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You can now read month-by-month the transcribed versions of Central Healing Services' messages. Each month's publication was carefully transcribed verbatim from tape recorded during the service. The nature of the transcriptions are expected to reflect the originality of delivered messages. For maximum benefits, however, every reader is advised to put away any form of distraction and prayerfully put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting before the Preacher when the message was preached.

  • December 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    Preambles:This is a recorded video coverage of the December 2015 Central Healing Service held on Sunday the 20th of December, 2015 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was delivered by God’s anointed servant, Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The Int’l Director). The text for this sermon is 2 Kings 6: 24-30, 7:1-20.  

    N/B: This was a transcribed message from a pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits however, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind like one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was being preached.

    Message begins...

    We are before the God who can make a way, and if you are in this service God will make a way for you. We are going to consider 2 Chronicles 20: 15 and 17, some of the passages we read in our lesson. And he said; hearken ye all Judah and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, thus said the Lord unto you, be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude for the battle is not yours but God’s. Verse 17; ye shall not need to fight in this battle, set yourselves, stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord with you oh Judah and Jerusalem. Fear not nor be dismayed, tomorrow, go out against them for the Lord will be with you.

    I want to title the message “when God takes over your battle”.  I don’t know whether there are people here who are saying God take over my battle. Some of us have been having some challenges and battles from the beginning of the year, and it seems that there is no head way, today we are going to hand that battle over to the Lord. When God takes over your life, he takes over your battles.  

    We are going to look at it from two dimensions: First, what does it take for God to take over my battle?  The second aspect is what happens when God takes over our battle? If you look at verse 1 of 2 Chronicles 20 that we read, the bible said that and it came to pass after this also, that the children of moab and the children of Ammon, and with them all that beside the Amorite, came against Jehoshaphat for battle. Jehoshaphat had had a number of numerous battles as a person and also as a king. The closest we can quickly recall, we find it in 2 Chronicles chapter 18. In that battle, it was not his personal battle; he went to visit his fellow king, the king of Israel.  And then as he went to meet him, King Ahab, that terrible king had a battle he was to fight; a war and he said; will you join me and let’s go and fight? Please join me let’s go and fight and the king said; let’s go we are one.  That story is a long one but when he eventually followed him, he told him to dress like the king; so he can disguise himself and dress like any other person and he agreed, he didn’t know that it was a set up. So when they went into the battle, the king of Syria that they were fighting against, told his army, I want you to target one person; just target the king, don’t bother about the other people, and as soon as they came into the battle, the only person that was looking like the king was Jehoshaphat. So when they saw Jehoshaphat, they chased him, targeted him, and Jehoshaphat saw that his life was in danger  he cried out said; Lord please help me. And when you read 2 Chronicles chapter 18 verse 31, as he cried out, God intervened and moved them to depart from him. In 2 Chronicles chapter 20, we find Jehoshaphat involved in another battle. I know that some of us as we look into our lives, we move from one battle to the other. I want to let you know that battle is a part of life. That you must settle in your heart, and that’s why you must be prepared. We are ending the year and we are entering into a new year, you must begin to prepare because battles will surely come. I know that very soon so many churches will promise you so many good things, but the truth is that life will always go with battles. The challenge is not about the battle, the challenge is who is with you in that battle? I just told the story about Jehoshaphat. We saw that Jehoshaphat had a relationship with God, and when he found himself in that mess, he said oh God I have made a mistake, please help me! And God helped him. Do you know that Ahab who disguised himself, when the bullet was shot; the only person it could get to was Ahab? I pray today that someone will build a relationship with God that no matter what happens the Lord will stand with you in your battle. So, we see in this passage that different nations; moab, Amorites, and even mount seir, Edom, all combined to face Judah; to face Jehoshaphat, and when the news got Jehoshaphat, in verse 3 the bible says; and Jehoshaphat feared.

    First, I want you to watch out against “fear”. One of the tools and the agent of the devil is “fear”. The fear of the unknown; the fear of sickness; the fear of difficulty. This is because fear and faith don’t go together. When there is fear, there is no faith. When there is faith, there will be no fear, so you must watch out against fear. There are some many of us who are living in fear, because of the fear you are hearing voices. Some of us are even analyzing the sickness more than doctors. The bible says that fear comes with torment; it comes with pains, punishment so if you want God to take over your battles with fear, God will not, but thank God that Jehoshaphat did not end in fear. Fear is the first natural reaction when there is danger, when he got the news, he was gripped with fear. When he heard of the multitude, the nations that had joined to fight against him, naturally he was afraid. Israel ordinarily is a small country and they had twelve tribes and Judah had only two, so naturally, there was a course to be afraid, but thank God that Jehoshaphat, immediately the fear came the bible says that quickly he switched over.  The bible in verse 3 said that Jehoshaphat feared and set himself to seek the Lord and proclaimed a fast throughout Judah. So, he set his face to seek the Lord, he had a challenge, he had a problem, but he knew the one that has the answer. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, it doesn’t matter how threatening it might be, he knew the one that has the answer so he set his face to seek the Lord, he proclaimed a fast, because Jehoshaphat knew that in 2 Cor. 10:4 says that the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, they are not physical, so the first thing that Jehoshaphat did was not to go and prepare army, he went to seek the Lord. We are talking about when God takes over your battle but spiritual preparation is expedient, and it is indispensable. Many of us have carried challenges; we have tried so many other places but don’t know how to seek the Lord concerning that situation. And the Bible says that they gathered themselves to ask help of the Lord. And from verse 5 we see the prayer of Jehoshaphat, he prayed from verse 5 to verse 12. We are going to see few things in that prayer. The Bible says that Jehoshaphat stood in the congregation of Judah in Jerusalem and said; Oh Lord, God of our fathers, art not thou God in heaven? I don’t know where your God is, but the God we are calling is the God who said that heaven is my throne! God is the only one that has his throne in heaven. All other gods are the works of men, their temples and thrones are here. If demons try so much, it enters into the rhyme of air but there is no one that is in heaven, he is the only God in heaven. So you must know the greatness and the integrity of your God. He said; are you not in heaven, and then he went on, and rulest not thou over the kingdom of the heathen? God is not just in heaven, the Bible says that he rules over the affairs of men, he rules over every situation that was why when Jesus came, he began to walk on the sea to demonstrate that God rules over the storm, rules over the sea, rules over the waves, rules over the winds. He said; and in your hands is there no power and might and no one is able to withstand you. Jehoshaphat knew his God, he knew the power of his God, and he was going to him with knowledge. When you know your God, when you see his power and his greatness, you reduce the problem to nothing. He continued with his prayers in verse 7. He said; are thou not our God who did drive the inhabitant of this land and gave it to the seed of Abraham your friend forever? Jehoshaphat was very familiar with the deeds of God. He knew he had testimonies of what God had done in the past and he also knew that the same God that did it is still able to do it. Some of us do not even have time to read the scriptures, and that’s why when a little problem comes, we begin to shake. This thing that Jehoshaphat was quoting, he was not there when it happened.

