Healing Service Messages 2019

You can now read a stranscribed versions of Central Healing Services' messages month-by-month. Each month's post is a summary of the message preached during the service. The nature of the transcriptions are expected to reflect the originality of delivered messages. For maximum benefits, however, every reader is advised to put away any form of distractions and prayerfully put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting before the Preacher when the message was preached.


  •  September 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    Preacher: Pastor. Isaac V. Olori.

    Topic: When God is on your side.

     Text: Psalms 124: 1-8.

     We must acknowledge as individuals and as a ministry that God has helped us for the past 47 years and He has been on our side. Despite the works of the enemy, we have prevailed and the vision lives on because it belongs to Him. For this we are grateful to God because we know He’ll usher us into the glory of the latter house. Hence, we will not be afraid because God does not abandon any project He starts.


    David speaking in Palms 118:2 said “the Lord is on my side, I will not fear what man can do to me”. This is a statement of confidence and assurance. I don’t know if you can also express this confidence?


    In Numbers 14: 6-10, twelve spies were sent out to spy out a land; only two out of the twelve came back with good reports. However, there were 2 challenges that restricted the vision of the other ten;


    1. Ten out of the twelve spies didn’t even know nor believe that God was with them.
    2. And because they didn’t believe, they could not go on to possess they land.


    These challenges are also being faced by the church today. We must be very careful not to be carriers of evil report.


    When you do not see God on your side, you will see giants. But if you can see God, every challenge will become insignificant. The knowledge of the greatness and the ability of God will diminish every fear.


    In Isaiah 53, we can see that there is a function between believing God’s report and the revelation of His arm. Believing His report reveals His glory in our lives while disbelief, doubt and fear hinders the move of God in our lives.


    There are three (3) things or signs that will happen when the Lord is on your side. They are:


    1. 1.Psalm 124:6 - If the Lord is on your side, you will not be a prey. A prey is simply a captive of the enemy.
    2. 2.Psalm 124: 7 – if the Lord is on your side, and by any chance the enemy took you as a prey, you shall escape. Also note that if the snare is broken and you do not escape, it is your fault.
    3. 3.Psalm 124: 8 – if the Lord is in your side, you will have a divine helper. From Proverbs 18:10, it is clearly stated that it is only those who run INTO the name of the Lord that are saved, not just on a surface level. We must endeavor to be deeply rooted in the name of the Lord.


    Ask yourself these questions:


    • Is the Lord on my side?
    • Is there anything too hard for the Lord to do?


    Think on these things!




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  • August 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    August 2019 Central Healing Service

    Message Summary

    Preacher: Pastor. Isaac V. Olori.
    Topic: The Fire of God.

     Text: 1 Kings 18:20-39.

     “……It’s  my prayer that God will send His fire upon your situation today in the Name of Jesus Christ. Our emphasis today is on the fire of the Lord. One of the ways God expresses His presence is by fire.


    One characteristic of fire is that it is overwhelming. Fire consumes everything on its path. Fire represents the character of God: His purity, perfection and passion.
    Our God is a God of fire, and we need that fire. In Exodus 3, Moses encountered God in the burning bush; this encounter of fire brought about his transformation.


    In Exodus 13, the children of Israel were led by the pillar of fire by night. God appeared in the night as a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud by day. With this pillar of fire, the enemy could do nothing because their protection was sure.
    In Exodus 19, God appeared by a pillar of fire on mount Sinai; it was covered by smoke because the Lord descended on the mount by fire, and the mount quaked greatly.


    In Matt 3:11, John the Baptist said that he could only baptize with water, but someone who is mightier than him shall baptize with Holy Spirit and with fire.
    When we are soaked in the fire of God our situations will never remain the same. God wants us to carry fire. When you carry fire so many things will not come near you.


    The Importance of the fire of God?
    [1] Sacrifices require fire to be consummated. Without fire a sacrifice will not be consumed. Every sacrifice in the Old Testament was consumed with fire; and any sacrifice that does not encounter fire will decay. Most times, when God wants to show His presence He sends fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice.
    Do we offer sacrifices that carry fire? There many flames and fire we see on many altars today that are ignited by men. We must seek for the fire that comes from above.


    [2] The only way to deal with halts, which are introduced by people or situation is to bring down divine fire. To halt means:- not having the capacity to run, to be lame, etc. You can’t carry fire and be lukewarm or be merely strolling or walking.


