Healing Service Messages (Transcribed)2018

You can now read a stranscribed versions of Central Healing Services' messages month-by-month. Each month's post is a summary of the message preached during the service. The nature of the transcriptions are expected to reflect the originality of delivered messages. For maximum benefits, however, every reader is advised to put away any form of distractions and prayerfully put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting before the Preacher when the message was preached.

  • April 2018 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    April 2018 Central Healing Service 
    Message Summary

    Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
    Topic:  God Remembered Hannah
    Lesson: 1 Samuel 1:1-20.

    As God remembered Hannah, He also remembered Abraham and others in the bible; you will be the next to be remembered, today. To be remembered means to experience God’s visitation and favour; today, you shall experience God’s visitation and favour.

    That problem has a terminal point! In 1Samuel 1:5, Hannah’s first challenge was that God closed her womb, which means that the issue of Hannah wasn’t a mere natural or medical issue. For some of the problems we have, there are no human remedies because humans are so limited in what they can offer. But, our God is bigger than all problems, and hence provides perfect solution in all cases. Always see a Great and Big God over all your problems at all times. Other translations of this verse, says, “God had enabled her not to have children…”; “God has not given her children…”; etc. These show that there are things that are beyond men’s abilities, which only God alone can enable, activate or unlock before lasting changes can take place.

    Most times, you can’t understand God’s purpose until He has finished His plans in your life. For every child of God, He has a plan and agenda; of which when actualized your story will change. Some doors may be divinely closed because there is something special that Divinity has reserved therein, like He did reserve the special child (Samuel) in Hannah’s womb, which was initially He shut-up.

    Hannah’s Unique Challenges:
    [1] God shut-up Hannah’s womb: If God can close He too can open. I don’t know what is closed in your life, God has the power to open it up, and your remembrance shall become evident. He is the Unchangeable Changer!
    [2] Peninnah made life uncomfortable for Hannah at home: Peninnah mocked and ridiculed her. She dispelled her joy; her appetite was lost, and in fact, nothing more excited her. As though that was not enough, even at the temple the Priest misjudged her, calling her a drunk. But, rather than reacting angrily, and possibly conclude that Eli was not a man of God, she rather exercised self-control, and politely explained her situation, instead.
    [3] The spiritual atmosphere in Hannah’s time was that of complete scarcity of God’s word. There was no God’s word; no open vision; and the spirit of God was definitely not present. The present day church’s situation is a replica of all these: we can see that the real word of God is obviously lacking; it’s all about, “success principles and breakthroughs” alone, nothings mores!
    [4] Eli’s sons who were overtly wicked and lived in immorality, whereas they were priests. It was a time when adultery and fornication were the order of the day, and the priests were perpetrators of such and more abominable acts. Yet, in the midst of these decays and rottenness, Hannah kept clean and connected faithfully to God.

    Things that Provoked Divine Visitation of God on Hannah:
    (a) Hannah remained committed in service to God. For many today, life challenges, the conditions of the society and the deplorable situations in some churches have negatively influenced their confessions and have made they to shift grounds from their initial stand-point of faith in God. But, for Hannah, she keyed into Hab. 3:17 and trusted the Lord God of her salvation. Many of us don’t let God finish His agenda and purpose in our lives; we are not patient, we are not committed; and we continue move from pillar to post!
    (b) Hannah was a woman of prayer: (vs 10) when your heart is poured out to God, your answer and visitation will come. Moments of prayers are opportunities to pour-out the bitterness and anguish of your soul to God, like Hannah did. 
    (c) Hannah knew how to fight the good fight of faith. Rather than taking matters sensually or carnally with those that misjudged and tormented her, she acted maturely and spiritually. How do you react in times of pressure? Often times, when occasions to pick quarrels and retaliate come we become actively strong, but when it comes to undertake spiritual battles in prayers, we become very weak!
    (d) Hannah keyed into a higher goal - being willing to sacrifice her first son for God’s services. She wasn’t looking for a child that will comfort her, but one that should serve God. Your attitude can keep lingering you from receiving your blessings from God. Many of our prayers are hindered because our desired answers are neither for God’s service nor for His glory.