    One of the things they do in Israel is that they pass on information on happenings, all the laws they started with and all promises, everything that God did, the testimonies, they keep passing it on from generation to another, so Jehoshaphat was familiar with the act and power of God. Many of us don’t have time to study the word of God, and that is why we are not rich and the enemy capitalizes on our ignorance and begins to paint a picture that our God is helpless. Jehoshaphat was like saying; if you were able to chase away the inhabitants of the land, the people who owns the land you chase them away and gave it to us, then is it now that we are already here that the enemy is coming that you cannot stop them? He was bringing God into the battle, stirring up God, he told him and said; you gave this land to your friend Abraham, our grandfather forever. He was bringing God’s word. You know the commitment that God made to Abraham, he was reminding him, he was recounting testimonies. I don’t know if there is anybody here today that from January this year and even from the time you gave your life to God, you don’t have any testimony of what God had done in your life. If God was able to do that, he will yet do more in your life. You can stand on the testimony and say that same God that did this for me is able to do this also.  And in verse 8 he said; and they dwelt there in and built thee a sanctuary there in for thy name, you gave them this land, they are living in it, and not only that, they built a sanctuary for you where your name is. He was now pointing out and saying; God, that is where your name is, we have done something for you. If you want God to take over your life, you need to do something for him, some of us are only in the group of God do that for me, do this for me, can you look around, and the year is almost over, what have you done for God. Some of us this year we did not even win any soul for God. So, Jehoshaphat continued in verse 9, there he began to remind God in his word, he said because you have said when we built this house for you that when evil comes upon us as a sword, judgment or pestilent, you will deliver us. This means God knew that evil will come, battles will come and so he told them that if they go to his sanctuary and pray, he will hear them and deliver them, so Jehoshaphat was reminding God of his word. Let’s go to verse 12 as we quickly round up that prayer, Jehoshaphat continued as he got to verse 12 he said; Oh our God! Will thou not judge them? For we have no might against this great company that comet against us, neither know we what to do but our eyes are upon you. So Jehoshaphat knew that God is the judge, the ultimate judge.  He said; we depend on you, our eyes are on you, all Jehoshaphat was doing was inviting God to take over his battle. Remember, we are talking about when God takes over your battle. The spirit of the Lord came upon one of them, a Levite, and he began to prophesy, in verse 15, he said, hearken ye all Judah, all ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, thus said the Lord, he started from the root because possibly, if a whole king like Jehoshaphat who had seen God’s power was afraid before even he came to the Lord to pray, then there have been so many others who were carried away by fear and immediately God began to address them and said; BE NOT AFRAID nor be dismayed by reason of this great multitude! Don’t allow what you are seeing to move you, don’t allow the challenge, what they have said about it to move you, some of us, the doctor’s report is your problem, and the Lord was saying; don’t mind the doctor’s report, because that is not the final report, the doctor does not have the final say in your life. I don’t know what that challenge is: he said; hear me, don’t be moved by this great multitude. He said the battle is not yours, it’s mine. I have taken over this battle from you. He said; it’s not your battle anymore, I have taken over the battle. When God takes over your battle, will you still be afraid? Will you still be moved? When God takes over your battle, he said the battle is not yours, it’s his. He said you called me I have come. The Bible says in Zachariah chapter 2:8, you are the apple of my eyes, God said you are so sensitive to me, you are so special, that is why God had to provide an eyelid for your eye because it is very sensitive and special. Most times, before anything happens to the eye, the eyelid is so sensitive, it will close first, it is only something that will pierce it that will touch your eye ball. God said that I cherish you the way you are, many of us don’t know that God cherishes us, we don’t know how to relate with God.

    And so when God was stirred up, he said this battle is no longer your own, you are special to me, I will take over the battle from you now. God is in this service to take over someone’s battle, I don’t know who that person is, I don’t know that person who is prepared to call God out and hence forth, he will take over. He began to give them direction. In verse 16 he said, Go tomorrow against them, they are going to be somewhere there in zip, you will find them at the end of the brook, he began to give them direction. When God takes over your battle, he will give you direction, and he reminded them in verse 17, even though I’m telling you to go, ye shall not lead the fight in this battle. Yes, they were directed to go, but there is someone else who will be doing the fight. I’m sure that was what gave David the courage to face Goliath. Goliath was there, nobody could muster the courage to face him, but David knew the secret that God will fight for him, and that’s why when he challenged him, he told him; you are coming to attack me with these weapons, but I come to attack you in the name of the God of Israel, not just the stone I’m carrying. There is someone who has taken over this battle, there is someone who you have been challenging and insulting, he is going to fight, I’m only just going to be the human representative. I don’t know what you are going through, God wants to fight your battle, it doesn’t matter how big that battle is, it doesn’t matter what the doctor’s had said, it doesn’t matter the spirits that have ganged up against you, it doesn’t matter the state of your business. God said; you don’t need to fight in this battle, I will take over the fight and very soon you will see how he will execute it. The Bible told us that after they heard from God, God told them and said; set yourselves, stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord. After they heard from God the Bible says that Jehoshaphat bowed and worshipped God, all of them prostrated before God and worshipped him, they had not even seen the victory yet but they started worshipping. In fact, the worship was so loud that it went to heaven. Many of us don’t know that one of the greatest instrument or weapon of battle is worship, some of us are waiting for when everything is okay before we will worship God, for some of us, when God does something for you, you can’t even give the testimony. God will do something for you but you will eat the glory. When you fail to give testimony to God, you have taken his glory. Some of us don’t know how to worship, when God takes over your battle for you, what else will you do? Is it not to sing to him? They began to worship God for the battle he has not fought, they believed him and they bowed. I don’t know what your problem is today, you are going to worship him in the midst of it, regardless of that challenge, regardless of that difficulty, you will worship God, you will tell him that his mercies endureth forever, you will tell him that his powers are forever settled in heaven. Some of us will say; I’m shy to stand before the congregation, but you are not shy to go to the hospital to remove all your clothes for the doctor to look at your body, you are not shy to tell the doctor all the history of your problem, but God will now do something for you, you are shy to testify it. I want you to know that one of the greatest tricks of the devil is to make sure that you don’t sing, is to make sure that you don’t worship God, every time he brings before you your problem, and ties your mouth. I pray today that your mouth will be loosed to worship God in Jesus name, because when you praise, the Bible says that God inhabits the praises of his people. One of the ways to invite God to take over your battle is to worship, just begin to worship, begin to sing he will come down and take over that battle. If God will take over your battle, you must learn to hand over our battles to God. You have carried it from January, may you not carry it through December. Hand it over to God today. Immediately the word of God came, the strength of Jehoshaphat was re-enforced, he knew that the word of God cannot fall to the ground, so in verse 20, he knew that there was one challenge, and what was that challenge? “Unbelief”. Many of us are hearing but not hearing, you are hearing with your ear, but not hearing with your heart. Some are looking at how old the problem has been, some are looking for how will God do it? There are so many how and why, and so Jehoshaphat knew that, and quickly in verse 20: let’s now hear what he said; after all the worship the next morning, they went forth into the wilderness of Takoa, and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said; hear me oh Judah and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established, believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. If God says he will fight for you, he will fight for you. I’m sure that there were many around there, when they saw the multitude; three nations combined, and God said I will fight for you, you don’t need to fight in this battle, some may have been asking: how? You remember last healing service about the message when the word of God came that by this time tomorrow, food will not only be available, it will be so plenty that it will become very cheap, and one big minister came to the man of God and said; even if God open windows can this be? So Jehoshaphat knew that so many people are looking at how, how? But today, believe the Lord your God. Every word that God had written is ever settled in heaven. The greatest obstacle to your miracle is faith; it is not even the power of God. We have heard a number of people coming here, on this altar alone, prayed to God and got their healing, but this is a service where we have gathered together, the spirit of God is here, the presence of God is here. The Greatest barrier to your miracle is your faith. Believe the Lord your God, your God is able to deliver, heal, and restore. Secondly, Jehoshaphat said; believe his prophets, and so shall ye prosper. Believe his prophets. Today, there are so many prophets, and many of them are not prophets of God, the emphasis is God’s prophets. Now, when you are talking about prophets, principally they are people who speak God’s word. As I stand here today, I’m God’s prophet. The word I’m declaring to you is God’s word. So by extension, what he was saying is; believe God’s word, not in substances, believe the word of God. I went to Israel recently with some ministers, when we got there, some people were packing stones, some of them were fetching water from there, some of those places when you go, the originality of Jesus that was there, is not there anymore, because people have built images all over, and they have poured chippings, and people will still be digging chippings which other people may have poured. There was one bishop who came from Lagos, when he got to river Jordan, he baptized again, when he got to the Dead Sea, he baptized again that people began to make mockery of him. People were packing oil and they said; this is anointing oil, when I had the opportunity to talk with them I asked them this anointing oil who produced it? What made it anointed? Most of the people who are selling this to you don’t even believe in that Jesus you are talking about, they are using it for trade, people are looking for materials, and so many other things. Believe his word! That is where your miracle is. So when Jehoshaphat finished exalting them, the time for God has come, he talked with his people, all of them were in the same spirit. God didn’t tell them that they should set up a choir. Have you ever seen where people go to war with choir? And the choir was in front, the soldiers followed after them; that shows that the office of the choir is very important to God. The choir was to go before the soldiers, and the choir started singing, because God told them they don’t need to fight, all you need to stir him up is worship. And the Bible says that as they began to worship God, God came into the battle, God set an ambush and ambushed the enemies. Don’t ask me how, because when God comes down, you don’t know how many angels are coming with him. Ambush is somebody hiding to take you by surprise, so no matter how strong you are as a soldier, ambush is a serious matter, they can handle you and do serious damage to you, so even when small forces ambushed, the damage is high; talk of when God himself ambush you. Every power of sickness, disease, trouble, witch craft, ancestral powers against you, today! The Lord will set an ambush against them. Do you know that when God takes over the battle, how he is going to do it will not even make sense to you, that’s why you don’t need to know the why and how. In the last healing service, we were told that one of the weapons that God used to fight was noise. The Assyrians heard a noise and the noise started chasing them, so God can use anything, God can use “confusion”. It seems to me that in this place God used confusion. There is something they call confusion of faces, three nations joined because they want to face an enemy, so God looked at them, he told them; don’t waste your bullet oh, nobody will even be injured. So when God ambushed them, he stirred up confusion, Moab and Ammon joined to finish Seir. Israel did not know what was going on; they were still singing and matching when they heard that they have finished Seir. Maybe someone among them said; this thing is wickedness, people that came to fight with us, and before you know, they began to fight themselves, they fought until the last man killed the last man, and everybody died and Israel did not raise one sword but God kept to his word.  The Lord will fight for you and you will hold your peace. As they were singing and matching, they now came close to where they will begin to see the enemy from far, they said; let’s even begin to know the situation, as they got there all they were seeing were dead bodies. No man was standing, everybody was on the ground. The battle that they were going to fight, God had finished it. The Bible told us that as they went there, usually in battles, when you defeat your enemies, you take the spoil, the spoil includes their own ammunition, all the good things they had, if there is money in their pockets you search, and collect it, if they were wearing good wrist watches, you collect it, if you like the shoes they wear, you remove it, those are the things they call spoil. By the time they reached there, all they needed to do was to take the spoil, and the Bible said that the spoil was so much that it took them three days to gather. They used zero day to fight, but it took them three days to take the spoil, all they could do was to gather the spoil because they were so many. The enemy targeted to kill them, to destroy them. Jesus said; the devil cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy, but I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. They were not only alive, but they had more than they bargained; they were not going to look for property, but God gave it to them as jara. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all other things, they were only crying for deliverance, but God said; I will not only deliver you, I will lift you, I will bless you, I will give you what you did not ask for. They used three days to gather the spoil. Today, God will go beyond your problem; God will do more than you have expected. You are here today and you know you’ve not given your life to Jesus, you are not born again, you know it, I’m not talking about going to church, you know you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. There is nothing that bear witness in your spirit that you are a child of God. We pray that you give your life to Christ. God fought for them because they were able to identify the fact that they were his children and they belong to him. Give your life to Jesus so that when God begins to address the other matters in your life, you will be in a better position for him to fight for you.  

