Healing Service Messages (Transcribed)2016


You can now read a stranscribed versions of Central Healing Services' messages month-by-month. Each month's post is a summary of the message preached during the service. The nature of the transcriptions are expected to reflect the originality of delivered messages. For maximum benefits, however, every reader is advised to put away any form of distractions and prayerfully put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting before the Preacher when the message was preached.

  • December 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    December Central Healing Service Message Summary
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Topic: Emmanuel, a Son for a Sign
    Texts: Isaiah 8:16-22, 9:1-7

    In today’s service, we shall be sharing a Christmas message, which may not be the usual Christmas messages you often hear. This Christmas period reveals to us, a Son who was born for a sign. Emmanuel is His name, meaning: God with us. 
    There is no specific date of the birth of Christ. While there have been contentions on the date of His birth, there hasn’t been any contention about His birth and death. To get a clearer picture of the birth of Christ, read Isaiah chapter 7.
    The son JESUS came for the following reasons: 
     1) The Son came to deal with darkness and to give light to those in darkness. Jesus’ birth was a sign to the world that light has come into the world, to deal with darkness. No matter the level of darkness you are experiencing; be it sin, sickness, problems, poverty, etc. remember that God has sent His Son to liberate you. Today, I announce to you that the Light will out-shine every darkness in your live.
    2) Another reason why the Son was sent is to handle the problem of hunger. The Son will bring increase upon His people. He will bring joy that comes with happiness to His people. I pray that by reason of the Son: Jesus, increase shall come upon you on every side. For this reason, God sent His son Emmanuel to liberate us from all our problems, the bible says, “if God be for us, who can be against us…”
    3) The Son was born for our benefits; for our healing; for our deliverance and for our freedom. No devil has the final say over our lives, only Jesus Christ has.

    The son JESUS is called:
    a) Counselor: His counsel is in His word (the bible); read it and meditate on it daily. 
    b) Mighty God: El-Gibor - Conquering and prevailing God.
    c) Everlasting Father 
    d) Prince of Peace: It is from Him that the true peace comes.
    The purpose of His coming is to banish darkness from our lives. This cannot be achieved unless you have accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour. Accept Jesus today and be delivered from all form of darkness.

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  • November 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    November Central Healing Service Message Summary
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Topic: The Name Above all Names
    Texts: Philippians 2:5-11
    Every one of us has a name; everything on earth has a name; sicknesses and diseases have names, but there is a name that is above all other names; and that name is Jesus.
    The name Jesus is more than an identity; it carries authority. Many of us who shout the name Jesus, and sometimes sing with it, do not fully understand the authority therein. In Proverbs 18 verse 10, the bible says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower…” This refers to: power and the saving ability of God. When the Apostles were asked by what name the lame man at the gate called beautiful was healed, they in essence wanted to verify the source of their authority. For the name, Jesus to wrought miracles implies that it has an unprecedented authority associated with it.

    [A] How did Jesus acquire the Greatness in His Name?
    According to William Shakespeare, greatness can be acquired by three ways, viz:
    1. By inheritance
    2. By being conferred greatness
    3. Greatness through hard work
    (1) Greatness of Jesus’ name by Inheritance:
    The Bible says, “Being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they” (Heb. 1:4) KJV

    (2) Jesus’ Greatness was Conferred on Him:
    “… And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name…” (Philippians 2:5-11) KJV. At the mention of the name Jesus, every principality must bow, every dominion must bow, and every power must bow together with all that are associated with them, in Jesus name.

    (3) Greatness of Jesus’ name through Hard work:
    In Colossians chapter 2 verse 15, the bible says, “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it” KJV.
    Whatever name that is holding your destiny, or that is bringing you down, today you will conquer such in the name of Jesus. Those situations you are passing through right now are only waiting for a name; and the name of Jesus shall locate them.

    [B] 4 ways to access the power in the name of Jesus:
    1. By having a Spiritual understanding of the name, Jesus
    Ephesians 1:18, talks about our spiritual understandings being enlightened. There are many of us that can see physically, but unfortunately are spiritually blind. You need to see His preeminence and power above all.

    2. By Reverencing His name
    When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, he said “…hallowed be thy Name…” The use of the name of Jesus in every little argument shows irreverence to His name. His name should be hallowed and reverenced in our lives at all times.

    3. By application of Faith in His name
    Peter through the application of faith in His name, brought about the lame man at the beautiful gate being healed. That miracle was a credit to the power in the name of Jesus, which was activated through faith.

    4. By being called by His name
    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” 2 Chron. 7:14 Repentance follows a genuine response to the call by His name, and power subsequently. “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” Jn 1:12

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  • October 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    October Central Healing Service Message Summary
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Topic: Contending for our Spiritual Heritage
    Texts: I Kings 21:1-19, Jude 1-4

    The greatest heritage any man or woman can possess is spiritual heritage; this is because every other inheritance is temporal. Your greatest heritage as a believer is your salvation.

    David in Psalms 16:5 said, ‘‘The Lord is the portion of my inheritance …” Jude vs 3 says, “… to write unto you of the common salvation…”, which implies that our heritage begins with the common salvation. The fact that it is called, “Common Salvation” does not imply a cheap or less important thing! It is called “Common Salvation” because:
    1. It is God’s offer that is available to all mankind. It is not restricted to a class of persons, but for everyone who believes; whether rich or poor, educated or illiterate, black or white, etc. Salvation is made available to everyone who believes.
    2. It is a common heritage for all; in other words, no one who possesses this heritage is superior or inferior to others. The faith, laws and spirit applicable in salvation is same for all.

    To “Contend” means, to struggle or to strive for a position. We need to contend for our faith because there are many things that are contending against it. If you don’t earnestly contend for it, you will lose your possession. We need to contend to keep our Faith intact; when we do so, heaven will back us. Unfortunately, many Christians tend to be nonchalant when it comes to the issue of contending for their most holy faith!

    In addition to contending to keep our faith intact, 2 Tim. 1:13-14 tells to also contend for sound doctrines and teachings. There are mass invasions of worldliness in churches today; we must stay clear from all the unwholesome teachings out there.

    Some Biblical examples of Men who contended for their faith:
    (1) Naboth held on to his inheritance, the threats of king Ahab notwithstanding. Naboth knew the spiritual meaning of possessing a land in Israel. He was not ready to let go of his possession. We ought to contend for our faith in Christ because it is our spiritual inheritance.
    (2) Elijah held on to his faith; and delivered God’s message to the king, despite the dreadful conditions.

    If you have not built up your faith, you will have nothing to contend for. If you are not born again, it means that you have no spiritual heritage. Today, you need the spiritual heritage; you need to be born again.

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  • September 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    September Healing Service Message Summary.
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Message title: ‘’Give me this Mountain’’.
    Bible Lesson: Joshua 14:6-15.

    Possessing a mountain is always a challenging responsibility. But, when once you succeed in climbing to the top of the mountain, your horizon will change, your height will change and you will be lifted above others in the valley. It is the mountain that first receives showers from heaven before it trickles down to the valley. Sometimes, some Christians behave like the “Dead sea”, which is always there to receive because it is at the lowest valley position.

    God’s Spirit upon the Ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade is an exceptional one that enables her to confront all challenges encountered. It is not possible to serve God without stress. Serving God involves making deliberate commitments and be determined to overcome challenges. Christianity is not a bed of roses! Many Christians today are unready to face challenges; they only want to live a life of comfort and ease. May God deliver us from the life of ease. Consider the case of Lot, he chose the valley, a place of comfort. But Abraham chose to go for the mountain, a place of challenges, a place of elevated height and a place by which his victory became pronounced.

    (1) Caleb knew what God said
    Caleb was 40years old when he was promised of an inheritance. Though the promise lingered till he was 85, but because it was God’s word, he held on to it until he received it. Like Caleb, the Ministry of Greater Evangelism is now approaching 45, and all the promises of God to Apostle G.D. Numbere shall surely come to pass.
    (2) Caleb wholly followed the Lord
    Caleb showed total commitment to God; he had no reservations in his followership of God. If you must inherit the mountain, you must be a man or woman that surrenders completely to the Lord. Some of us have been Christians for so long without commensurate impacts!
    (3) Caleb confessed Positively
    Caleb and Joshua had no fear; they believed in what God said and kept on confessing positively. May God give you a good Spirit to be a carrier of good reports, no matter how terrible the world may be.
    (4) Caleb was Strong for war
    For Caleb to be strong for war, implies that he was healthy. God is your healer. The word of God comes with life to make our bones strong; it brings life and health to us. While Caleb enjoyed physical health, he was also spiritually strong because he had a healthy fellowship with God.
    (5) Caleb was a man of Faith and Courage
    He said, “…now therefore give me this mountain”. If you must possess the mountain, you must exercise faith and courage.
    (6) Caleb depended on the Power of God’s presence
    Notwithstanding that Caleb had faith, courage and was strong, he also depended on the presence of God because he realized that without God’s presence/power, he could do nothing. I pray that as you match on in these challenging times, you must depend on God’s presence because He can do what no man can do.
    (7) Caleb obtained Blessing
    Caleb did not only possess the promise but he realized that blessings are associated with divine mandate of the man of God: Joshua; and he keyed-in to it.
    Today, I do not know what hindrances that are blocking your way; the mountains’ grace will be released into your life.

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  • August 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    August Healing Service Message Summary.
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Message title: ‘’Our New Covenant Rights’’.
    Bible Lesson: Matt 15:28, Mark 7:24-30.

    Our emphasis today will be to identify our Covenant Rights in Christ. There are new and old covenants. The old Covenant was exclusively for the Jews; the Gentiles were not part of it. With this Covenant, God was particularly interested in the welfare of the Jews. The New Covenant introduced in the New Testament was not particularly for the Jews or Gentiles, but for anyone who identifies with Jesus Christ.