    I don’t know the Peninnah in your life; God will silence that Peninnah today. May your Samuel come! She got a priestly blessing after her prayers in the temple and nothing could stop her. Hannah believed that there was a Samuel even before he came; she knew she was loaded; hence, she was no longer sad again; she began to eat well because her appetite was restored. Penninah couldn’t understand the source of Hannah’s happiness! Your enemies cannot understand if you are operating by faith. Hannah knew she was carrying something, and she left God’s presence with something by faith; she was so confident. Today, you too will carry something!

    Hannah’s stomach began to grow in size. Peninnah must have thought it was food… When she eventually put to bed, Peninnah had nothing to mock her again. Her shut womb became open, Samuel became a priest, and Hannah became the mother of a priest! There are so many Peninnahs in the church today: they follow to eat sacrificial food in churches every year; yet, they remain untransformed and at best mere religious!

    The more reason why God will remember you today is because you are engraved on His palm (Isaiah 49:14-15). He sees you every time He opens His palm. If you are born-again, you are engraved on God’s palm because you are His true child. The God of Hannah is our God today, He will cause every source of bareness to go; and those things that are eating up your life, finances, resources, will all go because God has remembered you today.

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  • March 2018 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    March 2018 Central Healing Service 
    Message Summary

    Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
    Topic:  Dealing with your Goliaths
    Lesson: 1 Samuel 17:1-11,31-46

    Goliaths are those overwhelming situation that are so intimidating. But the God that intervened for David shall intervene for you today.


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  • February 2018 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    February 2018 Central Healing Service 
    Message Summary

    Preacher: Pastor Isaac V. Olori(The Int’l Director)
    Topic: The Throne of Grace 
    Lesson: Hebrews 4:9-16

    An aspect of the Ministry’s theme this year focuses on prayer. When we get into real prayers, we are able to approach the Throne of Grace.

    A throne is an elevated place that shows power and authority. Kings sit on thrones in our localities and rule over the people. But, our consideration today is on the Throne of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    In Psalm 45:6, David spoke about God’s Throne and said, “… it is forever and ever”. Every other throne of men will come and go, but that of God is established for forever.

    Psalm 103:19 shows that every throne we see is earth-based; it is only the Almighty God that has His throne in the Heavens. Every other throne has control over their kingdoms, but God’s throne rules over all thrones/kingdoms.

    “Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool …” (Isaiah 66:1). If the foot stool of God, which is much smaller than His Throne comprises of the whole earth, imagine how big His Throne is! We must understand the magnitude of His Throne, in order to approach it with due reverence. We must learn to pray with understanding, visualizing how great His Throne is, which should continue to reflect in our devotion in prayers, praises, worship, etc.

    God cannot be accommodated by any big house. No matter how big your church auditorium is, it cannot accommodate God. His presence only resides in the midst of His people when they come to worship. He is indeed a great God! The Throne of Grace is where God shows His power. Prophet Isaiah’s encounter of His glory that emanates from the Throne of Grace provoked him onto holiness (read Isaiah 6:1-5).

    In Acts 7:55 & 60, while Stephen was persecuted onto death, grace from God’s Throne prevailed on him, and he ignored death; rather than ask for vengeance, he asked for mercy on behalf of his persecutors. Although, grace and mercy emanates from His Throne, there will be time when it will become a Throne of judgment. Take the opportunity of the grace, mercy, forgiveness, and favour that are continually flowing from His Throne.

    Motivators into the Throne of His Grace. 
    [1] Heb 4:9, reassures us of God’s rest. It doesn’t matter what you are going through right now, God assures perfect rest for those who have identified with Him. When we enter into this rest, we cease from all labours. In the Old Testament, there are three compartments of the temple: outer courts, inner court and the Holy of Holies where mercy and grace could be obtained.