    [3] Fire is not weak; when it starts to burn it consumes everything on its path. When you carry fire, you cannot be weak. Many Christians today are spiritually lame and weak because they do not carry fire.
    Our generation must make the choice of carrying fire and to stand with God and be strong. In the Old Testament, many people bowed down to baal including God’s people, the children of Israel patronized Jezebel and her idol worship.


    [4] We need the fire to settle the issue of prolonged spiritual draughts in our lives. There was no rain for three and half years due to disobedience. We need fire to solve the issue of spiritual dryness.


    Things to look out for when the fire comes:
    a) When the fire falls, there is a separation between the truth and falsehood. If the fire doesn’t come, falsehood will continue to look superior than the truth. That’s why we need this fire.
    b) When the fire comes it brings boldness, as such, timidity and weakness will go. Elijah was in charge because fire had come down. When fire comes down, you will take charge of every situation.
    c) When the fire comes, there is genuine repentance, reverence, etc. II Chron. 7:1 – Prayer is one of the agents that bring down fire. When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down and the glory of God filled the temple. “Anywhere the fire of God rests the glory of God rests there”.
    d) Fire represents God’s presence: if you want to carry the glory you must be ready carry the fire. The glory of God defines your spiritual gifting. When you carry the glory there is no satanic fire that can withstand the glory of the divine fire.
    e) The fire consumes: it eats up everything that is not planted by the Lord. In Vs. 38: the fire consumed all the sacrifices, wood, stones, dust, etc. and licked up the water. Water is an enemy of fire, but the fire of God can lick up satanic water.
    f) No impossibility can stop the fire. This fire fights every situation and consumes every challenge before you; it will put to an end every impossibility in your life today.
    g) The Fire of God delivers: it delivered the three Hebrew boys from the hands of Nebuchadnezzar. They were delivered because the fire of God overshadowed the fire of King Nebuchadnezzar.
    h) God’s fire purifies: by the purification processes, it increases the value of its substance. In Mal 3:2-4, God uses His fire to work on us. To make us what He wants us to be. Without the fire we are going to remain raw without getting our desired value. God is meticulous with the refining process.


    Modern automobiles have internal combustible mechanisms. As Believers, we must carry God’s fire in the inside, in order to produce the desired effect on the outside.


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  • July 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    July 2019 Central Healing Service

    Message Summary
    Preacher: Pst.  Isaac V. Olori
    Text:  Psalm 30:1-12
    Topic: God will turn your Mourning into dancing


    Today, God will give you the spirit of gladness, and will clothe you with the garment of joy. I don’t know what has made you cry, but in this service today, God will turn your mourning into dancing.


    “Weeping may only endure for the night, but joy comes in with the morning." Joy in some translations refers to sound of Joy that comes in the morning. Most of you have been in your nights; but you will enter into your morning today. And, no matter how long the night stays, morning will certainly come.
    Night is a symbol of darkness. In Genesis chapter 1, God separated night from darkness. Night is the absence of light. That is why weeping is perpetuated at nights; and the enemy comes at nights.


    We are considering spiritual night, which represents: adversities, disappointments, problems, difficulties, afflictions, distresses, sicknesses, etc. Night limits one because there are certain things you cannot do when it is night/dark. Nights are often filled with pains, like women in labour who are often in despair and fear. Most times, sicknesses become more severe at night. And it is usually difficult to get helps at nights.
    (1) Night stands for spiritual blindness (Micah 3:5-6), when you cannot easily find your way around. 
    (2) When night comes, activities cease and one becomes grounded.
    (3) Night is a symbol of insensivity. In 1 Thess. 5:4-7, Paul identified two categories of people: the people in darkness and people in the light. 
    The ultimate morning is the coming of Jesus Christ. Although we may get delivered, healed and experience breakthroughs, but we must be conscious of the ultimate morning: Rapture. We should not be like the five-foolish virgins; we must come out of the night of insensitivity. As true believers, we must shake-off darkness, limitations and prayerlessness etc. There are things we refused/resisted to do before, but now we have become too weak and we are compromising. 
    (4) Night also represents sins (Rom. 13:11-13). We must take off every form of sin and sinful indulgences. Let us work properly in the day, and always walk in conformity with the scriptures.


    We must put on the armour of light, and must put off orgy or reckless partying. We should not be overtaken by fashion or indecent dressings. Dressing has two purposes: primarily to cover our nakedness, and secondarily for beauty. If the secondary purpose of dressing overrides the primary objective: e.g. wearing of transparent materials leading to deliberate nudeness, it implies that something is wrong because it has now turned to be an act of darkness.