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • November 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    This is a recorded video coverage of the November 2015 Central Healing Service held on Sunday the 22nd of November, 2015 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was delivered by God’ anointed servant, Pastor Ibim Alabraba (The Rivers State Superintendent Minister). The text for the sermon was 2 Kings 6: 24-30, 7:1-20  

    N/B: This is a transcribed message from a pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits however, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind like one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was being preached.

    Message begins...

    Welcome to November healing service.

    I want to speak to us on the topic: ‘help is coming your way’. Have you come to the point of extremity and you are tired and about to give up? Have you ever find yourself in a situation where you have tried to find help and help is not coming your way? Have you gone to seek help from a man of God in quote, and he told you that your problem lies with where your umbilical cord is buried, you should go and search it out, yet you did and still did not find help? Or have you come to a point where your problem has pushed you so far that you have decided to resign from faith? Have you ever had experience where you have a stubborn child who you have fasted and prayed for, yet there is no change in him? You have even being mocked and men have referred to you as Eli, and you are saying; lord when will this reproach end? Are you in that situation? Have you found yourself in a situation where you are being mocked by even your fellow brethren in the household of faith, and you are saying Lord! When will this reproach end? And they have told you, it is because of your prayerlessness that the problem has refused to go. Have you found yourself in that state?  Chinua Achebe in things fall apart said; those whose palm kernels are cracked for them by benevolence spirit should learn to be humble. Until you pass through fire, you will never know what fire means. There is someone here that has been given names by the reason of the situation he or she is passing through. I want to say to you, don’t give up, help is coming your way. What is happening to you may simply be a siege on you and your family at this time. Maybe you never found yourself in a situation where there is a siege on you; I pray that you don’t find yourself there. We are told in chapter 6 of 2 kings where we read that Benhadad, that wicked king of Syria gathered together all his host, everything that he had, his armies and the best of his weapons and laid a siege against Samaria. For the fact that you are at ease today, does not explain that you are so strong. It is not that you have guided your surroundings, that is why you are at ease. For the Bible says; it is for the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, and that his heart fails not towards us. Benhadad came with all his military might, and besieged Samaria.

    Siege means a military operation in which an army tries to capture a town by surrounding it and stopping supply of food. It was aimed at coursing Samaria to surrender; it was aimed at taking full control of Samaria and making its inhabitants tributaries; it was aimed at reproaching the people of God; it was aimed at hindering the purpose of God for their lives. And their approach was to lay a siege and block their entrance, and make sure that no food supply gets in. and you know water and food are very important to man. I was told that one of the things that ended Nigerian civil war was cutting off of the supply of food. Now, Samaria was strategically located on a hill. In fact, it was nick named; watch pools by the sun. It is such that you can stay there and see when the enemy is coming around. It has a solid citification all around it, fully protected by other hills around it and seriously fortified in its gates. The enemy knew that it cannot enter through these gates so they had to wait outside, no one goes in, and no one comes out. First day, 2nd day, one week, 2nd week, one month, and months after months, the food supply was going gradually, and the enemies were not bothered, because they knew that the ones inside must get finished.

    Samaria was given only to idolatry and all forms of wickedness and God was not happy with them. Now, what was the effect on Samaria?

    1. Starvation: They were given to idolatry, they increased in idolatry. They indulged in all kinds of pervasions. They murdered and were murdered, tricks and encounter tricks. Just like Nigeria our country, that is under siege by the enemy. I want to say that there are families that are under siege like Samaria. There are also individuals that are under siege. You may not have sinned or you may have sinned, but I want say that whatever it is, whether it is by reason of your sin, as you turn away from it today, that siege will be lifted. For Samaria, it came to a point when they now had to eat their children. As we read, two women agreed to eat their sons, and one offered her son first, according to her; we boiled my son and we ate together, now I’m asking her to bring her own son because we are still hungry she refused, she had gone to hide her son, king help us. Can you imagine what that siege had brought about in Samaria? Now, I’m a father, I have not only children but grandchildren, and I know that parents have compassion for their children. I will rather give myself to die than to watch my child killed before me, and I know that is the case with you. But, you can see what siege brought upon a people, all kinds of pervasions, things they should be ashamed of, they began to do. Someone came to us and said; things were very difficult with us, we have no food in the house and sometimes when I talk, my wife will also talk her own, I will beat her. What would have brought him to that stage, there is a siege in that family. An unseen force is working; is blocking their senses to know what to do; it is not ordinary that it is happening, when people begin to do things that ordinarily they should be ashamed of, know that something is wrong somewhere, there is a siege. If you are such a person, today, that siege will be lifted. There is a siege on our young people today. I was going through my facebook page, as illiterate as I am on this Facebook business, and I flip through someone’s page; a good Christian, and I was going through his pictures, and I came by one, it was blank, I said; this must be a good video, then I browsed, they said; tap here and I tapped, when I tapped, what I saw was porn. Wickedness carefully manipulated into this Christian man; a minister, unknown to him. Of course, you may hear some people who will tell you, please if you see a pornography picture on my page ignore it. I’m not the one who sent it. Satan is laying siege on the society. Listen to me young people, as you tap and it is opened to you and you begin to watch, let me tell you what happens, and you are saying what kind of thing is this? Why are they putting this thing here? And you are still watching, there is a spirit behind it, and the spirit enters into you and before you know, you have started practicing that thing. There are such people here that are indulged in that act, and you want to come out of it. Somewhere, the devil is laying a siege on you, and he is holding firm and will not let go, by the grace of God, you will be delivered here. All your dreams have been terrible dreams of people pursuing you, you never had good dreams, there is a siege against you, and deliverance is coming your way here. I have given my life to Christ, but I am not able come out of this habit of whether smoking or womanizing, drinking of alcohol, you are not able to overcome it, listen! There is a siege on you but deliverance is coming your way. When two wrestlers are fighting, and the other opponent succeeds in wounding his opponent, the other opponent will keep attacking that wounded leg until the opponent surrenders. That is what the enemy does, when he has wounded any family, he will keep attacking, mount pressure on that family, from one problem to the other, and you are not coming out; there is a siege on that family but there is going to be a lifting today.  When they are saying there is a casting down, we shall say there is a lifting, and that siege will be lifted today. There is a point affliction will get to a man, he will desire to die than live. If you are a born again child of God, let there be a thousand and one siege against you, one thing is certain, the time of lifting is coming your way, don’t give up. What Satan wants to achieve in that siege is in as in the case with Job’s wife who told Job to curse God and die when Job was passing through many afflictions, but he will looked back and say; Oh my comrades! Deliverance is coming, don’t give up, and that coming is here, and that siege will be lifted here.