    Jesus neither sought for recognition nor publicity, but the qualities which He possesses announced Him in every city He entered. Are you one of those Christians who advertise themselves and bother so much about titles or qualifications’ recognition before they render service for God? The Woman whose daughter was possessed of unclean spirit realized that Jesus had entered into the city and that He could proffer solution in her situation.

    Mark 16:17-18 shows that:
    As partakers of the New Covenant, we are not only entitled to get healed and be delivered, but also possess the power to heal and deliver others.

    The New Covenant Rights are not meant for Pastors or Elders alone, but for everyone true child of God.

    The woman had the courage to call on Jesus because she believed her daughter would be delivered. This woman had no advocate; no one to plead on her behalf but her tenacious faith attracted Jesus’ compassion that eventually met her need.

    5 reasons why Jesus had compassion on the woman

    1. She was broken in heart
    2. She had reverence for God
    3. She was humble
    4. She persevered and was determined to get a result
    5. She interceded and made her petitions as appropriate

    Healing and deliverance are the Kingdom Children’s bread. This bread is our right and we can get it at any time because the giver is our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Your healing has been appropriated already; all you need to do is to believe God and receive it. Don’t settle for crumbs. You must eat on the table. The things we confess are vital, because they can either make or mar us.

    You can’t eat on the table if your ways do not please the Lord. And you can’t please the Lord if you have not surrendered your life to Jesus Christ. Repent now and give your life to Jesus and become one of the partakers of the New Covenant Rights.

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  • July 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    July Healing Service Message Summary.
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Message title: ‘’Jesus, our Good Smaritan’’.
    Bible Lesson: Luke 10:25-37.

    In case you are not yet prepared, you can prepare now because we are in the temple: the basket of miracles, and God will distribute miracles to as many as are here today.

    I want you to meet a greater good Samaritan: Jesus Christ. As many as have burdens or are helpless, Jesus shall come your way today.

    Some questions were directed at Jesus in order to find fault with Him. That is how it is with many today. When they listen to the word of God, they do not do so with the intention to learn, but with the intent to find justification for their evil deeds.
    The Lawyer asked, “master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Despite his wrong intention, Jesus still went ahead and answered him. In Matt 19:16, the Rich young Ruler also asked a similar question. Whether you are young or rich, you must of necessity ask this question about eternal life.

    Jesus said unto him, “what is written in the law?” That is the same as saying, what is written in the scripture? Reading and understanding of the scripture is a basis for eternal life. Eternal life does not come by listening to rhymes and motivational messages that don’t add to our spiritual lives. How we read and interpret the scripture determine our relationship with God. The greatest asset you have is your soul, and any man who does not address the issues of the well-being of your soul is your enemy. If you lack the revelation of the word of God, it implies that you lack the understanding of eternal life. May God heal you of your lazy and nonchalant attitude towards His word. With the present threats on the Gospel, God is looking for an army that He will raise to stand for the truth in this end times.

    Eternal life comes by the increasing knowledge of God. It starts with the new birth: being born-again, and grows onto abundant life. For so many, abundant life is to have all the material things, which is not true. Abundant life is to get close to God, to trust Him and to get God’s trust also. Like the case of Job, in his difficult times he was still able to say, “my redeemer liveth”.

    Abundant life is not only to escape from hell, rather it's to have a relationship with God; such that you can hear and obey His voice. At that point, you live in the confidence of getting God’s healing, blessings, deliverance, protections, etc as your daily portion.

    Eternal life is tied to the word of God. It comes by increasing knowledge, understanding and response to the word of God.
    Jesus’ response to the Lawyer was that he should love the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength; and also love his neighbour as himself.

    Who is my neighbour the Lawyer asked? Jesus narrated the story of the good Samaritan. There are also spiritual thieves. John10:10 says, “the thief comes not, but to steal, kill and destroy…” To many today, the devil has stolen their good virtues: they now masturbate, indulge in gay practice, and live all kinds of sinful life styles. No matter what the devil has stolen from you, our good Samaritan is here for you.

    In our beaten-down states, "religion" and "law" have not helped us, just like the Priest and Levi couldn’t help the man that was robbed. The good Samaritan represented “Grace” because he had compassion, which the thief, priest and levi didn’t have. Like the good Samaritan, Jesus was moved with compassion when He saw the multitude and He healed them of all their diseases; because of His compassion, He also provided food for hungry multitude.

    In Luke 7:11-15, when Jesus saw the widow whose son was carried away for burial, he had compassion on her and raised the dead child to life. I don’t know what is carrying you and where it is carrying you to, the compassionate Jesus is here.

    Comparison between the good Samaritan and Jesus Christ
    1) The good Samaritan was sacrificial but Jesus is a complete sacrifice himself
    2) The good Samaritan used oil and wine to do first aid, but Jesus used His blood. The blood of Jesus can cleanse, heal and deliver. He is here to cleanse, heal and deliver because His blood is sufficient.
    3) The good Samaritan had to suspend his journey in order to attend to the victim, Jesus can suspend any other thing in order to reach out to you.
    4) The good Samaritan paid the bills for the wounded man, Jesus paid more than our debts. He purchased us with a priceless price. We are now His own. Therefore, all our expenses, sicknesses and oppression he will take care because we are His properties.
    5) The good Samaritan made deposit for the victim at the inn. In 1Cor 5:5 the bible says that Jesus deposited His Spirit in us. If you are a child of God, His spirit is inside of you, when the devil sees you he knows that you are a reserved property. “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm” Psalms 105:15
    Our good Samaritan (Jesus Christ) is greater than the good Samaritan in the bible. He is our compassionate Jesus.

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  • June 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    June Healing Service Message Summary.
    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Message title: ‘’The Most High Rules’’.
    Bible Lesson: Daniel 4:1-17.


    When we say the most high, it means that there is no other person higher than him. In this service, we are going to see the power of the most high. Daniel chapter 4 was a testimony of Nebuchadnezzar after he had an encounter with God. Nebuchadnezzar was one of the kings that dared God so much. Nebuchadnezzar saw himself as sovereign and as far as he was concerned, there was no other God like him. Nebuchadnezzar had several encounters with God, and after all those encounters, he testified that there was no other God like the God of Israel.


    When we look briefly on his account in Daniel 4:4 “I, Nebuchadnezzar, was at rest in my house, and flourishing in my palace.” Nebuchadnezzar was not at rest with God; he thought all the powers and wealth he had would give him rest. If you are not at peace with God, He could visit you with terror! Nebuchadnezzar thought that he could get peace from all the wealth that he had acquired, but God said to him: you fool. That night, God gave him a dream in his sleep that made him restless. The Bible says that he decreed a decree (a legal command). He decreed that all his wise men: magicians, soothsayers, astrologers and witches be brought to reveal his dream and give the interpretation thereof. Today, magicians and witches are no longer operating in segregated places or in government but in some churches, and even as pastors. Beware you don’t chase after miracle but after God: the miracle Giver.


    In chapter 2, Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and forgot it, he told them and that they should interpret it, they could not tell him the interpretation. But this time around in chapter 4, he could not forget his dream. So, he called them to tell him the interpretation of the dream. No magician could tell the secret of God. In verse 8, when the magicians had failed him, he said, please call that wise Daniel that could interpret dreams, and look at how Nebuchadnezzar described Daniel, as one who has the spirit of the holy God. This means Daniel was carrying the spirit of the Holy God. I want you to know that the spirit you are carrying is different from the spirit of the world. If you are a child of God; a born again, you are carrying a different spirit, so be conscious of the spirit you are carrying. Those magicians who called themselves Pastors know the spirit they are carrying, but you do not know them.


    The bible says that demons are supposed to be under our feet. The spirit of God in us lifts us up, to take us far above principalities and powers. The spirit you are carrying is able to subdue every challenge you are facing and so we must come to that level of knowledge. No situation or challenge can trouble you because you know that you serve the most high God. In verses 6-12, Nebuchadnezzar now told the dream to Daniel, in verse 13 he said; he saw the holy one. He saw the divine watchers. This means that Heaven is watching. I don’t know what you are going through but I want you to know that there are divine watchers over your life. Heaven is watching you. When the divine watcher saw that tree, they saw the handwriting on the tree and communicated to divine watcher; the most High God and God gave the decree; an order came from heaven that the tree should be cut down but he told the watchers to remain and bind the stump with brass and iron. That tree was reduced to nothing. And when it got to the interpretation, Daniel said; oh king! I wish that this interpretation would be for other person, and not for you because it was a bad dream. He said; this tree is “you”.


    Nebuchadnezzar was comparing himself with God, he had conquered all the cities, and he felt that he is god. In chapter 3, he said nobody should pray to any other God except him, Nebuchadnezzar for 30 days. The cry of the people reached God.
    Beware of pride, any time you see yourself better than every other person, beware because “Pride” is a destroyer. If you are here and you have not given your life to Jesus, I want you to know that every rejection to receive Christ is a form of pride.


    After the experience Nebuchadnezzar went through, God said; let’s see whether he will recognize me. God gives another chance to the wicked whether he or she will turn and come to repentance. I don’t know what your experience is but I declare to you today, that our God is a God of second chance. That load you are carrying, there is hope for you.


    In verse 16, one of the punishments of Nebuchadnezzar was that his mind will be changed from that of a human being to that of an animal. He will become a complete mad man. In verse 17, His magicians and astrologers tried to change that decision, but since the decision came from the most high God, it cannot be changed.