    The good news is that, joy comes in the morning; and this service is designed to usher you into your morning. Morning signifies the breaking forth of the light; it also means the dawn of the daylight: to start to appear or realize; to expand or give promise. Every situation that is looking hopeless, will receive hope today. 
    In Psalm 130:6, David illustrated the power of the breaking of the day. Every watchman is waiting for the morning. There is always an expectation of the morning because when morning comes, there is relief from life challenges, and JOY comes as well. This gives the reason to dance. God has the power to overturn thick darkness into morning. Every enemy’s dark plots over your life shall be overturned, just like the wicked plots of Haman against Mordecai was overturned, and Mordecai’s mourning was turned into dancing.


    Reasons why God will turn your mourning into dancing
    1) Can the dead (dust) praise God? The Answer is NO. God won’t allow you to go into the pit of death because He wants you to praise Him.
    2) Will the dust or the dead declare His truth? Not at all! We have to be alive in order to declare His truth through preaching the Gospel. This is the only thing we can do that the dead cannot do.


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  • June 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message


    June 2019 Central Healing Service

    Message Summary
    Preacher: Pst. (Dr.) Tamunowari Numbere
    Text: II Sam 14:25-33
    Topic: Healing For the Home

    “For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe” 1Thessalonian 2:13. In the book of 2 Samuel 13, we saw the sort of issue that ensued in the family of David. Ammon deceived and defiled his half-sister: Tamar, as a result Absalom plotted and killed Amnon. These acts of wickedness caused great turmoil in the family of David.

    Lessons to learn from the passage:
    1. You must acknowledge every obvious problem in your family.
    2. What to do when your family is in turmoil?
    3. When you have crisis at home, do you seek for solution, or do you leave issues to fate with your children?
    How should parents deal with situations when they arise in the family?
    1. They must love and say expressions of love to their children (2 Sam.13:39). Our children need to know and be told that we love them.
    2. Parents must forgive (2 Sam. 14:33). Forgiveness is in two directions: father to wife and to the children; wife to husband and to the children; as well as children to their parents. Our knowledge of Christ is what will help us to live a life of genuine repentance and forgiveness.

    Why must we forgive? We must forgive because our strength as a church comes from raising godly home. The home serves as a gate way of defense to the church and the nation. “Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate” (Psalms 127:5). The home is the first point of defense for the church. The father and mother and children are all positioned to provide defense to the church. Lack of forgiveness among family members would results in broken wall of defense for the church. Until we mend the broken fences by forgiveness, the enemy will continue to penetrate and cause havoc to the church.

    Children that have sinned or offended their parents are like bent arrows. They don’t need to be thrown away; rather, parents should mend them to become straight. The art of mending is our responsibility as parents. And we can achieve that through forgiveness. When the children are straightened as arrows, the devil will be kept distant away from the family and hence the church.

    What do you do when you are forgiving? You must “shine your eyes” and watch carefully. Because that child that left home some years ago like Absalom, may not be that same child in conduct as was before. For instance, immediately Absalom was forgiven, he began to look for ways to overthrow his father. So, we must be wise and vigilant. Acts 20:28, Prov. 23:27.

    Finally, Absalom was a spoilt child, and was desperate to do anything to get whatsoever that he wanted. Today, we have so many children who have hurt their parents. Sometimes, they come seeking for forgiveness from their parents but not truly from a broken heart. The end of Absalom’s wicked ways was death. I beg every young child here today, to always seek to sincerely forgive and repent so you can be totally free.


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  • May 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    May  2019 Central Healing Service

    Message Summary

    Preacher: Pst. Isaac V. Olori
    Text: Acts 1:1-8
    Topic: Ye shall receive Power 

    In the background of the scripture after Jesus Christ died and was buried, He resurrected and He appeared to His disciples severally. This was the last encounter and it was critical to the Master. The people were burden about the restoration of Israel and their freedom from domination of the Romans. But Jesus knew that what is more important was that they could receive power which is the power of the Holy Spirit. Their greatest need was not deliverance, healing or breakthrough but the power of the Holy Spirit with which you can receive everything. We all have one challenges or the other, challenges that men don’t have answer to but requires the power from on high.