     In Hebrews 10:35-39 NIV. Do not throw away this confident from the Lord. Don’t throw away your confident trust with the Lord, no level of the siege, remember the great reward it brings to you, patience and endurance is what you need now so that you will continue to do God’s will.

    The enemy wants to divert your attention from God’s will brethren. That’s why that siege is on you but it said; don’t give up. Then you will receive all that God has promised for just a little while, the coming one will come and it will not delay. For we are not like those who turn away from their own destruction, but are like those whose souls will be saved. Hebrew 3:14 say; for we are made partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confident steadfast unto the end. Job 27:3-7; all the while my breath is in me and the spirit of God is in my nostrils, my lips shall not speak wickedness nor my tongue alters deceit. God forbid that I should justify you till I die; I will not remove my integrity from me. My righteousness I hold fast and will not let go, my heart shall not reproach me so long as I live; let my enemy be as the wicked and he that riseth up against me as the unrighteous.

    Whatever that siege is on your family and however it is and formidable it may be, don’t give up because help is coming your way. Maybe, it is that sickness that you have come to live with, everything you have done seem not to help out, and you are about to give up, it says; hold the forth for I am coming Jesus signals still, wave the answer back to heaven, by the grace you will overcome. Do you think there is a siege against you and against your family? Against your children? You are ripe for a miracle today. Man cannot help you, but God can help you, and will do it through a means that will marvel you. So that song writer says; see the host that is advancing against you, Satan has ganged up with his host to afflict you, you shift to the right, they are there, you shift to the left, they are there, you want to move forward, they are there. Listen! Mighty men around us are falling, and courage is almost gone but by the reason of this he says; hold the forth for I am coming. And he said; fierce and long the battle rages; the battle that is raging against you may be fierce and long but he says; our help is near, onward comes our great commander. He says; cheer up, help is coming your way. If the great commander is here, who can withstand him? Then you will go home smiling. God will put laughter in our mouth today. You will be wondering in your heart how will this deliverance come? Just like the king of Samaria, who thought it will not be possible for God to change their situation suddenly. Will this siege ever be lifted? Do I have what it takes to come out of it? We are heavily surrounded, we don’t have the arms to break through and break even, and how will it happen? Is it possible? But he says; not by might nor by power, but by the spirit of God. The siege will be lifted; you will not see how it comes, not by might, nor by power, but by his spirit the siege was lifted. There was no sword drawn, and no blood was shed, yet the siege was lifted. God has his way of removing you from any problem, how he does it, no one knows. We are told that God made the Assyrian armies that laid a siege against Samaria to hear a noise of chariots and host of armies. God who made their ears to open has the power to also blind the eyes. He made their ears to hear a noise of great army coming. And they said; this people must have gone to arrange great armies that are stronger than us, if not where will they have this kind of strength? And they ran that they left even their clothes. It was with flights that they ran out of the camp. They even abandoned their horses that would have enabled them to run faster. When you are yet wondering, how can these things be? This problem has troubled me for so long, will it ever be lifted? This sickness, will it ever go? I see God intervening and lifting that siege in somebody’s life through unusual means that will surprise you. In psalm 126:1, it says; when the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream, and they said; that the lord had done great things for them, in verse 4 of psalm 126, it says; turn again my captivity oh God according to thy word, and somebody’s captivity will be turned here today, if only you will believe God. In verse 9 of 2 kings 7, you know it was the lepers that brought this good news to Samaria. They have brought them out of the gates, they will not allow them to come in because they were lepers, and they can’t go to the camp of the Syrian because they might be killed, until they resolved to say that if we perish, we perish. When it comes to that point you will never perish, and they moved at midnight by the time they arrived at the camp of the Syrian, everybody has fled, resources were there, surplus food, they went into the tent and took enough food, they ate first, because of course, they have not eaten for a long time, they drank, and then turned to themselves and said; let’s have some reserve, they packed some into their bags to keep. And then they said to themselves, brethren, we do not well, if we don’t carry this tidings to our people to tell them, it is wickedness. They said; we do not well because today is a day of good tidings. The gospel is good tidings. We are told in Luke chapter 1:19, and the Angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel that stand in the presence of God and I’m sent to speak unto thee and to show thee this glad tidings. Luke 2: 15: Fear not for I bring you good tidings which shall be to all people. It is wickedness to keep with you good tidings and not share it. Whether it is by laziness, ignorance or neglect, more to this, it is disobedience. We are commanded to spread good tidings. We are not commanded to gossip and backbite and spread all kinds of things that will not bring joy to people. The lepers said; let’s take this good tiding to the people. The people of God are carrying the good tidings, don’t keep quiet anymore. May God deliver us from being dump dogs. Isaiah 40:9 said; Oh Zion that bringeth good tidings, get thee up into the high mountains, oh Jerusalem that bringeth good tidings, lift up thy voice and strength to the cities of Judah, behold your God. Isaiah 52:7 says; how beautiful are the feet of them that bringeth good tidings; to them that published peace; that published salvation; that said unto Zion, thy God reigneth. And lastly, we find on that day that Samaria had surplus food. Of course, the man of God had prophesied and had said; tomorrow by this time, you will have surplus. And the minister of Agriculture, seeing everything around said; even if God opens the windows of heaven, is it possible? The man of God Elisha said; whether you doubt or believe, what is certain is that it will happen, it will happen, you will see it with your eyes, but you will not eat from it. You see the danger of unbelief? Those who have avoided the gospel and have not received the Lord as promised in his word, you have heard the gospel several times and you are resisting, refusing it. When the son of God shall appear, you will see, but you will not enter in. You can make a difference today by accepting him as your Lord and personal saviour, believe him and receive him. They had the surplus, when the siege is lifted. Everything that was stolen from you shall be restored. Isaiah 33:1: Woe to thee that spoilest, and thou wast not spoiled and dealest treacherously, and dealt not treacherously with thee! When thou shalt cease to spoil, thou shalt be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.

    The enemy that had spoiled you shall be spoilt; the enemy that had dealt treacherously with thee shall be dealt with treacherously. God shall not only deal with him, but you shall have the surplus. Deut. 33: The eternal God is our refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you, he drives out the enemy before you, he cries out to them and says; destroy them. You have a part to play he will drive the enemy before you, and as they run away, walk in and take the spoil.

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  • October 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    Preambles: This is a recorded video coverage of October 2015 Central Healing Service held on Sunday, the 18th of October 2015 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was given by God’s anointed servant, the International Director of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Pastor Isaac V. Olori. The read-up bible passages for this sermon are: John 1:1-23.

    N/B: This was transcribed verbatim from the pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was preached.

    Message begins…

    We read from John chapter 1 verse 1-23 but I want us to zero on verse 6, and look at few other verses as we go on. This message is titled “A man sent from God”. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. As I was praying for this service, the Spirit of God drew my attention to this man in the scripture, that when you examine him, you will find a lot of similarities in his ministry with that of our founding father; Apostle G.D. Numbere. A man sent from God that means there are men who were not just born, but sent by God. This is the testimony we find in scripture in that verse 6. We all know that John the Baptist was born by earthly parents, his father is Zachariah, and his mother is Elizabeth, but the record of the scripture is that he was sent from God. Though he was a man, he was here on earth on God’s mission; he was a messenger of God. We are grateful unto God that today in our own generation we can boldly say that like John the Baptist, our founding father; Apostle G. D. Numbere was a man sent by God.