    Lessons to learn
    1. God wants every human being to know that he is the most high God; to know that he is in charge and that he is stronger than the strongest; his authority and dominion over powers and principalities is high. He has power over challenges and difficulties in life. No matter how big is the situation, God knows how to handle it like He brought the children of Israel out from Egypt.
    2. That the most high God rules in the kingdom of men particularly, born again. The Bible says; that the government shall be upon his shoulders. Our shoulders may be too small that we cannot carry our challenges but God’s shoulder can carry our problems.


    Advice to Nebuchadnezzar by Daniel.
    Break off your sins by righteousness; break up your pride and begin to live a righteous life. If God must work with you and show you mercy, you must do away with sins.

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  • May 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    Preacher: Pst Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director)
    Bible Lesson: Luke 18:1-8
    Topic: Persistent Faith

    “Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?” As God visits us in this service today, He will be looking out for our faith.

    Persistent Faith means absolutely refusing to give up. It is a stubborn faith i.e. the Faith that refuses to give up.
    In order to survive the situations around us today, all that is required of us is persistent faith. I want to let you know that prayer is not enough! It must be accompanied by Persistent Faith.
    From our bible lesson, we found out that the widow had an adversary. Likewise, we should know that we have an adversary. Our adversary is revealed in1Pet 5:8; as the devil. Unfortunately, many of us do not know that we are the devil’s target; hence we are not serious with our Christian life. If you don’t know your real enemy, you’ll be taken unaware.

    The work of the devil, our adversary is that he sows seed of discord in our minds against our fellow human beings. The adversary also comes to weaken our faith by bringing physical challenges, like: sicknesses, no job, marriage problems, etc which overburden our hearts, with the intent of severing us from fellowshipping with God. Today in this temple, the God of all earth will take every devourer and adversary to the court of heaven.
    Like the persistent Widow, if you must survive the situations you are in today, you must come rugged in the spirit. The Judge handling the case of the woman neither feared God nor have regard for man, but our Judge is God Himself. The woman’s Judge was heartless but our God is compassionate, merciful, kind, forgiving and longsuffering. The woman was a stranger to her Judge, but we are not strangers to our God because we are His children. Our God is bidding us to come boldly to His throne of Grace.
    It doesn’t matter the challenges confronting us today; it doesn’t matter the type of adversaries we have, we have a loving Father.

    What the Woman did:
    [1] She developed a persistent faith. She was determined not to give up but pressed on. It is said that when the going becomes tough, only the toughs keep going. The Woman realized Phil 4:13, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
    [2] The woman was Bold. She didn’t allow anything to intimidate her. You must be bold to confront your situations and adversaries.
    Every sound mind would believe in Truth, and if you are standing on falsehood then you don’t have a sound mind. She overcame both the challenges of womanhood and widowhood.
    Today, all the enemies in your life shall flee as you step-up in your faith. God is our Judge and our avenger.
    The force of persistent faith and importunate prayer will subdue every adamant situation in your life. PUSH! (Pray Until Something Happens)

    Vindication means:
    [a] To Clear Accusation: I don’t know what accusation the enemy has laid on your life, the word of God says that He will vindicate you and clear you from all accusations.
    [b] To Defend You: God said that the battle is not yours but His. So whatsoever is chasing you; whatever is after your life today, God will defend and fight for you.
    [c] To set Captive Free: Anything that has set you backward; those yolks shall be broken in Jesus name.
    [d] To lay Claim: God will lay claim of your life, and you will possess your possessions.
    [e] To Punish: God will punish your adversaries.

    Two Things to qualify us for God’s vindications:
    1) You must be God’s elect. Luke 18:7. When you give your life to Jesus that is when your enemy becomes God’s enemy.
    2) You must be persistent in prayers

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  • April 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    This is a recorded video coverage of the April 2016 Central Healing Service held on Sunday, 17th April 2016 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was delivered by God’s anointed servant, Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director). The text for the sermon is Ezekiel 37:1-14. The topic is: With God, no situation is hopeless.

    N/B: This is a transcribed message from a pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits however, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind like one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was being preached.

    Message begins...

    With God, no situation is hopeless. If you agree with me, tell your neighbour with God, no situation is hopeless. Tell yourself now, with God my situation is not hopeless. Every situation in God’s hand cannot be hopeless because God specializes in hopeless cases.

    In Matt 11:28, He said; come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden; carrying heavy lad, come unto me and I will give you rest. God said; come unto me. It only God that call all the people that have problem because, it is only God that has the ability to address every problem. The passage we read today, we find God turning a hopeless; lifeless situation around. And so we are going to look at that passage and see few things that will build our faith so that this scripture will be fulfilled in our lives today.

    In verse 1, we see the bible say; Ezekiel was speaking: ‘‘the hand of the Lord was upon me’’. We called that the divine hand and is the first thing I want to stress. The hand of the Lord was upon Ezekiel and carried him to a valley of dry bones. The valley was full of bones and they were very dry. It was like a place of mass burial. In fact, they did not bury them well because nobody covered them well.  They just found the valley and threw all of them there. When we talk about dry bones, it brings a number of things to mind:

          First, it talks about people that have died and have decayed. In fact, the death had been a long time ago because; before the bone will become dry, it means the person had died long ago. It has become a case beyond resuscitation. You know that when somebody collapses, and you cannot find life in the person, people try to resuscitate the person. But, with this one it was beyond resuscitation.

          Another thing you can also see when talking about dry bones is a hopeless situation. There are some situations in our lives that are like dry bones. There is nothing one can do about them. It can be in your health; it can be in your family; business, career or academics name them but today in this service, God will give life in every aspect that you are experiencing dryness in Jesus name. Amen.

          Dry bones also represent people who are spiritually dead. They don’t have any relationship with God.

          Dry bones can also stand for people who are of a broken spirit; they are downcast like what Proverbs 17: 22 says; merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken sprit drieth the bones. When you have a broken heart; when you are downcast; a state of despair; is as if your bones are dry. This also represents dry bones. So, whichever case or category you fall in and you are experiencing dryness, I have good news for you today. There is a divine hand that can handle every dry situation in your life. Is there any situation that have made people to write you off or you have written yourself off? I want to announce to you that God had not written that situation off because He specializes in hopeless situations.

    We shall follow the processes Ezekiel went through? Maybe, Ezekiel was conscious of the hand that was upon him. He said; the hand of the Lord was upon me. He said; He carried me in the spirit of the Lord. Ezekiel was no longer operating in the flesh or what he sees because there is a divine hand upon his life. Today, that hand will come upon you.

    There are many of us, our situations had lingered because we are carrying ourselves; looking for solution; moving from place to another. Anywhere we see miracles, we go; we are not looking for that divine hand. I pray that today you connect to that divine heaven and as you connect the heaven, no situation will be hopeless.

    There are many situations we face as humans that we cannot handle with our carnal abilities. And that’s why we need God’s power which is the Divine hand and we are also talking about the power of God

    In Verse 2 Ezekiel said; that spirit that carried me, caused me to move round the dry bones. This was to give him a full picture of the situation. And he saw it and his declaration was that they were many and very dry. It was a situation that can put fear in somebody or just make you get overwhelmed. If you look in that eyes, you will say - what is God bringing me here to see; these ones are forgotting people. When we operate in the power of the spirit, no situation can intimidate us. So, Ezekiel did not run away, he waited on God for the next thing and that brings us to point 2. I call it the crucial question. a

    The crucial question as seen in verse 3: He said; son of man; mortal man, can these bones live? It means that before God can do anything with Ezekiel or deal with you and your situation, there is a crucial question that you must answer. God wanted to know his own perception of the situation. How did you see it?  I don’t know the situation that you are into in this service, God is asking you Son of man; daughter of man, can this your situation be turn around? The way you see your situation matters because, it will be a hindrance to the connection of the power of God. I told you of the story of a woman in the last Healing Service that was diagnosed of cancer; not just cancer but it was at the terminal point. When the Doctor has finished, the woman said; ok, that is your own report, let me go to God who never gives a bad report and she believed that with God, the situation is not a terminal matter. And she stood on the word of God and that cancer was thrown out. So, He said can these bones live? I don’t know what that bone in your life is; I don’t know how you see it. Let us look at Ezekiel’s answer to God. It was an intelligent answer. He said; and said I answered, “Oh lord God, thou knoweth” This was a man of God that sincerely speaking, what he was seeing was overwhelming and God was asking him, son of man can these bones live? And if he said no, it will look as if he does not have faith. So, he said I will not say no and if he said I don’t know because that was an intelligent question and that is why I said, it is an intelligent question and he worship God and said “Oh lord God, thou knoweth” If you look at your bible, that word God was spelt in capital letter. So he was referring to Adonai, Elohim. Adonai means sovereign God and sovereign means someone who has supreme power; ultimate power. There is no other power higher than his power. So, Ezekiel was saying you are the supreme; the ultimate God. If you say they should live, they will live. Whatever you say, it will stand. And Elohim talks about His Almightiness. He has the power to make life; He has the power to kill, heal and to make a way where there is no way. I don’t know how you see God; the Almighty God. It does not matter what that problem is, it becomes solved when you see God as supreme over all situations. So he said this situation, you Almighty God knows.

    I want us to know that there are questions that only God can answer. There are situations and problems that only God can address and Ezekiel knows and that was why he said; thou knowest. I want you to know that God knows every of your situation; God knows about your circumstances; He knows the dryness and how terrible your situation is; He also knows how to handle it. So don’t attempt to answer situations that only God can answer. Ezekiel was making progress. I pray that someone will make progress in this service today in Jesus name, Amen.

