stirred up some of the people to attack Numbere and his team.


    On one of the days he was stoned while preaching which was not an uncommon experience in the field but the stones fell short of their target. On another day a man came with his gun and shot at Apostle Numbere from a close range while the man of God was on stage preaching, but God turned the bullets into water. When this happened the assailant bolted away and ran for his life. Not one hair of Apostle Numbere’s was touched. God’s protection for His servant was perfect rendering stones and guns powerless over him.


    Despite these violent and fiery attacks Numbere was relentless in preaching the gospel in Bomu. The Spirit of the Lord was mighty upon him and many more people got converted. In fact there were more converts here than in the other villages where they had been to. They led over one hundred and sixty people to the Lord. There were so many miracles that juju priests began to quake and became afraid of the power of the gospel. They resorted to inciting their people against the gospel team and persecutions set in. Some of the team members were beaten up when they went into the village for witnessing or morning calls. The new converts were not spared either. Many of them were beaten up by their relatives and other villagers in attempts to force them to renounce their faith.


    After the team had left the village, the persecutions actually became worse and went on for years. One day a female convert was publicly stripped naked by members of her family. With her people in hot pursuit, she had to run all the way to Lewe, the next village for refuge - stark naked! The pastor of the newly established fellowship was beaten to a pulp by the villagers. The bridge of his nose was broken in the course of the beating. The people hated the gospel so much that they tried to destroy anybody or anything that had to do with the gospel. Bomu therefore had a track record of burning any available Christian literature, ranging from tracts to Bibles!


    Despite these terrible persecutions the gospel continued to thrive and the juju flags gradually started disappearing. Today there are no more juju flags flying from the rooftops of Bomu. Rather, a number of other gospel Churches have come to be established there. This has been made possible because a young man with a group of young boys and girls decided to risk their lives to go to the kingdom of Satan with the gospel of Jesus Christ and there, pulled down the strongholds of the devil. TO Him alone be praise!




     ~Pst. (Mrs.) Blessing Udoh




    In 2006, I started experiencing pains in my body. I applied all treatments that I could but the pains persisted increasingly. I was taken to University Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt for more medical attention. The Doctors told me that it was as a result of early degeneration of the bones, and there seemed not to have remedy for me.


    The pains had spread to all over my body in 2009. I had to visit another Doctor (Prof. Jebbin). He sent me for a scan. When he examined the scan result, he confirmed what I was told at the UPTH, which means that I will have to continue in the pain for the rest of my life. He further advised me not to depend so much on drugs, so that I don’t get addicted.


    The nature of the pains was so severe that I hardly sleep at night; I couldn’t lift my hands; I could neither zip nor unzip my clothes; I could not do a lot of things without assistance; my husband did a lot for me including helping to wash my undies; it was that bad!


    During our Women program, I was pressed and so I went to the lady’s convenient. On my way back, I saw the mother of the Ministry. Somehow, I decided to tell her what I was passing through. She briefly shared a testimony of how someone who had a similar affliction got healed after taking Holy Communion. I keyed into that testimony, and she further prayed for me. From that day, each time I took Holy Communion, I claimed my healing. During the 2015 end of year retreat, as Holy Communion was served on the New Year Service day (1st January 2016); I poured part of the communion wine on my leg and I prayed for my bones to be healed. After that, God changed my story. And, I became healed. No more pains; I’m full of strength and life. Praise, be to God.




    ~Mr Philips Adigbo




    I had eye problem from when I was working at School to Land Authority. This eye problem lingered for over 10 years. At Adadike Eye Clinic where I was examined, I was told that I had a growth in my eyes. All this while, 50% of my monthly salary was shared among several eye clinics and pharmacies in Port-Harcourt, but all to no avail.


    I saw the central healing service banner of this Church in August, and decided to attend the programme in August 20th 2017. During the prayer session, I cried onto God for the healing of my eyes. I went home after the healing prayers and forgot the problems of my eyes. Since then till date, I have neither visited any eye clinic nor bought a single eye drop. I am totally healed. Indeed, it’s a BASKET OF MIRACLE! Praise be to God.


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