    So Jesus told His disciples, to arm themselves with power, because He knew no power can stop them. If there is anytime we need it is power! That’s why we must look up to God for the power to enable us to stand because if you don’t receive this power even your faith will be at jeopardy. Do you know that even in corporate organization that you think that things should work smoothly, if you don’t belong to their cult, you can’t stand. Jesus knew that the need of the church was power, He said “ye”, which means He is talking about “you”, not ministers and elders but you as a child of God needs power.

    Luke 24:49: Jesus told them that this is the promise of the Father. To receive power is the promise and God cannot break His promise. He said I send it to you; don’t leave here until you’re endued with power. Jesus told them not to embark on the mission of witnessing until they receive power. It is the power from on high that will overwhelm them. They have to be endued.

    To be endued means to be clothed. There are different means power can be released in our lives, “when you shout the blood of Jesus, power is been released, When you call the name of Jesus, power also is been released from on high externally but when you're clothed with power from on high you become a carrier of power at all times which is the design of God. Endue also means “invest” that mean you are invested with power, you must know heaven makes an investment of power in your life.

    The church today is weak because we lack the power but power is available. In the scripture power can mean right or authority but this power called “Dunamis” in Greek, translated to be “dynamite” which is an explosive. When you carry the dynamite the devil is afraid of you. When it explodes power is released, so when the devil knows you can explode then he can’t come near you. When a terrorist loaded with explosive, no one goes near so they won’t be destroyed. The dynamite of a terrorist is limited but the spiritual dynamite cannot be stop and you see someone with dynamite you will not go close to him even though you’re a soldier. Without that power you cannot be thoroughly sanctified, that power will blow up every devil. Any man that enters that power there is transformation, the scripture says this signs shall follow them that believe, so if you don’t believe this signs cannot follow you, then you will be running after the signs.

    1 John 5:11 tells us that this eternal life we are talking about life means salvation. This life is in His Son Jesus. If you don’t receive Him, you cannot have eternal life. These days, many people are just too religious, activity to activity, yet they haven’t received eternal life from the Son.

    If you want the power of the holy spirit which I describe as dynamite , you need the holy spirit, when you get baptize by the holy spirit you will receive this power because it is the holy spirit that discharges this power

    Luke 4:18, Acts 10:38: we find that Jesus himself needed the holy spirit, and he anointing was not just because He was God but because He was anointed by God, so for Jesus to be anointed that means he had the authority to preach and do great things.

    You need this power that has been domiciled in the Holy Spirit to work here on earth. Jesus came humbly to john to be baptized to complete his obedience and afterward the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit upon him and empowered him to work.

    If Jesus the son of God needed that power, then we need it more to become effective in our work. This power will make us advanced agents of healing. Even deacons needed this power to minister to the people. Just like Philip who carried this power and he did great things in Samaria.

    God is looking for men that will carry power, He has enough power to go round, and you can’t be weak with that power. You can’t be a witness without this power. We don’t have that power not because it’s not available but because we don’t desire it and many of us have failed in the place of witnessing.

    In physics there’s what they called latent heat, latent talks about what is present but inactive and dormant. The heat is dormant until it is been pressured or stirred up in a suitable environment.

    There are things that can put off this fire:

    1. Sin: the spirit can be quenched by sin, compromise and disobedience. Just like the generator that has the capacity to generate light but cannot until you start it, if you want to activate the power then you must settle the issue of sin.
    2. Lack of refilling: being baptized is not once and for all, we need continuous infilling of the Holy Spirit. Be not drunk with wine but with the Holy Spirit. We must have the attitude of a drunk, especially going back to drink again and again and again. There is this desire to drink always, hence we must desire and hunger for the Holy Spirit.
    3. There is no fire: john 3:11-12 we see that the Holy Spirit goes with fire. When you carry dynamite, the explosive in it is powerful and deadly. The gun powder in cannon without fire can do nothing even when fully loaded, even birds can perch on the cannon because there is no fire.

    The Holy Spirit appeared like tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost. Only fire ignites the Holy Spirit. Sincere praise and worship is the fir that ignites the Holy Spirit. Step out in obedience to witness and the fire of the Holy Spirit will be ignited, healing and signs will be seen.

    When that power comes, it will leave an effect, a mark, but remember “ye shall receive power, this indicates a duty and necessity its God’s responsibility is to give the power and ours is to receive.

    Receiving the Holy Spirit is not a struggle rather you have to be a willing receptacle. Your heart and spirit must be ready to receive Him, just like when it rains, if you don’t have containers to collect water, no matter how heavy it falls you can’t collect or have water. When words come from a true man of God from the altar and you receive it, it will work for you. When prayers are made you must learn to receive and it will work for you. You have a part to play.