    So let’s move to verse 4 of Ezekiel 37 and there I call it the power of the prophetic word. In verse 4, God now spoke to him-son of man. You know when God talk about son of Man; He is referring to a mortal man and I want you to know that Jesus was both son of man and son of God. He now talks about the human side, so God was dealing with a human being like me and you. This means that, if God can use Ezekiel to address such a dry situation, then God can use me.

    God told him; prophesy upon these dry bones and tell them “hear ye the word of the Lord”. It means that everything hears the word of God (living and non-living). As am preaching the word of God, that sickness is hearing the word of God; the diseases in your body is hearing me; the demon oppressing you is hearing me; that attack on your way is hearing me. Hear ye the word of God. You must learn how to prophesy to your situations. Look at one of our Pastors and sisters who testified about their daughter, you were told how they started prophesying to the condition of their daughter because the enemy is subtle and they said the situation by themselves. Doctors did not know the name of the sickness, in fact the mother said, she was looking for attention; and the girl was dying. Sometimes, they go aside and start laughing but somebody was dying. They didn’t know what to do and so what is that can kind of attention, you speak to that attention; speak to that situation. He said prophesy upon the dry bones. Today, you will prophesy to that situation.     

    When we talk about prophesy, it means to declare God’s word. To speak, by Inspiration. Many of us, what we know about prophet and prophesy is that somebody will tell us about ourselves and say so much about us and that is why false preachers today make merchandise of people. They will call your name; your phone number, call this and that and before you know, you fall prey. God does not need to call your phone number; God does not need to know your name or your problem. By this, anything they tell you to do, you will do whether it is in the bible or not.

    Yes, there is a word of knowledge and prophesy but the bible is the book of all prophesies. If you look at Revelation 2:18-19, He said; this book of prophecy, you should neither add nor subtract. The word of God, the bible is the book of prophecy. You should receive the word of God by inspiration and speak it into your life and your situation will listen; hear, and will respond. We must rely on God’s word not on objects or materials, not on men of God in quote. Today, many in the church have diverted from the word of God to anointed materials in Quote, anointing oil; anointed water; broom; cane and sugar. In fact, they have also added comb that the man of God prayed over the comb and say when you comb backward every problem and trouble will go and when you comb forward, it is blessing and favour. He advised that if you are going for an  interview or looking for visa, and they have not given it to you,  you should keep the comb very well; as you are going for interview that morning use it and comb your hair and favour will follow you. That is not the word of God.  Any material that is not the power of God and you have reverence for has turn to an idol, don’t let any preacher turn you to an idol worshipper because they have blest it. I’m wondering if it is to comb hair that brings favour and blessing, it means that those of us who don’t have hair will be disenfranchised. Everything we need is in the word of God; the answer is in the WORD OF GOD. The problem we have today is that Christians no longer read the word; even if we read it, we no longer get inspiration from the word of God.

    Point 4: I will be rounding up very soon, just get ready because you will be addressing that situation before I will be pray with you. In this point four (4), we will go to verse 7: …Here, we see faith and obedience; if you want a miracle you need faith; if you want a miracle you need obedience.  It takes both faith and obedience for Ezekiel to describe the situation of the bones; he said; they were very many and dry but God said prophesy to the bones.  Before now, Ezekiel has been prophesying to people, but here he is to prophesy to bones. And if you look at that passage, he said; even so I prophesied as I was commanded. Ezekiel obeyed as he was operating by faith; you need faith and obedience to speak to your dry bones; to speak to situations that ordinarily cannot hear. And when you speak the word of God, because it is not your word and you are speaking it by inspiration and by faith to that your situation, the situation will not only hear but will obey.

    Point 5: Here, we see the result when he obeyed and prophesied, still in that verse 7 the bible says; and Ezekiel said; as I prophesied, there was a noise and behold a shaking and the bones came together bone to its bone.

    When he prophesied the word of God because he was telling those bones hear ye the word of God, four things that happened include:

          Noise: there was noise

          There was shaking. Can dry bones make noise? Can dry bones shake? Something happened that brought about the noise and shaking. The noise and shaking were symbols of the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. If you read Acts chapter 2:2, on the day of Pentecost when the holy spirit came, the bible told us that suddenly, there came a sound from heaven as a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitteth; the sound like a rushing mighty wind is a symbol of the Holy Spirit like in Acts Chapter 2 when it came on the day of Pentecost. If we also look at Acts Chapter 4:31; after the apostles were arrested, beaten and released, they went back and told their colleagues and they started praying. In verse 31, it says; and when they have prayed, the place where they assembled together was shaking and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost; and they speak the word of God with boldness. Here, we saw another shaking when the Holy Spirit came as they prayed.  

    You also remember the story of Paul and Silas in Acts Chapter 16; when they were locked in prison and in the night as they started praising; singing and prayed, the Holy Ghost came down; it says there was earth quake and the building was shaking. So, when the prophetic word was released by Ezekiel the spirit of God was released upon the dry bones and there was noise; there was a shaking. Today, as we pray, the spirit of God will be released upon your situations and there will be a noise and a shaking.

    The noise and the shaking led to the number three thing that now happened which was that the bones received a quickening; they were quickened and they began to move. The bible says that bones came together; it was not just together to the nearest one because the way they were dumped and the number by the time, they were all decayed; the bones were separated; they were falling and a number of other factors might have come in so they were not close but each bone was locating its part; each bone knew where it’s coming from. Bones that have been apart for years located each other, that is the power of God for you. It will locate that thing that has been missing in your life; it will locate you today.

    Before science brought DNA, God knows and was the one who taught them about DNA. With someone’s DNA you can locate the person; you are the only one that has your DNA; so each of the bones is carrying DNA that enables it to attract another bone. It was not over because that one was still working and by now, the sinews which are the tendon or nerves were all rotten; all the flesh, muscles were all rotten. All the skin were gone but the word of prophesy began to regenerate new sinews, muscles, new skin and all those things that were bone had flesh, sinews back on them and they were now like human beings but the only thing left was that they were not breathing. There is an emphasis that is being dropped in my spirit. That everything you need is the word. The first release of the word of God did not bring the total conclusion of the matter. The new nerve and flesh that covered the bone was a miracle at least we saw bones, but there was something brand new coming. Someone should expect a miracle here today. If there is need for recreation but it is like God was saying don’t stop speaking. There are many of us that can’t see the full manifestation of the miracle because we stopped half way; our believe and faith stopped half way but today, let us don’t stop half way.

    So he told him to prophesy to the four winds, let them come and this is to bring about breath. And as he prophesied, the wind came and breath entered into all those bones that had no life. Every one of them had life. The bible said; they all stood on their feet. Every one of them stood unto their feet and they were an exceeding great army. Dry bones transformed to an army, it’s only God that can do that; he transformed bone to an army. This means that, in that valley laying all those bones were great potentials that could be army.

    I don’t know those things that are looking like bones in your life; I want to announce to you that by the time the power of God comes, those potentials will come out. You that men saw like only bones will not only come alive on your feet but will become an army; strong instrument in God’s hand.       We are going to conclude now so that we can begin to pray. And if you look at the remaining verses 11 – 14; God now began to interpret that what happened was a revelation; God began to interpret it to Ezekiel. God told him and said; these bones are the house of Israel. God’s people were reduced to dry bones. In fact, they found themselves in situations where they said; our bones are dried; our hope is lost. And God in verse 12 promised them restoration. He said; I will open your grave and I  will bring you out. I don’t know those things that have put you in the grave, God is saying today I will open your grave; I will bring you out.  Every spiritual grave in your life, today is the day of release; God says I will open your grave. He said I will put my spirit in you and you will live. Somebody will live today; the sentence of death will be cancelled in your life; those sickness that want to terminate your life will be cancelled and you will live. We are going to pray but the first prayer we are going to pray will qualify for the second prayer. Do you know that what reduced God’s people to bones was sin; I told you one of the significance of dry bone was a people who are spiritually dead. Sin reduces people to dry bones. If you look at Ephesians chapter 2:1: it tells us that  you have been quickened who are dead in trespasses and sin. My dear, if you are living in sin whether it is a small sin or a big sin, God sees you as dead; in fact it is worse than physical death because it is spiritual death. Ephesians 2:5 says even when we were dead in sins, hath quicken us together with Christ; dead in sin. Sin produces death; so if you are here and you are living in sin, you are dead; you are a moving corpse but today the first thing that will happen is that the word of God that you have heard will quicken you as you respond by faith and that dryness in your spirit will be quickened. I have a good news for you today that the quickening power of God is here; the power that can quicken your mortal body. You have been struggling, you have tried; you have made laws for yourself; you have taken decisions but it has not worked. It is because it takes God to quicken you to come alive in your spirit as you come to him, confess your sins and ask for his forgiveness. So, if you are here today in this service and you want God to deliver you from the power of sin; you want to surrender your life to Jesus; you want to be born again; you want that dryness in your spirit to be quickened; you are the first set of people I’m going to pray for so anywhere you are just raise your right hand. I want to pray for you if you want to give your life to Jesus just rise on your feet. Just come forward wherever are, big or small come. If you are not born again; you are like the dry bone we are discussing. Listen to the voice of God speaking to you in obedience because that is the first step to your miracle; my dear, don’t go the way you came. Listen to the voice of God. He says come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, I will give you rest; rest is about to come to your spirit today. I want you to know that this is the most important decision of your life so I want you to close your eyes and begin to talk to God.  Pray and ask him for mercy because this is not a joking time.                                   

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  • March 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    This is a recorded video coverage of the March 2016 Central Healing Service held on Sunday the 20th of March, 2016 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was delivered by God’s anointed servant, Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director). The text for the sermon is Isaiah 53:1-8

    N/B: This is a transcribed message from a pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits however, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind like one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was being preached.

    Message begins...