    What are the implications of being sent from God? We will look very briefly at the life of John the Baptist as we compare it with that of our founding father. Then, we will look into our lives and see the challenges that these lives are leaving for us. John the Baptist was a man that did not allow the world to put him in his own mode. He did not allow the earthly things to determine his purpose, to determine his mission and life style. He was withdrawn from the luxury of the world. In fact, at a point Jesus was asking his disciples what they saw when they went to the wilderness; because he spent most of his time in the wilderness. We were told that most of his dresses were camels’ hair, and then his food was wild honey and locust. Jesus ask them; was it the kind of man that was dressing so gorgeously? John was not that kind of man, he was withdrawn from the luxury of this world; he didn’t allow the world to affect him and degrade him. There once lived a man like John the Baptist who will say; I quote, “I disdained this world and all its riches” that man was Apostle G. D. Numbere of blessed memory. He started a ministry at a time there were no competitors so if he had wanted to acquire as many as possible, there was no one competing with him. But he had a mission, he had a focus, he didn’t allow anything to distract him from that focus. Everything he had, he put it to ensure that the vision prospered. Today, the success in ministry is now measured by how much you have acquired how many private jets and the quality of cars you have acquired. Some people even begin to intimidate you; maybe you don’t have all that the world can afford, then you are not a Christian, you are not born again. The strictness and doctrine of his life and doctrine in an age that has been taken over by frivolity, false hood and materialistic gospel were indicators that he was sent from God. Among the legacies he left for us, one of them is the life style he had shown us, how to live and serve God. I want to remind every one of us that is here today, that if you are born of God, if you are born again, you must know that you are on a divine mission on earth. Our father had a special commission, but every Christian has a commission. We were not just born here just to live our lives and enjoy the things of this world but are here on a mission. So as we reflect over the legacies of our founding father, I want you to look at your own life, how committed am I to my own mission? Because I want to let you know. The Bible told us in 1 Corinthians 6:20; he said ye are bought with a price, if you are born again, the Bible said that you are bought with a price, and that price is the blood of Jesus. I want to quickly remind you that God will not buy what is not useful. God will not buy what will not be useful to heaven. If God purchase you with his own blood, it means that he has something he wants you to do; it means that he has a purpose which he wants you to fulfill in his agenda. As a ministry, I want us to look at ourselves and our commitment to the vision of this ministry, which is reaching everywhere with the gospel of Jesus and preparing them for heaven.

    We are still looking at the life of John the Baptist. What was the mission of John the Baptist? If we look at John chapter 1 verse 7, we will see that after introducing him in verse 6, verse 7 says: the same came to bear witness of the light that all men through him might believe. I know that we can also say that our father had the same mission from the day he was saved on the 11th of May, 1969. While there in the University, by 1970, 3rd of March, he had an encounter and his mission was revealed, he abandoned everything; he abandoned his pursuit, and faced that mission, and that mission was to bear witness for the light. As great as God is, as mighty as God is, I find from scriptures that with all his power, he has a need and that need is for a witness. Jesus while he was speaking in John chapter 5: 31 said; I cannot bear witness for myself, if I bear witness for myself, that witness will not be true. Can you imagine somebody going to court and said; he is the witness of himself. I’m not sure any judge or magistrate will take that witness. So, you see the dare need of God for a witness. In Isaiah chapter 43 verse 10, God was speaking to the children of Israel. Today, he is addressing the church; he is addressing me and you if we are born again, he said; ye are my witnesses. We know that as strong as a case maybe, if there are no faithful and committed witnesses, the veracity of that case will be difficult to establish. God is in need of witnesses, and thank God he found our father. For 45 years of Ministry, he was a faithful witness. He had served his own generation, this is our own generation. Will God find in you and me faithful witnesses? These are the challenges we need to meditate over. Can God count on me as a witness? I want us to look at that passage very quickly again. From the passage, we will understand what it takes to be a witness. He said; the same came for a witness, to bear witness. For you to be a faithful witness, it does not start with bearing witness. You can’t bear witness of something you are not conversant with. There are sometimes when people go to court, they hire witnesses, those witnesses were not there when the issue transpired. They tell them the story, but when they stand before some experienced Judges and begin to give the account, sometimes the judge will know that this one, even though he is trying to bear witness, he is not really a witness, he was not there when the thing happened, so he is a false witness. When you try to bear false witness that you are eligible to, all your witnesses will be false witnesses. 1 John 1:1-3: that which was from the beginning, which we have had, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled of the word of life, for the life was manifested which we have seen and bear witness and showed unto you that eternal life which was with the father and was manifested unto us.  Everyone who is a true witness, your life will first of all be a witness before you can bear witness. A true witness understands God’s person, God’s priority and God’s programme. That is the kind of witness God is looking for because every case is authenticated by a witness, and God is looking for witnesses. Look at Isaiah 43:10-13: God was speaking, he said; ye are my witnesses said the Lord and my servant who I have chosen, that ye may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me, there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. I even I, am the Lord and beside me, there is no saviour declared and have said; I have showed when there was no strange god among you, therefore, ye are my witnesses saith the Lord that I am God. Ye before the day was, I am he and there is none that can deliver out of my hand, I will work and who shall let it?

    If you look at that passage you find out that the criteria of every witness is made known to us in that passage, he said you are my witnesses, and that I am God. Your life will show the world that there is a living God. That’s why we are here to give thanks to God. I have heard a lot of people confessed about our founding father, that they even believed him more at death, because his life had shown that he was serving a living God. That we are seated here today is the evidence that the vision he received is of God. And God is saying that you are my witnesses, I am looking for men and women who will show the world that I live. What kind of message is your life preaching? For our founding father, both his life and his message were one. We are talking about his legacies today. His greatest legacy is not the temple building, is not the physical things we have acquired. The greatest legacy is the undiluted gospel which has been created for us. I pray that in this service today, you will come to that point because he showed by every way where you will know God as intimately as it is declared in the word we have read, that before me there was no other and after me there will be no one. He is the Alpha, he is the Omega, he is the Beginning, and he is the end. That’s the God we serve; that’s the God of Greater Evangelism, and when you meet that God, there is nothing he cannot do. He said: beside me there was no saviour. I am the only real saviour. I don’t know what challenge you have; we are once again introducing to you that God who is the only true God. We are all called to bear witness, but we must have a witness in our life so that there will be something to show that we have an encounter with God and God can trust us. Job declared in Job 19:25: I know that my redeemer liveth. Job was bearing witness for a time in his life that he had all kinds of calamity, he had pressures all around him, he said, in all, there is a witness I have; there is an  understanding I have; that my redeemer liveth. And that he will show up on that day. In the life of Job, a day came, he showed up. I pray that you will get to that point where you will also declare like Job that your redeemer liveth. By the time you get there, God will show up in your life, God will show up in your situation. There is no power that can hinder your blessings. God declared in Isaiah, he said: nobody can deliver you from my hand. That means anything he is holding, nothing can take that thing from his hand. If God is holding you, sickness cannot take you from his hand; disease cannot take you from his hand; affliction cannot take you from his hand; persecution cannot take you from his hand. He said; nobody can deliver from my hand.

    Our founding father was called at a time when darkness and ignorance ravaged the old Rivers State. Juju was their god. In so many communities, they were so afraid of Juju, but he stood his ground; he said I’m a witness that there is a living God. He fought Juju worship; he fought ignorance; he fought nominal Christianity; Christianity without Christ. He fought all of it and left the legacy he had equated for us. We will stand as a witness, because we ourselves are also witnesses. Do you know that when you have a witness, you must trust the witness? Otherwise you can’t carry the case to court. Sometimes, your opponent may even bribe your witness to stand against you. I want to ask you a question. Can heaven be proud to present you and say; this is my witness? Can you stand as a witness to heaven when it looks at your life? When Jesus came, heaven declared and said;: this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Can heaven trust you? If heaven trusted our father when he yielded to him, you can also yield today so that heaven can trust you as a witness.