    1. The knowledge and understanding of the disciples changed after they received the power.
    2. Their faith was built up. They began to do things they couldn’t do before: they healed the crippled at the beautiful gate and the man arose.

    There is a relationship between power and holiness and your prayer life. Men are holy in proportion as they are endued with the power of the Holy Spirit, and holiness is in proportion of their prayer life. If you are not filled holiness will be struggle, and holiness is in proportion of your prayer life. The power is not carried by our emotions and too much effort. When a man of God tells you “it is well with you” such statements are loaded with power.

    The power is in your consecration and endued by the power of the Holy Ghost. Peter became a transformed man by this power, he was released from prison by an angel and told to go and continue preaching. We may be in captivity because we are not ready to give ourselves to God’s service. When you carry explosive, you will be too hot to handle and satan can’t stop you. Peter who to be fearful and timid became very bold and asked if it was better to obey man than God? He was able to defend his faith.

    We can’t be effective witnesses without the power. There 3 areas we can be witnesses:

    1. Witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by preaching salvation of God.
    2. Witness off the transforming power of Christ by living a Christ-like life, so it can be said of us “if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father” because you model the life of Christ. Let your life not be a contradiction to what you preach and Claim to believe.
    3. You will be witness to his power (healing), you will be a living testimony that God can save, heal, deliver, etc. and you can share what you have experienced.

    The power of the Holy Spirit is same yesterday, today and forever – Luke 1:27-35. Before Jesus was born it took the Holy Spirit to achieve conception without meeting a man which was impossible. The power is for doping the impossible. Everything that reared up its head will be brought down and reduced to nothing.

    Mary was symbolizing purity because the Holy Spirit cannot inhabit an impure life; hence you must surrender and receive Jesus Christ into your life.

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  • April 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    April  2019 Central Healing Service

    Message Summary

    Preacher: Pst. Isaac V. Olori
    Text: Eph 4:8
    Topic: Christ Triumph 

    Today, we are celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and it is also our healing service. Today is your day and you shall encounter the power of the resurrected Christ. We have been emphasizing on the theme: “He led captivity captive”. We will be looking at the three levels of Christ’s victory:

    1. Victory at the Cross
    2. Victory over the Grave; and 
    3. His resurrection
    Before Jesus came and died on the cross, all humanity were under the captivity of the devil, sin and death. Even some believers today are still under the captivity of sin. Sin is the mother of all captivities because it opens door to sicknesses, demons and death.

    Jesus’ victory at the cross – was prophesied in Isaiah 53:1-5. This prophecy was fulfilled after 700 years when Christ was born. Isaiah prophesied about the agonies and pains Jesus would pass through for the redemption of man. Most times, we forget the price Christ paid for our salvation; we make light of our faith as we don’t appreciate His sacrifices for us on the cross.
    Jesus had the power to stop what was being done to Him, yet He allowed it all for our sake. First, he was despised and rejected. To be despised is to be looked down on or disdained. They mocked Him, spat on him and said, “you saved others but you can’t save yourself.” They preferred to have a hardened criminal released instead of Jesus. He was rejected by those who ought to know and reverence Him. In the midst of all these, He had the power to decide not to go through it, but for our sakes he went all the way through! Furthermore, He was a man of sorrow, acquainted with pains and grieves. He was pierced, wounded, and was forced to wear a crown of thorns. He was taken to Calvary and finally nailed to the Cross. He bled from his head, side, palms and legs. He took the chastisements for my terrible life of sin upon himself because there is a goal he wanted to achieve for mankind.

    The first victory was at the instance he was crucified, they confirmed that they had just killed the son of God (Matt 27:54, 1 Cor 2:7-8). By the time they saw that the veil was torn, the awesome power that was released from the cross, it was then that the princes of this world regretted their actions. They couldn’t manage the situation anymore; they realized the unlimited power of God. Today, God will send His angel for your recuse and to fight for you wherever you are and satanic powers/influences shall be incapacitated in your life through the power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross

    Sin is the worst sickness and without the power of Jesus sin has no cure. In fact, sickness and death are the by-products of sin. In verse 5 of Isaiah 53, the bible says that Jesus was wounded for our transgression, by His stripes both healing of sin and of diseases are made possible, and deliverance from the oppressions. The power of sin has been arrested; we should not play with sin because it cost Him so much to redeem us. There is no greater price to his crucifixion at the cross for our redemption. The penalty for sin was paid for completely. Therefore, sin should not have dominion over you any longer.