    Our life is in His hands. If you are sure your life is in His hands; your matter is in his hands, can you wave your hands unto the Lord this Morning.

    I want to say a very special welcome to you. This is the temple of Greater Evangelism World Crusade; it’s also our world headquarters. In Greater Evangelism World Crusade, we have a burden; and that burden is to prepare men for heaven. So, we don’t teach men how to make money; we teach them how to make heaven. The reason is that your soul is eternal.

    If you watch the events that are happening, you will find out that all of the events are pointing towards one thing: ‘’the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand and very close’’. Most of the things you see; you call it terrorism, violence, economy crisis; they are all pointing to one thing which is, that the end of all things is at hand. And when Jesus will come, most of the things that people are pursuing after today will no longer matter. Money will not matter; it’s only your soul that will be required of you, to give account of unto God.  And if you are in this service today; you have not known the destination of your soul, before the end of the service we will give you the opportunity to get the destination right. At the end of the service, we will see you again so that we can personally pray for you, so wherever you are I want to say thank you for coming and God bless you.

    Let us pray. Our God and our Father, we bow before you today. We pray there will be a release from heaven; let there be an out pouring from heaven that will be sufficient for every man and woman here; that every need here today will be met. I pray that you send forth your word and may it bring forth salvation, healing, deliverance, blessing in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    Today, we are going to take our text from just one of the verses we read in our lesson: Isaiah Chapter 53: 1. It says: “Who had believed our report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed”.

    I want to title this message “Believing God’s Report”. Most times, our situations tarry and prevailed. It is not because God is not able to solve the problem but because it is difficult for us to believe God. Some of them are not God’s inability to save us but it depends on which report we believe that makes the difference in our lives.  The prophet in the passage we read is asking a question: who has believed our report? And I know that the trinity is asking the same question today.

    The world today is full of contrasting reports. The devil has its own report; the world systems have their own report and at the same time, God also through his word has his report. The question now is: whose report will you believe? Is it the report of the devil that whispers to you that the situation is hopeless; there is no way you can make it that your want to believe? Is it the report of the world systems that things are hard that you want to believe? or is it the report of your Doctor about your situation, that your sickness incurable or have called the sickness a big name that you don’t understand, is it the report you want to believe? Whichever category you belong to, is it in your academics, business or your health, whose report will you believe? I want to let you know that every report that contradicts God’s word is not only an evil report but a false report. What God says is superior to what you see, feel, know or anything that is human.

    In Romans 3:4 the bible says: God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, that thou mightest be justified in the sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged. So, your body is a liar; your sickness is a liar even the devil is a liar. I don’t care the liars in your body or in the economy but I have a truth today which is the word of God and the word of God is a good report and when you take hold of it, it cancels every bad or evil report.

    I want to show you one or two examples from the bible where we can see evil report whether it is from the devil or the world system or whether it is even from your body versus good report from God. We are going to look at a man called “Abraham” and then look at the account as we find in Romans Chapter 4:17-21. It said as it is written I have made thee the father of many nations; before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead and calleth those things which be not as though they were. Who against hope believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, so shall thy seed be. And being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb: he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. And being fully persuaded that, what He had promised, he was able also to perform. Hallelujah.

    In that passage, we found that Abraham had two reports:

    The first was a good report from God while

    The second was an evil report.

    We shall see how Abraham dealt with these reports, which of them did he believe and what was the result.

    The bible says that God spoke to him and it didn’t just end there, if you look at verse 17 it said: As it is written. This means that what God says and what has been written by God in His word is superior to every other thing; It is superior to any circumstance.You know God can cause circumstances to become an instrument to do what he wants to do. You heard a testimony of one of our sisters whose daughter used fuel to cook food. God converted the fuel to kerosene. Because, if you know how inflammable fuel is; that is in a stove and is burning, even with some kerosene that is mixed with the little fuel, it is dangerous. Some people put the mixed kerosene in their lantern, it explodes and causes a lot of burnt. But in this case, they boiled water to make Garry and even cooked soup on it. God knew the situation they were facing and turned it to kerosene. He can change your situation. God knew it was dangerous but they were ignorant and God wanted to spare his people, so he said from now until they discover you as fuel, remain kerosene and cook their food without any hurt.           

    And when you look at that passage, you will see the integrity in God that makes His own report superior to every other report. Abraham told us in that description there; he said as it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations.  Abraham did not have one child; his body was preaching another message; the body of the wife, Sarah was preaching another message. But, here God was talking He said; I’m not just going to give you a child but you are going to be a father of many nations. He went on to describe the character of God as follows:

    1. God who quickeneth the dead and
    2. Calleth those things which be not as though they were.

    It implies that God quickens the dead. It may be that in your case, it’s only the organ that is dead but you are still alive breathing, God who quickens the dead will quicken it. It doesn’t matter what is dead in your life, the God we are talking about whose report is superior has the ability and calleth those things which be not as though they were. When God wants to do a thing in your life, He doesn’t need any raw material; he doesn’t need anything. What did he use to create the sun and the moon? What did he use to create the waters? He said: He calleth those things that are dead as though they were.  Look at this our building. Look at the massive pillars and how many pillars we have? Just to accommodate some thousands but look at the world, where is the pillar that is holding the world? The entire globe, where is the pillar? Science has not found where the pillar is? God is holding the world by the word of his mouth. He calleth those things that be not as though they were; that is the God we are talking about. So, God gave a report to Abraham ‘’I’m going to make you the father of many nations’’

    Today, God has a report for you; He has a good report for you. After God finished his message, the body of Abraham started its own message and told him; this message came when you are about seventy five; you are getting older. The devil and his body gave their own message. If it is today, because I’m not sure that Doctors were there then. The Doctors would have joined and say see, you are old and your wife has passed the age of expecting a child.

    Abraham was hundred years old; his body was preaching another message. In fact. he confirmed it and said: he did not consider his body that was dead.  As far as science Is concerned, Abraham is a finished man and as far as reproduction is concerned, his body was dead. And that was not enough, by this time Sarah was about ninety years. She was almost menopause times two, is it not? And that was why Sarah laughed when the angel brought the message. She didn’t know where to start; she said how will you solve the problem of my husband before you visit my own? It was complex. It was deadness multiplied by deadness, it was hopeless that was the message and I’m sure the devil and his body were interpreting so many things to him. So, Abraham has two reports and the question now is; whose report will he believe. And I believe that there are so many people in this service today, you have several reports. Your body is saying something else; your marriage is saying something else; the economy is saying something else and your business is saying something else, even your spiritual life is saying something else but I want you to know that God is saying something else. Now, let’s look at how Abraham pressed on to obtain the good report.

    I will tell you quickly six things that Abraham did:

    First, the bible we read told us in verse 18 that he who against hope believed in hope. The situation of his body was a hopeless situation; It was against hope. But even in that situation, the bible says he believed in hope. I’m sure he said; if God had said it, I will rely on Him; I will keep hope alive. Even, when my body wants to drown the hope; even when the circumstances want to drown the hope, I will keep the hope alive. In believing His report, it doesn’t matter if it looks hopeless; it doesn’t matter if there is no way; it doesn’t matter what science says; it doesn’t matter what people say; it doesn’t even matter what my body says but what matters is what God says.

    The second thing Abraham did as we find in verse 19: The bible says be not weak in faith. That means your faith can be weak and your faith can be strong. Whether it is strong or weak depends on what you hear and what you do with what you hear. If our faith becomes weak, it is a calamity. If you look at 1 John 5:4, the bible says that whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world; and it said this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith. The Instrument we use to overcome the devil is our faith; the instrument we use to overcome the evil report of those symptoms in your body; those messages that the enemy have being sending; that is filled in the society, the instrument we need is true faith in God and when that faith is not there is weak weak then, there is a problem. The bible says he was strong in faith. I want to tell you brethren that it drops a challenge for me and you today. When Abraham believed God there was no bible to read; When Abraham believed God there were no examples for Abraham to see how God could work, to stir up his own faith; there was nothing as a reference point. He just heard God and he believed God. Today, you and I  have the bible to read his authentic word; we have heard and seen testimonies; some of us even in your life you can testify to the power of God but yet sometimes, your faith becomes weakened and you can’t believe His word. 

    Thirdly, the bible tells us what Abraham did that, He considered not his own body now dead, neither the deadness of Sarah’s womb. He knows that his body is dead; he knows that Sarah’s womb is dead but he refused to consider it. Many of us, we are very good in negative meditations instead of meditating on the word of God; you meditate on your problems; You meditate on the pains, difficulty and obstacles; that is what you consider. It fills your heart and then blots out God’s good report.

    There was a story of a woman I read. This woman went to the hospital, and she was diagnosed with cancer at the terminal stage. And she was told that she has a short time to live, but this woman was a Christian, as she left the hospital she said that is your own report. Then, as she came back home, she said God that is not your report. She began to search the scriptures for the promises of God about healing. Because there is no one incurable sickness recorded in the bible. Have you found any one there in the bible? There is no one; there is no terminal sickness inside the bible that God approvedSo, as she found some scriptures, she began to read it every day not just reading, she began to speak them loud. As she started confessing those words and was reading them. she wrote them out overtime before she knew; the time they gave was terminated; the woman lived several years. In fact, by the time I read the story, it was written in 2007 and she was still alive. She lived several years after the story was written. I don’t know if she is still alive, but she lived beyond what the doctor said and was living on and on. This was because she believed God’s report; she considered that report; she spoke that report to herself, and the evil report was subdued.  We loved the Doctors, they are doing a good work but you must know as a Child of God; born of God that the doctor does not have a final authority in your life. God’s word is the final authority. The bible says, the word of God that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life. When His word penetrates into your situation, spirit will enter and that spirit is stronger than cancer; it’s stronger than diabetes; its stronger than HIV; its stronger and it is life. Whose report will you believe?