    What was the nature of his witness? We read from John chapter 1:23 where the Bible told us that John was a lonely voice. When they ask him and said; who are you? They were seeing the things he was doing; they were confused; they gave him so many names but he said; not me. Then they said; how do you describe yourself? He said I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, not in the city, but in the wilderness, he was a lonely voice. We also know that our father was a lonely voice, he was not a popular preacher in quote and many people did not like his kind of gospel because he will tell you to your face not minding who you are. He was a bold preacher, like John the Baptist, he will go to Herod and tell him it is wrong for you to take your brother’s wife. That was him, that was the nature of his ministry, and that was the nature of the Ministry of our Father.

    John the Baptist declared, he said; prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his path straight, and our father before preaching will say; in Greater Evangelism, we do not teach people how to make money, we teach people how to make heaven. When other ministers have turn their pulpit to where prosperity, commerce and industry are propagated, he will say my pulpit is different. We don’t teach people how to make money, we teach people how to make heaven. Prepare your way to heaven that is his voice. I pray that in our own generation, you will be one of those that will echo that voice. Let that voice keep echoing, may you be a witness that will stand to echo that voice.

    Jesus died and shed his blood to prepare men for heaven. If it was how to make men rich, there were rich men before he came. There are so many rich men today who don’t even know him, and that’s why he died, he died for your soul, and that’s what our founding father will always say, I am after your soul, even when he gets close to a rich man, he will say I didn’t come for your wealth, I came for your soul.

    Look at the last verse and we are going to pray. In verse 7, he told us that John came to bear witness of the light, and that light is Jesus. That Light is capital letter, and he said; the LIGHT. In verse 9 he said; that light was the true light which lightens every man that cometh into the world. If there are true lights, it means there are false lights also, but he said; he came to bear witness of the true light. When that light shines, it shines in darkness and darkness does not comprehend it. That light, darkness cannot overcome it. That was the gospel that our father  preached; that light searched native doctors, and all our ungodly beliefs in our communities; that light came upon darkness and demons bow; principalities bow; sicknesses bow; diseases bow by the power of that light. So, if you are in this service today, we are going to pray for whatever challenges you came with. It could be disease, affliction, name them, you came with, the Bible says that light shines in darkness, so that light will shine in every problem in your life, and that darkness cannot withstand it. And John 1:12 said; as many as received him (that light) to them he gave the power to be called the sons of God. When you don’t have the light, anything can intimidate you; anything can suppress you, but when power of the light enters your hand, you will come and ask the problem who are you? The problems around you will flee because you have got the power, you are an overcomer.

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • September 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    This is a recorded video coverage of the 2015 September Healing Service held on Sunday, 20th September, 2015 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The sermon was preached by God’s anointed servant, Pastor Isaac V. Olori, The International Director, Greater Evangelism World Crusade. The Read up passage is Hebrew 12:18-24.

    N/B: This was transcribed verbatim from the pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was preached.

    Message begins...

    We have been teaching and studying on knowing Jesus. I am going to reveal another aspect of Jesus in Hebrews chapter 8:6 and we will join it to Hebrews 12, where we read in our lesson. Hebrew 8:6, But now he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises.

    I want to talk on Jesus the mediator of a better covenant with better promises. We, as born again Christians, God has called us into a special generation, a new dispensation and many of us don’t really know who we are in Christ, because of that we can’t get the benefits that we have in him. In these scriptures we have read today, we will just try to get a little to see the power, the glory, and the grace that can be revealed in the mediatory work of Jesus for us. In Hebrews chapter 12:18-24, if you look at verses 18 to 21, you will find the story of a church in the wilderness. You will find the story of the old covenant because when you talk about a better covenant, it means there was one before. So, you will see the story of that church, their relationship with God and then see what God had provided for us today. That covenant came from Mount Sinai, and we were told that in that covenant; Hebrew 12:18-21: For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, nor unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest, and sound of trumpet, and the voice of words; which voice they that heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more: for they could not endure that which was commanded, and if so much as a beast touch the mountain, it shall be stoned, or thrust through with a dart: And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said; I exceedingly fear the quake. Now, if you look at verse 18, it gives you some description of the kind of church they had when Israel was in the wilderness. In Mount Sinai, the kind of relationship and fellowship that they also had. So, it was like God came down in that Mount, that’s why he said; we have not come to the mount that might be touched, it was a relationship that is based on physical things that you can touch; it was external; it was earthly. There are people who want to relate with God because of the things which they can see; the things which they can touch. That’s why when they go to churches where they will tell them to bring things; they believe that is where something is working. External; that was the old order; that was the old covenant; it was not convenient and they didn’t have real fellowship. Something to touch, somebody for them to see, that was the old order. Yes, God can show revelation today; yes prophesies can come today but any prophecy or revelation that is not part of what is in the word of God is false; it is heresy. At that time, they were looking for revelation; they were looking for prophesy; they were looking for what to touch. And when God come down from the mount, the Bible just gave a little description from where we read that you see darkness, you see cloud, you find tempest, the tempest is like noise, everywhere was looking glooming because of the cloud that came down signifying the presence of God. That was the kind of atmosphere that we had in that first church. And the bible tells us that there was thundering, there was lightening. When God even spoke, it was so strong, loud and quaking. They will tell Moses please tell God not to speak again, we can’t stand it. In that church, they cannot stand the word of God. Today, there are still many who are operating in that church. We believe God has spoken to a man of God to come and tell us; God has spoken to a bishop to come and tell us. We don’t have a personal contact to hear from God. Even Moses, their mediator; who was their middle man said; I exceedingly fear and quake. It was not easy for him to stay in the presence of God to have fellowship. He will just be thinking of when it will finish so that he can go. At a point, when the people were complaining, he said even me, I exceedingly fear. That is just a little description of the old order, so that we can now appreciate what we have today, so no man is inexcusable from having fellowship with God. From verse 22, we are now told what the new order is, a better covenant. In verse 18, it says; For ye are not come unto mount Zion, but in verse 22, it says; but ye are come unto mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. We are going to have a description of the content of the new covenant, and see if we are able to embrace the fullness of it. Everything you need, you will get from it. I told you that in the old covenant, Moses was the mediator, but in the new testament, new covenant, Jesus is our mediator and one of the things he did for us is that he created an access for us; an access to God; an access to his presence. If you look at that place, the first thing he said was; but ye are come unto mount Zion, the city of the living God. In scripture, we saw that mount Zion first of all was the city of David in Jerusalem, and eventually when they now built the temple. Initially, when they built mount morel, they transferred mount morel to that temple and it became the place where God dwells, the city of the living God, so in the time of Moses mount Zion represented the church, and also the place where God dwells. When we talk about mount Zion today, we are referring to where God dwells but you know that the church is where God stays, and when we talk about church, it is not just a physical building, it is the body of believers. The Bible says; where two or three are gathered together in his name, He is there in their midst. As we are gathered here, this is our mount Zion. Each time you go to church beyond meeting your brethren, you must ensure you meet with God because God is there. Mount Zion is the city of the living God; it is the dwelling place of God, and when you come into his presence there is fullness of joy; there are treasures for ever more. Now let’s look at some scriptures to see what happens in mount Zion.

    Obadiah 1:17: But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. In this passage it says; if you enter mount Zion will be delivered; if I came bound; if I came oppressed; if I came in any form and I enter mount Zion what will happen? DELIVERANCE WILL COME! Can you now understand why we said that this temple is the basket of miracle? It is because it is our mount Zion. Can you also be among those who prepared and really came to meet with God? If you are coming to mount Zion primarily who do you come to meet? God who dwells there, men and women who prepare their hearts, and said; as I come to the healing service, my problem will be dropped. What is their testimony! Deliverance! In mount Zion, there is provision for deliverance. Whatever the oppression; whatever the problem may be whether it is physical or spiritual. When we talk about deliverance, we are talking about salvation to your soul, we are talking about healing for your body, deliverance to every manner of operation, or whatever that has been standing on your way, it is a total package. If you are here in this service, you are in mount Zion. I declare to you today that you will get your deliverance.