    Hades was the domain of the dead: a spiritual prison where anyone that gets into will ever come out from; it is where the judgment of hell will take place (Psalm 24:7-10). Hades was an everlasting door where if you get in, there is no coming out. After the first battle of the cross, Jesus went there for our sakes, unlocked it and liberated those that are held under the captivity of death. Whatever keys the enemy has used to lock you up Jesus has taken all the keys away from the satanic captors; no force or demons can hold you down any more. He took over the spiritual prison and the captors he took captive. In Rev 1:18, He said, “I am he that liveth and was dead and I’m alive forevermore”, which means that the victory has been settled once and for all. That is why true Christians should not be afraid of death because that is not our final destination, but a transition to glory. That is why it is necessary to make that important decision of having an intimate relationship with Jesus as ones Lord and saviour.

    The Significant of Easter Sunday morning- the Resurrection morning:
    If Jesus had not died a lot of things would have happened; He would have probably been arrayed for probing by religious founders. The secret of what had happened both at the cross and right there in the grave wouldn’t have been known; that is why the resurrection of Jesus is the most important key to our salvation.

    When Heaven wants to deal with the devil and his host how many angels did it send? Your problems are too small for God to handle; Heaven does not need to crack its head, the power of God will keep Satan helpless in your life (Rom 1:3-4). The power of God shall break every satanic chain in your life. Jesus was declared the son of God with power, most time we don’t realize who we are and what Jesus has accomplished for us. The power that translated us is stronger than the power of the devil. There is no controversy about the fact that heaven and earth know, and I know too that the resurrection power has made holiness into the Lord possible. We can’t play around with the spirit of holiness, for without holiness no man can see God. The devil will always contend with you when you play around with sin. I plead with you that you allow the spirit of holiness to rule in your life. It is not a secret anymore that the captivity over your life is broken. Sicknesses, diseases and oppression are the reward of sin, which the power of resurrection has defeated.

    “Who was delivered for our offenses, and was raised again for our justification” (Rom 4:25). Justification is stronger than mere forgiveness. Forgiveness can translate to: go and sin no more; but Justification further implies that your sin which was forgiven shall be remembered no more. We therefore stand justified on the issues of our healings. 1 Pet 2: 24 reveals that our healing has been settled, “…by his stripes we were healed”. I pray that somebody’s faith will rise this morning to receive what has already provided for you. If God says that I have been healed, then I have been healed. The devil capitalizes on our ignorance (2 Cor. 4: 3-6). If the truth of the gospel is hiding, it is hidden from those who do not know Jesus, those who are not born again. If you are not born again you won’t understand the mystery of the gospel. And sometimes, you may be a Christian and may not  believe the power of God for your healing for lack of faith. But I urge you to believe the report of the Lord and so shall you receive fully the gifts/blessings of God. Heaven will distribute gifts to men who turn away from their rebellious onto God because we are celebrating his resurrection which led to his ascension and release of divine gifts to men (Eph 4: 8)

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  • March 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    March  2019 Central Healing Service

    Message Summary


    Preacher: Pst. Isaac V. Olori
    Text: Isaiah 59:10-20
    Topic: Raising a standard against the enemy


    Today, a standard will be raised against the enemy in your life. I don’t know what you are going through, there is a standard the enemy cannot beat, and that standard shall be raised by the Spirit of the Lord today.

    The first thing we must understand is that there is an enemy and a conflict to contend with. Most times, we fight in futility because we don’t know who our real enemy is. In 1Pet. 5:8 the bible tells us of who our enemy is. The devil is our number one enemy. He is always after our soul. The enemy moves about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour; the reason why we must be vigilant.
    I pray that you understand the antics of the enemy. He wants to corrupt, pollute and pull you down in his relentless battles of which you must be conscious of. The enemy will surely come; it’s only a matter of time. There is no man under the sun that is immune to the enemy’s attack. In fact, the more you are anointed the more likely are his attacks.

    The enemy comes like a flood. Flood in this context signifies those overwhelming, destructive or deadly onslaughts of the enemies that are capable of carrying everything on his path. Today, heaven will open its mouth and will swallow every ranging storm/flood in your life. Somebody is telling you that there is no way, but I want to announce to you that there is always a way for you because the Spirit of the Lord will raise a Standard against the stream of floods that are rising against you. Ps 93:3-4 reveals that the Lord is higher and mightier than the roaring lion or ranging storms; therefore, fear not.