    Fourthly, the bible says; he did not stagger at the promises of God through unbelief.   A lot of us have the problem of unbelief. May be you hear the word  now and your faith is stirred up but by the time you get home, you drop it and you are staggering like a drunkard this way and that way. Abraham did not stagger.  If you want the word of God to be true in your life, your faith must be strong and you must not stagger.                                 

    Another thing Abraham did as the bible said was that He was fully persuaded. So, there was nothing he will see that will move him; there was no symptom he will see that will move him and nothing he will hear that will move him because he was fully persuaded. 

    Finally the bible said; giving glory to God. He has not seen the promise but by faith he was giving God the glory. He said; God said I’m going to be the father of many nations, I thank you for making me the father of many nations, he was giving God glory. He continued faithfully giving glory to God even when the thing has not happened. And today is that word not fulfilled? He’s a father of many nations. Israel and all the Arabs, he is their father. If you think it is easy, trace the history of your ancestors, many nations have they formed. It was fulfilled because that was the word of God.

    I will give you another example. We are still talking about “evil report versus good report” In every situation, you will find two reports or more. I want to give you an example of Simon Peter in Luke Chapter 5:1-6. In that story, I will quickly summarize it for you. Peter was a professional fisherman. Professional fishermen know the time to catch fish; most of them I’m sure it’s usually in the night they go for fishing. And they went for fishing all through the night, and the bible says they caught nothing. Experience was speaking; the situation was bad and suddenly Jesus showed up. May Jesus show up in your situation. I don’t know how long you have toiled and you caught nothing; I don’t know how many reports have been speaking in your life but in this service, may Jesus show up in your situation.

    And Jesus entered his boat and told him to pull out a while so that he will preach to the people.  I don’t know if you have done fishing before? You will know that it is not easy particularly in the night. All through the night with mosquito, tiredness from sleep, and to make it worst, there was nothing to go home with. So, if you have a wife that is not considerate, when you get home; it is trouble you are going to meet. This was the situation with Peter and Jesus knew it. Do you know why some of us are missing out of our miracle? It is because we are not ready to make sacrifices; we are not ready to take an extra mile. Maybe, James and     John don’t have patience; they may be murmuring and may be saying; if na me, I for no gree oooo!   But, Peter was patient; he pulled it and Jesus was preaching. I don’t know how short or long his sermon was but most time, when he teaches; it takes time. And then he finished and told Peter the second report; Good report was now coming. He told peter now throw your net for a catch, He didn’t tell him try again whether you will catch. He was speaking with authority. The word of God is the word of authority. When God speaks, He speaks with finality. He is the author and the finisher, and Peter now responding because there were now two reports,  one is the report that he is a professional; his experience was speaking that today is a bad day; the sea is empty. And then the master, Jesus was saying; throw your net for a catch. And Peter now responded; he said master, we have toiled all night and have taken nothing, nevertheless at thy word. Because you have spoken, I will take your report; I will stand by your word; I will stand by your instruction; I will not believe my experience; I will not believe the sea. He said at thy word and when Peter believed in God’s report and acted in Obedience, the bible said; that their net caught so much fish and the problem now was the capacity of the net not on how much fish to catch. It was how much the net can carry. It was the same water but what was the difference? The difference is that the master of the sea has spoken; the master of the fishes has spoken; the one who created all things by the word of His mouth has spoken and everything hears and obeys his voice.

    Today, he is speaking and that sickness in your body will hear his voice; that disease and oppression will hear him; that strange spirit is hearing his voice, God want to give a harvest of miracle in this service today; I don’t know how many people want to believe His report? You know that today in the orthodox churches, they are celebrating the Palm Sunday; the triumphant entry and today you will have a spiritual triumphant. Amen. You will triumph spiritually; you will triumph in your situation, and you will triumph in your circumstances.

    Furthermore, I want to give you two more examples. You know the woman with the issue of blood. You can read it in Mark Chapter 5: 25 – 34. In that place the woman had issue of blood; blood was flowing out of her for twelve years and Doctors had no answer to the problem. She had tried both native and orthodox but anywhere she went, she was told to try another, she spend all that she had and it was not getting any better. I’m sure people around her or maybe those looking after her would have said; this sickness will take your life; this one that nothing is curing it. Something have even started telling her, because sometimes when we have certain problems, a message starts coming from the devil; this one is not just sickness, it is death that is coming. But, a day came, she was hearing the word of God; she was hearing God’s report; she was seeing what Jesus was doing and she spoke to herself; I will not accept this report; these twelve years incurable sickness report, no! I will drop it. I want to believe the report of Jesus Christ; the Jesus of Nazareth that has been going around healing people. If he has that capacity to heal people but I don’t have the ability to meet Him to tell him my problem. Her situation is even terrible because, if you have been having that kind of problem, you can imagine somebody with the issue of blood for twelve years. If it is today, you are carrying pad for twelve years.  Maybe infection is even following her.  So, she was not looking for audience because people will push her out; she said but this man had so much power I think  some of them will be in His clothes so I will not struggle to show myself, I will just struggle to touch his clothes. That was how much she believed. The bible told us as she touched the helm of his garment, the power of God through Jesus flowed and that sickness which the doctor had no answer; that sickness that nobody could cure, seized immediately. That same God is your God; it is his report that I’m speaking to you about today in this service.

    I’m going to give you about God reports from scriptures, God’s report for your miracle: I’m going to start with Psalm 103: 2- 5: Bless the Lord, o my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Who forgiveth all our inquities; who healeth all thy diseases. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

    These are reports that are superior to every situation in our life:

    1. Who forgiveth all thy inquities
    2. Who healeth all thy diseases
    3. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction
    4. Who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies
    5. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things
    6. So that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

    I want you to know that some people use ageing cream but the word of God works better than ageing cream, so if you are a child of God, your age does not really matter. If you take hold on the word of God, every day you confess and stand on the words of God, He will renew your age.  

    The question was ‘who has believed our report’ and He is still he is asking in this service ‘who has believed our report’. If you look at Isaiah 53 verses 4 and 5: Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s. Verse 4 says: surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows. You know that sometimes, when the scriptures speak, it speaks with so much authority. It says surely, in fact message version of the bible puts it this way; it says but the fact is, it was our pains He carried and it tried to now define what those pains are: our disfigurements; those things that are disfiguring your life, your body, your home. I don’t know those things that are disfiguring your system; disfiguring your home or all the things that are wrong with us. I don’t know those things that are wrong with us but God knows it and he said he has carried it. Now, which of them is saying the truth? Is it the word of God or your body? He said; he has borne our grief; he has carried our sorrows and that is what took him to the cross; that’s why he suffered; he bore our grief; he bore my pains and bore our disfigurements.

    Verse 5 says: but he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. 1 Peter 2:24- 25 puts it in the past tense. It says by his stripe, we were healed. The issue of your healing is not a matter of today, it has been settled. When Jesus said on the cross that it is finished, it was settled but the only problem is appropriation. Many of us don’t have the ability to appropriate what he has done for us. It’s just like somebody took your land or your house, you took the person to court and the court rules that the person will give you back your land or your house. It does not automatically means that now you have entered but you have to go through the processes of signing some documents before you can enter the land or house. Now, if you don’t go through those processes and the man puts tenants in the land or house, they will still be there and be depriving you of your possession. This means that if the bible says; by his stripe you have been healed today, you will still need to take a stand with the word of God. You will stand by the report of the word of God and you will tell that sickness, I have been healed; I have been delivered. When you carry your court judgment, some of the tenants may tell you they don’t know you but because you have the court judgement, you will tell them to evacuate the land or the house. So, that sickness is waiting for your report; he wants to be sure that you believe the report. Some of us don’t believe God’s report. You will be saying ‘Ah! this thing will just go like that?  Today, there will be an evacuation.  Anything that the Lord has not planted shall be rooted out. Amen. So, prophet Isaiah was asking; who has believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed. When you talk about the arm of the Lord, you are talking of His power; his power to deliver; his power to conquer; his power to support; his power to protect.

    When the bible talks about Israel in Exodus Chapter 6:6 It says he delivered Israel from Egypt with an outstretch arm. So if you believe his report, his arm will be revealed in your life; his power will be revealed in your situation.

    In a moment, we are going to be praying. I don’t care about those other reports but I have told you God’s report. I have also given examples of people who nullified other reports. Just because they took their stand based on God’s report and what happened to them today is a testimony. Today is a day of choice, to make up your mind; to determine where you stand. Are you standing with God’s word or you want to stand what your circumstances are saying?

    You are here in this service today and you are not born again, the first report you must believe is that Jesus died to set you free. And that if you believe in Him, you will not perish. That is the wonderful story of John 3:16; that is the first report because that is the starting point before you can key into other reports. He was wounded for your transgressions; he was wounded for your sins.  Are you ready to embrace the sacrifice he made on the cross for you? Are you ready to embrace it today and stop limiting the hand of God from reaching you?

    In Isaiah 51:9 the bible says; his hand is not short. We have talked about his arm being revealed but there is a situation where his hand is limited. It said; his hand is not short that he cannot reach you; neither his eyes nor his ears that he can’t see or hear you; but there is a barrier. He said your iniquity; your sins have separated you from Him. Those things you may be looking at and you call them pleasure but he calls them sin; he calls them iniquity. He said they are standing as barriers between you and God. Making a gulf that is limiting the hand of God from reaching you. From today, I pray that you will believe his report for your salvation; so that the barriers will be taken away. Amen.