    [2] Jesus, as our great high Priest is seated on the right side of God (Heb 4:14)

    [3] Jesus our high Priest is sympathetic and considerate to us in any financial and emotional pains that we may be going through now. This is because He had gone through all of these beforehand; that is why He very much understands exactly how you feel (Heb 4:15).

    [4] Every word that comes out of His throne comes with POWER. The word of God is quick and powerful (Heb 4:12). It is more powerful than any nuclear weapon you can think of. There is no situation that the word of God cannot handle. It can penetrate into the soul, mind, joints and marrow in order to take away every abnormality from your body.

    [5] Everything and situations are bare and naked before God. Things could be hidden before the human doctors and nurses. But, our Great Physician knows all cases and can handle them accordingly.

    God used the raven to provide food for Elijah, and He made it impossible for his hideout to be undetected by Ahab. No matter where you are, God will provide for you. The throne of grace gives us liberty to access God for all our needs. You cannot gain that liberty by merely attending Church programmes, but by having a relationship with God. And the only one thing that can hinder you from receiving from God is: INIQUITY.

    When grace comes, it changes ones status and level. In Luke 15, the prodigal son wasted his inheritance and hardship met him. He suffered to the point of eating foods served to pigs. A day came in his life, when he realized himself and decided to go back to his father. He was prepared to take servant-hood position. But, his father, being moved with compassion restored him back to his position as a son. Grace restored the prodigal son back to his lost dignity; and so can it do to you today…

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  • January 2018 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    January 2018 Central Healing Service 
    Message Summary

    Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
    Topic:  The Power of Dwelling in God's Secret Place
    Lesson: Psalm 91:1-16


    I want you to understand that God has a secret place. Take for instance, in most of our homes, we have pre-seat rooms where most visitors don’t go beyond. It is only some categories of our visitors that proceed to be received in the main sitting room.

    One of the keys to getting into God’s secret place is Prayers. Matthew 6:6 says, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly”. The Old Testament temple was designed to have an Outer-Court where all the people stopped at, and an Inner-Court (the Holies of Holies) where only the Priest could access.

    Most people are satisfied at relating with God by the Outer-Court. If your relationship with God exists only at the Outer-Court, you cannot know God’s secrets neither can you experience a real intimacy encounter with God. Unfortunately, it is in the Outer-Court that most Believers prefer to remain. You cannot get all that you need from God at the Outer-Court. It is only in the Inner-Court that we could get all that we desire of God.

    In the Old Testament, the incense stands for prayers; it is only the Priest that performs this ordinance. But, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ is our High Priest who makes intercessions for us. Of course, if Jesus prays for you, it is an express answer that follows. While at the Outer-Court, you may be able to hear the voice of God, but in order to get His full manifestations, you must abide in His secret place: the Holy of Holies.

    Everything that has good result also has conditions to be met. From the book of Luke 2:36-38, the bible says that Anna served God with fasting and prayer, day and night. She was 84year of age when this account was read. It took great dedication for her to be able to dwell in the secret place of the Most High for this long.

    Shadow in Psalm 91:1 could mean: shield or shelter that covers from direct rays or adverse weather conditions, which further implies: defense, protection, security from satanic radar or assaults. “For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall” (Isaiah 25:4)

    Every shadow cast is proportional to the size of the object that produces the said shadow. Now, imagine how mighty, in fact, how measureless and awesome the Shadow of the Almighty spreads far and wide around those that come under His cover. The Almighty is a way Maker. He makes crooked paths straight; He changes ugly situations for good.

    For anyone to be covered under a shadow, he or she must come close to the source of the shadow. In like manner, for you to be covered under the mighty and awesome Shadow of the Almighty, you must be close to Him. Sin is the only thing that can repel you away from the shadow of the Almighty; sin keeps people outside the gates. Surrender your life to Jesus and tap into the coverage of this mighty Shadow today.


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