    There are many kinds of floods that are plaguing human endeavours today. Eg:
    1) The floods of immorality in churches and society. 
    Some churches today have become like a club house. Most people have become so worldly that the true Spirit of God is no longer present in them. If the flood of immorality has eaten you up, you need deliverance.

    2) The floods of heresies and false doctrines.
    People are promoting false doctrines and advertise errors in the name of Christ. God will raise a standard against all such.

    3) The floods of neutrality and lukewarmness.
    You are neither here nor there; the flood of indifference and neutrality has carried you away. May the Lord deliver you today in Jesus name.

    4) The floods of affliction and infirmity
    Some can’t handle strange sickness and diseases because they are overwhelming, but the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against the floods of affliction and infirmity today.

    5) The floods of discouragement and depression
    So many are losing their sleep, you can’t see how to get the answers. You are discouraged and depressed and have become helpless. But today, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against the floods of depression and discouragement.

    Who is that Standard and what does that flag represent? 
    Isa 11:10 shows that Jesus Christ is that standard, which means that the Spirit of the Lord will flag-up or raise-up Jesus on high. The serpent Moses raised signified Jesus Christ. And anyone who looked at that serpent will nullified the effect of the serpent’s power in the wilderness. Jesus Christ is our war flag over the floods the enemy. If ordinary serpent could deliver people in the wilderness, how much more the name Jesus mentioned. At the mention of His name every kneel must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    How to raise a standard?
    1] To glorify Jesus: when He is honoured and glorified in your life His standard will be raised also.
    2] By preaching the gospel: when you preach the gospel you are raising a standard. In Matt 12, we see that when we preach the gospel we checkmate the enemy. Hence, we cannot afford to keep quiet, we must preach to deliver men from the power of darkness.
    3] By declaring the word of God: when you declare God’s word by faith you are raising God’s standard. When the devil speaks to you respond by God’s word. When the devil is saying that no one will buy from or patronize your business, declare God’s word on that business. God says, “I will prosper the works of your hands…” Always remind the devil, the Standard of God’s word is already raised against his advances.

    You will be unable/unfit to raise God’s standard over satan’s works in your life, if you are saddled with iniquities: Pro 16:6 shows that iniquity is a sin, it is evil, and you must purge your life of sins, before Jesus’ standard can be effectively raised against the works of satan in your life or others. When the standard is raised the Redeemer will have a people and the church to rapture.

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  • February 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    February 2019 Central Healing Service 
    Message Summary

    Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
    Topic:  Breaking every Siege
    Lesson: 2 Kings 6:24 - 33

    Siege is a situation of blockade or persistent attack on one’s life, family, community or nation. When the enemy (the devil) wants to attack you, he does so with maximum force. That is the reason why when you want to get out of any siege imposed on you, a maximum force must be applied. Many of us are besieged, but today, every siege in your life shall be broken.


    From the passage, the King of Syria gathered all his army to besieged Samaria. The first thing you should know is that when the enemy wants to attack, he does so with maximum force. For you to get freed, you must do so by applying maximum force as well.


    Many of you are besieged spiritually, and some in their health, marriage and finances. A Community, a State or even a Nation can be besieged also. In some communities today, people can no longer go in and out freely as before. I pray that the Lord will visit such a people and community today, in Jesus name.


    There are some more lessons to be learnt from the passage: 
    1. Terrible famine overtook Samaria, such that an ass’s head sold for 80 pieces of silver. Dove’s dung was traded and eaten for food, which is forbidden under normal circumstances.
    2. Cannibalism became the order of the day, as women boiled their babies for meat. The enemy’s intention for besiegement is to bring you to a point of total surrender. Today, God will not only break the besiegement in your life, but will break the causes therein.


    There are spiritual sieges that results in lack of progress in ones’ spiritual life. In such a state, you struggle so much without a commensurate progress. The woman had to cry onto the King for help. I pray that our Leaders will have a listening ear to the cries of the people. Those in positions of authorities are accountable to God. There are certain things they may do that could hunt them for life.


    The king who was asked for help by the woman was helpless himself! The truth is that, real help comes only from God. That is why the Psalmist said, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help…” (Psalm 121:1) A leader that knows God will call upon God, and help will come. “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God (Psalm 20:7).