    I want to pray for you now; before we begin to address all the illegal occupants of our body because except you surrender your life completely to Jesus, they are not illegal. They have certificate of occupancy. But if you give your life to Jesus now, that report of the finished work on Calvary will begin to work in your life. And so, if you are here today and you want to give your life to Jesus, you know you are not born again but you have been going to Church and you know deep in your heart that you are not born again; you are not the Child of God, I want to pray for you first before we take the second prayer.

     It doesn’t matter how long you may have been in the church but you know you are not born again; you are struggling. He says; come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  Listen to his report and obey his report. Come into life my dear; it is not his will that any man should perish but that all should come to repentance. The Lord is stretching out his hands to you, please don’t refuse him.

    This is the greatest miracle any man can receive because by this decision and if you did it whole heartedly, the bible says; your name will be canceled from the book of death and written in the book of life. It’s just the beginning of a journey; every one of us here including myself started it one day like you. God bless you as you receive him today in Jesus name, Amen. 

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  • February 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    This is a recorded video coverage of the February 2016 Central Healing Service held on Sunday the 21st of February, 2016 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was delivered by God’ anointed servant, Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director). The text for the sermon is John 4:46-54. The topic is: Believe

    N/B: This is a transcribed message from a pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits however, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind like one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was being preached.

    Message begins...The Heavens are open just be ready to receive from the Lord.

    We read from John Chapter 4 verses 46 to 54 in our lesson. And I want to title the message I want to share with you this hour, Believe. So can you tell your neighbor, Believe! Now, when we talk about believe, we are saying that we should have faith. In this message today, I will be emphasizing on two areas that you need to believe. First, we should have faith in God, and second, we should have faith in his word. I know that in this gathering here today and for those who are watching me anywhere in the world. We have different categories of people: there are some that they are believers; they are born again but they don’t really believe the word of God for their miracle. When they read the word of God or when they hear the word of God, they feel that their problem is so big and so old that there is nothing God can do about it. If you are in that category, I have good news for you.

    There is another category of people. They are in the church but they are not really born again; they have no encounter with God. They are seeking God but are seeking the word of God just to get their problems solved. They are only interested in miracles but they don’t want to make a commitment with God. The story we read in the scripture today, we will see that God is interested and He wants us to have certain faith in Him and also have faith for your miracle.

    If you look at Mark Chapter 9:23. What does it say? It says that all things are possible to him that believeth. When the Bible says all, it means ‘‘all things’’ are possible but the key to accept it is your faith in him. I don’t know the kind of problem you came to church with today; I don’t know the problem and how long it has been. The word of God cannot be broken. If God says it is possible; it is possible. So, as you key with your believe today, you are going home today with your miracle, you are going home with your testimony in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    Again, if you look at verse 46 of the chapter we read, the bible told us that Jesus came again to Cana of Galilee where he turned water into wine. There is something striking and I want us to get it so that we can proceed with this message: That was the first place He did the miracle of turning water into wine. The bible says that He came again; that was another visit. I don’t know where you are, God is visiting us here again. You must have had testimonies previously, He will come again; He will touch you again; He will deliver you again. In that scripture, we were told that this time around, it was for a man that we don’t even know his name. All that the bible told us is that he was a noble man. I pray that there is a noble man here today: someone God will lift up today to be a noble man or a noble woman. When you have an encounter with Jesus, your status will change.

    The scripture recorded that this man was a noble man. What brought his name in the scripture was not just that he was a noble man because a noble man here in the society means a government officials, a royal official, somebody important but what brought that man’s record into the scripture was not just because of his nobility in the society; it was because of his heart and perseverance before God. I don’t know who you are in this service today, people may not know you but I want to announce to you that you can have an encounter with God that heaven will recon with you.  So, the bible says that this senior official came to Jesus. He did not mind his position; he did not mind his status.

    These are days that people do not want to identify with Jesus. In chapter 3, we hear the story of Nicodemus. He was a responsible man; a teacher of the law but when he wanted to come to Jesus, he came by night because he never wanted people to say ah ah……., are you also following this man? But, this noble man did not mind what people will say. The bible says he came to Jesus as the bible said: “if any one come unto Him that, He will in no wise cast away” and the bible told us that he besought Him; he pleaded with Him; he asked Him earnestly and he said, come and heal my son: he said come now; he said the situation of my son is critical. You know when situations are critical, people will take some critical steps. This man, his son was in Capernaum and heard Jesus was entering into Cana. It’s not just a place you will stroll from here to Rumuokoro. It was quite a distance, some kilometers. But, because this noble man had treasure. I perceive that since the bible said that this man was a noble and well placed man, he must have looked for other means of solution for his son; he must have tried hospitals, because atleast, he could afford to pay a physician. He must have tried other means of solution but they did not work, the matter was getting worse by the day and he said to himself that, if there is no intervention, my son will die. And at that moment, he heard that Jesus was entering into Galilee again: Jesus was coming to Cana again.

    I want to announce to you, I don’t know how critical your situation is; I don’t know how hard it may seem. We have already been charged that we are before an open heaven and I pray that you contact the open heaven. I want to pray that you contact the grace that is able to turn every situation around you. Do you know that it’s not everybody that attended the meetings of Jesus that receives a miracle? Some of them have problems but they do not take it quite seriously and are not desperate to receive an answer. This man kept aside everything; kept aside his position and humbled himself and came to Jesus. The bible said: he was begging Him; he was pleading with Him to please come and heal his son and he was telling Jesus, and Jesus was to move from Cana to Capernaum. This man believes that if I talk with Him; if I plead with Him; He will follow me. He took those kilometers in those days when there were no cars. He will trek with me and go all the way to Capernaum. Am sure he had some level of faith.

    I don’t know the kind of faith you have in this service. Some were just coming; let me come and try. Miracles are not just for people who just try, miracles are for people who are determined. Those who will say: God! Today, I will not let you go except you bless me. And so, after he made his request, take a look at verse 48. Look at what Jesus said: “except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.” If you look at that passage, it says Jesus said unto him. The first thing I want to bring here is that, the service has turned to be between Jesus and this man. My prayer is that Jesus will face you and your problems here today. Jesus said to him directly and not to a group pf persons again. Every other person is not important, is of no importance. It looks to me that, this is what brought Jesus again to that place. I Pray that this service will turn to you today, you position yourself. This man positions himself and every other person went to the background. It was between him and the master. Because, it says and Jesus said unto him, He was not just saying unto them, He told him, it is only the time that ye see signs and wonders, you will not believe. It then means there is one or two implications. With all the zeal and with all sacrifice that made this man to come, Jesus knew his state (the condition of his mind).

    Jesus knew his heart. He also knew that the noble man was an unbeliever and that is why He said unto him, except you see miracles, you will not believe. My dear, do you know that right where you are seated today, right where you are watching me anywhere in the world today. Jesus knows your state. You that pretend, you may deceive men but He knows you; He knows whether you are born again or not.

    The number two thing to note there is that, Jesus knows that this man was just coming to take miracle; he was a miracle seeker. Nothing is wrong with that, sure! God will give you miracle but Jesus does not want you to stop at the point of miracle. And so while the man was looking for healing and intervention for his son. Jesus was interested and focused on something.(Him believing). That believe Jesus was talking about is not just believing to get the miracle because He said except you see signs and wonders, you will not believe. (By the time you have seen signs and wonders, what are you believing for again?). This means that there is another believe and that believe is a saving faith in Jesus Christ. The mission of Jesus is to seek and to save that which was lost; it is to save man from sin, and that is why if you are in this service today, you are not born again, the greatest miracle you will receive today is that you will be born again. Then, you will have the addition of other miracles. So after Jesus told the man that, to see how determined and focused the man was, the bible told us that the man did not go to argue with Jesus. He didn’t want to enter to what he doesn’t know, he said: Sir, come down before my son dies. There is one thing that is my burden; come down before my son dies. “He that cometh unto God”…you must be determined. That is why the bible said: that all things are possible to him that believeth. So when He said that, for the man it was the last bus stop. Some of us miss our miracles because our mind is set on how we want to get it. Jesus did not follow him but He sent His word; He released His word. You know the bible says that where the word of the king is there is power. Wherever the word of God is released, power is released. Jesus told him ‘’go thy way, thy son liveth’’. I want you to put yourself into the picture of this man that is why I’m telling you to believe today. Before a noble man will bring himself to come and beg; he was not a follower of Jesus, to bring him to that situation I told you that the matter is critical. He said come before my son dies, and then all that Jesus did was… go your way your son lives. I don’t know how many of us will be so confident and say Ok sir, and will start going home. Some of us come to church, we pray, but if they have not laid hands on us, then the anointing has not come. Sometimes, the pastor will preach and preach, pray, pray and pray and after service somebody will say pastor I want to receive prayer. All the other prayers, you didn’t receive it. The thing is that they must touch you, the more they press and shake you the more the anointing. Jesus did not even pray; He only declared ‘go your way, your son lives’. Your son lives! Your son lives! I don’t know who you are in this service, I don’t know where you are, that same declaration is coming your way today. Go your way, your situation lives; your body is made whole; you are delivered.     