    The second thing that happens in mount Zion is holiness. So if the enemy had cornered you, and robbed your mold, and you are now filthy, and you brought it to mount Zion, there is the blood of our mediator that is available to wash you. When you come in here and you put on the garment of righteousness and you go working in holiness. But if you have been living a defeated life, sinful life, in mount Zion, the power of holiness will come upon your life.

    The third thing you find in mount Zion is to possess our possessions.  He said the house of Jacob will possess their possession. There are some many things that God has freely given to us, there are many promises, but we are not living in it. You look at your life and look at the word of God, they are not agreeing, that means if you are outside, you will not possess your possession, even though it is your own. You may not possess but when you come into mount Zion, the benefit you get is that you will receive what truly belongs to you.

    The Bible says that healing is the children’s bread. Why do we find ourselves struggling when healing is our possession? if you are a child of God the Bible says that healing is your bread. In mount Zion, you will get your healing; in mount Zion, you will possess your possession. The enemy that has been robbing you of your healing cannot stop you, because as we go on, we will see that the one who is in charge of mount Zion will not rob you, will not allow you to go empty handed. Now, when you look at that place, why did he just say the house of Jacob? When you have the house of Jacob, Which other house is remaining? The house of Esau, when you are coming from Abraham, the next house is Isaac, after the house of Isaac, the next house is Esau and Jacob. The house of Jacob will possess their possession. What of the house of Esau? This means there was no promise for the house of Esau, even though they are coming from the same Abraham lineage, but because they don’t belong to the house of Jacob, there is no assurance of possessing their possession. Now, let me tell you why it is like that, you know that Jacob is a covenant child, he has a covenant relationship with God, but the description of Esau, if you look at that Obadiah that we read, it talked about Esau as a profane person. Who is a profane person? Someone who is Godless, someone who is outside the temple. We are now in the temple, if you are outside of the temple spiritually, you are a profane person, you are in the lineage of Esau, it talks about those who live their lives not belonging to God, they live their life, even though they have a heritage; the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, but they live their life not belonging to God. They are interested in the world, even though they are coming from a heritage that should have given them promises and possession. They will not have it, because they are profane. So many people today, even though they are supposed to be God’s own children, yes they may have given their lives to Christ, but they are living a Godless life, they are not growing in the spirit, all their interest is worldly things. That’s why we say we don’t teach people how to make money, because if it was for making money, God will not need to send Jesus, there are billionaires in the world that don’t know Jesus. All their interest is on the physical things, if you are in this group who do not know Jesus, you have no possession to possess because you don’t belong to the house of Jacob. So if you are a child of God and you don’t have fellowship with God then you are outside the temple.

    What are some of the trade marks you can see about Esau?

    Esau can sell his birth right for one plate of food. So many of us because of one little thing or the other; maybe job, business, marriage, we have sold our faith. Esau didn’t know, he was only exhibiting his nature, a Godless person, a man who has no value for spiritual things. Let me tell you one more thing you can find in mount Zion,  look at Isaiah 4:5, the Lord will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shinning of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defense.

    When you enter into the presence of God, in the dwelling place of God, his presence will be there by day and by night. There will also be protection, he said; he will canopy over you, there is a covering, so when I come into mount Zion; I come into God’s presence; and I come into God’s protection and no evil will come near me; no weapon that is fashioned against me will prosper, because there is a covering over me. You don’t need to be running up and down because you now carry his presence and because of that presence, when witches will see you they will run away; when wizard see you, they run away. Mount Zion carries the presence of God, and when you are carrying the presence of God, it will take care of anything that is anti in his presence. You know the story of the children of Israel when they left Egypt, as they were going towards the red sea, Pharaoh was coming with all his armies, they were pursuing, God did something: by the day he will come with a pillar of cloud, and that cloud will rest upon his people. Pharaoh will make all effort to come close, but he cannot beat that cloud, that cloud is a demarcation that is saying to Pharaoh not to come close, no matter the effort he made, he cannot pass. Then in the night, he will bring a pillar of fire. There will be light in the side of the Israelites, in the side of Pharaoh and his armies there will be no light. Your enemies will see darkness and when they are covered with darkness, they cannot see you. Let us look at those who are members of the fellowship in mount Zion so that when you join that fellowship, you will now understand why you will get deliverance, you will now understand why you will get holiness, you will now understand why you will possess your possessions. We are still in Hebrews 12:22. In mount Zion the Bible says; innumerable, when you cannot count something, it is innumerable. Sometimes, the bible talks about God coming with tens and thousands of Angels.  In the presence of God and in this service there are Angels that are more than us here. The number of Angels attending this service is innumerable. Innumerable company of Angels, so God has no problem reaching you because the ministering spirits are all over, when you catch his attention, he will say; go and reach him, and the Bible says that Angels are ministering Spirits to minister to them who are heirs of salvation. Are you a heir of salvation here, there is an Angel at your side. In verse 23, he said; to the general assembly, when you look at some other versions it says; a joyful assembly, where in the presence of God there is joy, there is rejoicing, there is a song going on in heaven, if your spiritual ear can open, you will see the joy, and when you tap to that joy, joy will be your portion. If you came here heavy, you will go with joy, if you came with sadness, your story will changed.