    The King of Samaria did two things: firstly, he tore his cloth; secondly, he vowed to kill Elijah – because he presupposes that Elisha as a prophet in town should have averted the situation. It does imply that:
    (i) The church has a role to bring God’s glory to our communities/states, and to break any siege of the enemy. The church must return to her role of praying for the state and people in authority.
    (ii) God can change any situation if we can cry onto Him; if there are a people to cry, there is a God to listen. But for the crying out of the woman, her baby would have been killed. Some of us wait until things have gone worst before we cry out; it ought not to be so.


    Judging by the reactions of the King of Samaria especially to Elisha, it was suggestive that he put the blame of the problems that befell Samaria on God. God does not give problems; He rather delivers us and solves all our troubles. 
    More often, besiegement sets in when ones divine hedge is broken by severing the ideal relationship with God. The greatest siege is the siege of sin. A sinful life is sign of spiritual besiegement. In most cases, you see yourself being overwhelmed helplessly by the ‘man of sin’ who now have upper hand and controls your actions. “Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” (Isaiah 59:1-2)


    Today, help will come your way and the power of sin shall be broken in your life. If the Son of Man shall set you free you shall be freed indeed. Elisha declared, “by this time tomorrow…” You don’t even need to postponed your miracles; whether you are under the siege of backwardness, siege of near success syndrome, siege of poverty, marital siege, etc. it shall be broken today, in Jesus name. Amen.

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  • January 2019 Summarized Healing Service Message

    January 2019 Central Healing Service 
    Message Summary

    Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
    Topic:  It' is Time for Change
    Lesson: Ezekiel 21:25 - 27

    I am not referring to a political change, but the change that only God can bring. I don’t know what your decisions/desires are, but for me, my heart is that things shall not remain the same. Sometimes, we engage in numerous activities that brings little or no progress. Until a man is ready for a change, there will be no change. Today, God shall settle anyone who refuses to accept the usual.

    Indications that change is needed in one’s life:
    (1) A life that is marked by Stagnation, either in your family, business or in health situations. In Deut. 1:6, the Israelites were made to know that they were not yet at their expected destination. Concerning your present spiritual height, God is saying, “you are not yet at your desired destination.” The Israelites were engaged with many activities, which earned them no progress, and so, God had to speak again. In like manner, many of us are stagnated with our spiritual experiences; there is no flow anymore; our relationship with God is broken, but God is saying to you that change has come. 
    (2) A life that is marked by Unfruitfulness. Being filled with the knowledge of His will is crucial to be able to please God (Colossians 1:9-12). Many of us struggle with things about God because we lack the knowledge of His will; many work only to please ourselves. This year, one of your goals be to please God. 
    (3) A life that is marked by Unbalanced Success: The book of 3John 2 talks about success that is all round success, which is inclusive of spiritual and physical progresses. Your spirit should prosper as well as your soul and body. 
    (4) A life that is marked by lack of Victory over sin and the flesh. We can’t continue in sin that grace may abide? Sin should not rule over you. Some persons have got to the point that their conscience has because seared. The first victory you must strive to have is the victory over sin and flesh. Some of are born again but we find it difficult to please God; flesh is having dominion over you. Others are living under demonic oppression but today is the day of your change.

    What it Requires to Experience a Positive Change:
    (1) You must have a Spiritual Hunger: 
    It is a strong desire, hunger or cravings that must precede required changes. Water will naturally only flow from high to low plane except pressure is applied to enable it flow otherwise. Many lack the required spiritual hunger or appetite to push for progress. Despite that blind Bartimaeus’ case was obvious, Jesus asked him what he desire was. Filling comes as a result of a continuous craving/thirst after righteousness. The four Lepers in the Bible had their deadly hunger situation changed by their strong desire with corresponding action. May the Lord stir up your cravings /desire today so you will not remain again. “For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” (Psalm 107:9). Tell God, like Jacob, “I will never leave you until you bless me.

    (2) You must be Humble in Spirit: 
    For God to be attracted to us, He must see a humble spirit in us. 1 Peter 5:6 show that no humility, no lifting up. Genuine lifting up and promotion comes from God to those that are humble with a broken and contrite heart (Isaiah 57:15).

    (3) You must Pray the kind of Prayer that Jabez prayed: 
    Jabez situation was dishonourable (1 Chronicles 4:9), but he craved and desired for a change, and further enforced it by prayer. He knew it was not an issue of swearing an affidavit of change name in court but a supernatural intervention of God who can change all things through prayers.

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