    Believe! Let me in one or two minutes tell you about the efficacy of God’s word. If you look at Psalm 107 verses 20. The bible says: He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. As I’m preaching now, is it my word that I’m preaching? It’s His word and that word is moving like a messenger, coming with a message and it knocks at the door of your heart if you receive it; healing will follow it; deliverance will follow it; miracles will follow it; testimonies will follow it. In Hebrews chapter 4 verses 12, the bible says for the word of God is quick. That means the word of God is alive, and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and is a designer of the thoughts and the intents of the heart. It says the word of God is quick, it’s life, so when the word of God come your way, life is coming. So when Jesus said: go your way, your son lives, life was released. The young man who was lying critically in a state of hopelessness got the word of God. The word hit him, revived him, all the symptoms disappeared. I pray that the word of God will hit you today. And it doesn’t matter the level of darkness… the word of God is quick. It will quicken you. It is powerful; I don’t know strong your situation is? It’s not going to be more powerful than the word of God. This is because, the word of God is God Himself.  The bible says: in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. So, I don’t know how serious your situation is. I want you to hear the word of God this morning, it said the word you are hearing now is powerful, and power is being released when the word of God is preached. You don’t even need to wait until the prayer time. For some who keyed into the service from the opening prayer, worship, they can contact their miracle because there is grace released. In this lesson, he said it’s sharper than two edged sword and it can penetrate where people cannot penetrate, places that even doctors cannot penetrate. The word of God can solve spiritual problems; it can solve physical problems; it can solve emotional problems. It is when you speak the word of God into your market, into your business, into your work, it will solve all the problems. That is why when you read scriptures, there will be a time to say hear ye the word of the Lord. So, that your problem today, you will address that problem and say, hear the word of God. You will call it by name and say, hear the word of God. So, Jesus instead of going with the man, He sent His word, and when we look at verse 50, we see the first believe of the man… “And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him and he went his way’’. In my note, I jotted down (that is great faith). He believed the word that Jesus said and he went home. He believed that if the master says my son lives, then my son lives. He did not wrestle or struggle with the word. He said ‘go your way’ and that means stop bothering about the matter, that’s the meaning of go your way. He said stop bothering about this matter, it is settled. I don’t know what you came with to this service today. There is a declaration go your way! The man did not wait to make phone calls to see how it is so that I will know what to do. He said: go your way, it’s like saying that I AM in charge now. The bible says He is the I AM that I AM, so He told him go your way and immediately the power of death was broken, sickness was destroyed, oppression was destroyed. I want you to know that the quickest way to receive a miracle is to believe the word of God. Some of us instead of looking on how to catch the word, we are looking on how to catch men, how to be following men or there is one man of God that you will go to meet but I want to let you know that the power of God is not in any man, as much as it is in the word of God. Men that carry his power it’s because they carry his word. So the man went home and on his way, just to tell you that it was not a short journey by the time he was going, his servants from the house were also coming to look for their master. They didn’t know the mystery, they just saw that the boy recovered, the symptoms disappeared, and they said Ah! Our master said he was going to look for solution; he heard that Jesus was around and he was going to meet Him. Let’s go and tell him to come back, and as they were going, they now met him on the way and they told him, they said master your son lives. The word of God cannot be broken; if God say you will be healed then surely you will be healed. By the time they met now it was the next day because when you look at your bible, when they told him the man wanted to confirm, so he now asked them what time did he start recovering? Because it was the next day, if you look at your bible they told him it was the seventh hour yesterday. I am interested in that “seventh hour”. They said the miracle took place at the seventh hour. The seventh hour may mean the time of the day but there is another seventh hour I want to announce to you today. Seven is a number signifying complete. Seven is a number that talks about rest. When God created the world, He created the world in six days, and on the seventh day he rested. I don’t know how long you have struggled; I don’t know how long you have labored but I want to announce to you that your seventh hour has come. It was a miracle of the seventh hour. Today! by the power of the spirit, you will enter into your seventh hour; you will enter into your rest; you will enter into your healing and you will enter into your deliverance in the name of Jesus.

    We are going to be praying in a moment but I want to just bring out one more point, and then we will begin to pray, when the man asked, he said: when did it happened? and they told him the entire story. There is something else I see there, and that is the second believe. Remember, I told you we will be talking about two types of believe. One is not enough, the second believe… look at verse 53. So, the father knew that it was at that same hour in which Jesus said unto him thy son liveth. And himself believed and his household. This is another believe. When he heard the word he believed, but this time around I can see that this was now the believe of salvation. This was like saying indeed this was the son of God. It was the saving faith he was expressing, and this time around it was not just him. The bible said: he believed and his entire house believed also. So, this confirmed the word that Jesus told him that except you see signs and wonders, you will not believe. Now, this man saw signs, this man saw wonders and he now believed and gave his life to Christ. Today, you need to surrender your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. That is His ultimate, that’s why He came and died. The bible says he that knew no sin was made sin for us so that He would save us from our sins. Today, you are in this service and you don’t know Him as your saviour, you go to church but cannot pinpoint a day you have an encounter with Him because the bible says that any man that is in Christ Jesus is a new creature, old things have pass away and behold all things are new. Today, you will take that decision. That is the first prayer we are going to pray: for those who want to believe in the Lord Jesus; those who want to surrender their lives and say from today, I want to be committed to you; I want to serve you with all my heart.

    Altar Call

    I want every one of us to rise up on our feet and take this song: all to Jesus, I surrender… As we sing the song, if you want to give your life to Christ; if you want to surrender to Him, let the song be a mark of commitment to Him. All to Jesus, I surrender all…

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  • January 2016 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    By Evang. Victor Ejimadu (Chief Mission Co-coordinator)
    Text: Mark 5:1-22
    Topic: Jesus Christ’s healing of the demoniac and the lessons for the Disciples to learn

    There is an unusual presence of God in service today. The word of God says, “I will do a new thing...” May I announce to you that the new thing has started already. For the fact that the devil could not stop you from being in service today means that your miracles are unstoppable in Jesus name.

    Jesus performed 33 miracles as recorded in the bible. Of course, there are innumerable miracles that the world wouldn’t be able to contain should they all be recorded, according to John21:25. The recorded miracles are categorized as follows: 22 were instance miracles of healing, 8 were controlling of elements of nature, and 3 were raising of the dead to life.

    One of the unique things about the miracle as recorded in the text we read was that the demoniac had no one to invite him to Jesus. He was in the midst of nowhere. But Jesus located him nonetheless.

    The demoniac had unclean spirits that ruled and controlled him. He could not coordinate himself anymore because demons were in full control of his life.

    There are 2ways demons possess people. These are made clear in Isaiah 49:24-26

    1. Unlawful captivity:  this is a determination by the devil, for no just cause to possess/afflict someone not because the person offended him in anyway.  It is like the hostility of a Cat to an innocent Rat whenever it is sighted.  
    2. Lawful captivity: this is the case where someone deserves to be tormented by demons as a result of his wrong doings. Like the scripture says, “When the edge is broken the serpent bites”. If you consult familiar spirit by visiting to a native doctor or witch, you are a lawful captive because you’ve opened a demonic channel into your life or home.  Even when give your money for this purpose without being physically present in such places.  A sign of lawful captivity is in the manifestation of spirit husband or wife, especially in dreams.  The sin of fornication or adultery is the easiest way demon possesses someone.

    Peculiar issues about the demoniac

    1. He was possessed by a legion (i.e. about 6,000 demons)
    2. He lived an isolated life at mountainous area
    3. He cut and wounded himself
    4. He was stripped naked
    5. He was dumb

    Luke 8:2 talks about spirit of infirmity. When the spirit of infirmity gets into a victim, such person may begin to suffer from one sickness to another.  Demons can cause near success syndromes; they could hinder timely graduation from school, etc.

    I want to announce to someone today that the burdens shall be taken away from off his shoulder, and his yoke from off his neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing (Isaiah 10:27). God will give you freedom today.

    To some people, it could be that they demons have afflicted them with sickness, which has taken all their family earnings, yet without cure. It could be that your own case is that of falling into one problem after another; suffering from bondage of debts. These are all evidences of the demonic manifestations. It’s true according to the scriptures that a man born of a woman shall of few days be full of troubles, but there ought to be some period of respite and not a situation of continuous sorrows and afflictions.  


    His deliverance was instantaneous. In fact, it marveled people who saw or heard of it. In the same place where he was disgraced, was where God made him whole and gave him testimony.  

    He went to Decapolis to publish the good news. He became an evangelist. Likewise, the woman whom Jesus casted out evil spirits from; she became the first to proclaim the good news of His resurrection.

    There are times when you must stand alone to face realities of life. It is important to match your faith-words with actions. Faith without work is dead (Jame2:17). Every of our life venture should be predicated upon faith in God.

    Storms are path of life challenges.  We should not be discouraged when temptations come your way. Temptations are temporary; they won’t last forever.

    There was no mention of other little boats on the sea; save the one Jesus was part of. It’s only the boat that has Jesus that can stand the test of times. When the boat was troubled they called on Jesus. When you get into troubles call upon the Lord and he will deliver you (Psalm50:15).

    It’s important to always address the root-cause of problems. The disciples attempted to bale water, but Jesus targeted the storm which was the root cause of the troubled boat. By that, Jesus showed example of being temperate. Before He unbraided the disciples for their unbelief, He first of all attended to their immediate challenge of calming the storm.  Jesus showed that He is the master of the universe.

    Jesus was the originator of mission. It’s upon this foundation we follow. Casting out demons is an accompanying sign of this mission, and the devil knows that.

    6,000 demons spoke out in one accord, and requested that they be sent into the swine; Jesus granted their request. This shows the power of working in unity.

    The unclean attracts the unclean. In the Old Testament, the bible considered Pigs as unclean animal. That was the reason why the unclean spirits delighted to gain entry onto them because they are also unclean. When a Christian operates an unclean business, no matter how prosperous it might be tending to be now, it will scatter with time.

    Redemption is part of Christian ministry. Some Christians have only become conformist to the worldly system, instead of being transformed.

    No price is too much to pay towards gaining a lost soul.  Compassion attracts God’s help.

    Being a Disciple is not a destination. Discipleship is a learning process to attain God’s desired destination.



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