    Another thing we find there; he said the church of his first born. We are not talking about deliverance of first born, there are people that every year they always do deliverance of first born. We are special first born. First born is a position of dignity, a place of title, both on the bible times, and some of our cultures, it is the first born who shares the inheritance, and in the bible when the right geneology, most times they will only pick the first born, because that one is the one who has the title and every other person falls behind. In this church when we give our lives to Christ, when you are born again, automatically you join the first born, the house of Jacob, you join the house of Jacob, you leave the house of Esau, the house of Esau is the flesh, sin. As soon as you give your life to Christ, you join the house of Jacob. And you Jacob originally was not the first son, but he had an eye on the first born. He struggled, he prayed, he labored, in the process he made mistakes, that was his intention, he wanted the place of the first son, and so he got it and the story changed. God of Abraham, Isaac, instead of Esau, it was Jacob. The church we are talking about is the church of first born, people who are strong. And this first born, they don’t have the spirit of slavery, they don’t have the spirit of terror, in 2 Timothy 1:7, God has not giving us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. That is the spirit of the first born, not the spirit of slavery, not the spirit of terror. Some of us every little thing you that happems you cry, every little thing you are looking for who will pray for you, how long will you remain there? The spirit of redemption is the spirit of first born. I pray that the spirit of God will stir you up wherever you are, and that spirit of timidity, fear and slavery will be broken in your life and you will arise and possess your possession; you will arise and take your place. There is something one Roman Emperor called Titus said some years back, he said; when a certain petitioner presented his address to him with a trembling hand, he was much displeased and addressing the frightened supplicant, he asked; do thou present thy petition to thy priest as if thou were given meat to a lion? Those days, when you have a petition you come to the Emperor. The man had his petition he carried it and his hand was shaking. He was so frightened, so the man said; how can you bring meat to your priest as if you are giving meat to a lion. The Bible says we should come with boldness into his presence that we may obtain help and mercy. When you come here, have boldness because God is hearing your voice. The spirit that we have is a militant spirit, a spirit of boldness. For 43 years, that was the spirit of our father. We must have the spirit of our father, who will see a man on the line with a big hair and will say can I try my scissors on your hair? May the Lord raise us men with boldness because of our connection to God.  This church we are talking about is not just those people whose names are in the church register; it is not just enough that your name is written in the church register but is your name in the book of life? If you are not born again and living in holiness, your name cannot be in the book of life, and that’s why you will not let this service pass you by, you will say; God today, I want my name to be written in the book of life, so that you can be part of this church to have fellowship with the rest of the brethren. 1 John tells us that our fellowship is with the father, with his son, and the Holy Spirit. With all that has been mentioned, as you come to church now, it is not just you and your brother that are singing, you are having Angelic fellowship, and beyond that, you now belong to a body, like a mystical body, you are not seeing all of them with your eyes, you can’t touch them, and yet you are one body. So, if a mystical man who is operating with third place degree demon meets you that belong to the mystical body of heaven, who will fear who? The power you carry is greater; greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. And in that fellowship we also have the spirit of just men that are made perfect. When you have this type of fellowship you can begin to discover the power that will be released at your disposal. You will begin to see that nothing shall be impossible to you. Who are we going to meet there? The judge of all! The judge of both the living and the dead, Angels. Do you know that the judge that decides every matter is my God? My God is the judge that decides every matter. When a case goes to a judge, there are two things; either you condemn the person and send him to jail or you acquit and discharge the person. Romans 8:1 says: there is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. No more condemnation because the judge of all is my God. Jesus is the mediator between me and God. The worldly mediator will need my money, but this my mediator which is Jesus does not need my money. Instead he purchased us with his own price, and that price is his blood, and so when we come to him and surrender our life to him, that blood washes us and he tells us don’t worry, I will go to my father, I will mediate on your behalf, he will go to his father and he will open his hand, the blood is still flowing, he will say see my hands it was because of him, so you can’t condemn him again. There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus: who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. If you notice again in Romans 8:1, you will still find Jacob and Esau, who walk not after the flesh. The emphasis is on “flesh and spirit”. The judge of all is seated in the court today. No matter how strong is your case, the judge of all is sitting in a session today, and every case that we present to him, he has the final say. Whatever he says that will stand. Jesus is the only mediator. There is only one God and one mediator between God and man, and that mediator is Jesus. He comes with one thing, if you look at that place in verse 24, the bible talks about the blood of sprinkling that gave him power to be able to mediate. The blood has been shed for all mankind, but the blood has to be sprinkled upon a man before it will have effect. That is why it is talking about the blood of sprinkling, and that’s why if you are here in this service, yes Jesus died for everyone of us, but has his blood been sprinkled upon you? Today, we will give you an opportunity because that is the only way that is the only remedy for sin. That blood must be sprinkled on you because when that blood of Jesus is sprinkled upon you, that blood speaks. The Bible says that the blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel. if you want to understand the power of that speaking blood then go and read Exodus chapter 12; the story of the children of Israel. There, the bible says that those ones are the shadow of the things to come, when they were in bondage in Egypt, everything they did to come out was in vain, generation and generation were in that bondage. When it was time for God to set them free, he told them what to do. He gave them a demonstration of what he was to do on the cross, he said go and take a goat, kill it and spread the blood on your door post, as they sprinkled that blood on their door post, that stubborn Pharaoh who will not change his mind but will continually oppress them. On that same night, a number of things happened. The first thing that happened was that an Angel of death was dispatched to Egypt, and as the Angel was moving, when it came to the door of the Israelites, the blood will speak, it will say pass over, don’t come here, the atonement has already been done. But when that same Angel went into Pharaoh’s house, Pharaoh’s house is the most secured place, they have police dogs, they have giant guards, and many other security agents, when the Angel entered there, he did not see blood, the dogs ran, the security agents ran, together with their protection magic, and he went into Pharaoh’s house and smote his first born. Every house he went without the blood, he killed the first born, including the first born of animals. But just the blood that was sprinkled became a protection to not one but all Israel. No matter how weak, as long as you apply that blood, there was protection for you, there was defense for you. And he said; that blood of Jesus, the blood of sprinkling that speaketh more better things; that blood is still speaking today, and that blood will speak for somebody in this service today; that blood will speak to your situation today in the name of Jesus. The judge of all said I will judge Pharaoh and the Egyptians, and immediately when Pharaoh woke up, he was crying for his son, his neighbours were also crying, everybody was crying all over, he saw what was bigger than him, he couldn’t wait till morning, he didn’t have cell phone that night, but somebody must go out to look for Moses and Aaron. He said; I thought you people said you want to go, you can start going immediately, anything you want to carry, you can carry, if you need transport, take, whatever you need, you can take. The children of Israel were now making guy. They told him everything they needed to go with. That bondage of over 400 years, when the blood started speaking, they were released from bondage. I don’t know how long your problem has stayed, that blood will speak for you in the name of Jesus. You must ensure that that blood is sprinkled on you, because that is the only remedy to your problem. If not, be ready to be washed in the blood of Jesus. It is still available today to wash you from every sin.

    ==Message Ends== Let us pray...

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  • August 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    This message is a recorded video coverage of August 2015 Central Healing Service held on Sunday, the 23rd day of August 2015 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The sermon was given by God’s anointed servant, Pastor Isaac Valentine Olori, The International Director, Greater Evangelism World Crusade. The read-up passage is 1 Samuel 5:1-12.

    N/B: This was a transcribed message from a pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits however, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind like one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was being preached.

    ==Message begins==

    Welcome to August 2015 Healing Service

    The topic of this message is: “Our God is able”. I don’t know what your challenge is; one thing I know is that our God is able. When you say someone is able, it means he/she has the necessary power or the needed resource to accomplish a task. I have confident that in every aspect of your life, in every challenge of your life, God is able.  God has physical, financial, Legal and spiritual powers. We were sinners and were meant to be condemned to death but through the blood of Jesus, he discharged all of us and acquitted us. Today, we will look at few scriptures that talked about the ability of God. The first scripture we will consider is Romans chapter 4:20-24: He did not weaver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith given glory to God, and being fully convinced or persuaded what he had promised he was also able to perform, and therefore, it was accounted to him for righteousness. Now it was written for himself alone, it was imputed to him, it was imputed for all those who believed in him who raise up Jesus our Lord from the death.

    Some of the things God is able to do are:

    1. God is able to fulfill His promises. Abraham had an understanding and knowledge of who God is, and that’s why the Bible tells us in chapter 4:20.that because he was fully convinced that God has the ability to keep to his promise. God kept to His promises. Every human being has his limitation and circumstances beyond his control, but for God there is no circumstance beyond His control. When God promised Abraham and told him he was going to give him a seed, the situation was looking very hopeless. He looked at himself and the wife; “no hope”. But God in the midst of the hopelessness, because he had the ability, looked at them in their hopeless situation, and said; I am going to raise out of you a multitude like the stars of heaven. If God was able to keep His promise to Abraham and Sarah, despite their situation, despite their hopelessness, God will keep His word in your life because he is able.

    2.  God is able to make grace abound. 2 Corinthians chapter 9:8: And God is able to make all grace abound towards you, that you always having all sufficiency in all things may have abundance for every good work. Many of us have limited ourselves because we think we can only get what we worked for. So, all we do is to concentrate on work, I encourage you to work but the truth is that there is another level and that is the level of grace. Grace talks about unmerited favour. Getting what you did not work for, that is another level, and the Bible tells us that God is able to make all grace abound unto you. When the grace of God comes upon your life, it lifts you to where your effort could not take you to, and locate you where only his favour can break through. How can you explain the life of Joseph? How he had to pass through his being sold, became a servant, from servant to prisoner in a strange land, God picked him up from there and made him a prime minister. When man had written him off, when his father and brothers had felt he had died. God said; I’m able to make all grace abound. God picked him and put him in a position where even indigenes could not get to. Many of us are living in unbelief, each time you look at certain things, or hear certain things, you look at your background, you look at the kind of job you do, you draw a line, you can’t go beyond this, because you are operating on a level of work. The God we serve can do what no man can do. The God we serve is able to make all grace, all unmerited favour, to pick you from nothing to something. I don’t care about the limit you have put over your life, if only you can be spiritual, you should begin to operate in the level of the ability of God, not at the level of what you can do for yourself, not the level of what man can do for you. There will be a transformation in your life, and that grace is coming your way. If you look at 2 Corinthians chapter 9:8b: That you always having all sufficiency. I don’t know who I am speaking to right now, you have always being in want, some of us are living in debt, but today, God has the ability to break that power of debt in your life.

    For you to qualify, among all other things you need, one of them is that; you must have a heart for God. Having all sufficiency in all things may have abundance for every good work. There are some of us, our attitude have limited us such that grace cannot flow towards our direction. Some minutes ago, we just did a fund raising for the utility hall we want to build and some of you did not desire to join, because you felt you don’t have. There is something we call the widow’s might. When they were talking about giving, she didn’t mind her situation, the Bible said that she brought all that she had and gave to God. Every grace that God releases upon your life, whether it be the grace of resources, whatever grace it is, it is first of all for good works, to serve him, to serve his purpose that is the first reason. I told you the story about Joseph, when God lifted him and put him as the prime minister controlling the resources of Egypt, was it for his personal consumption? He was to save lives, to feed people and that was why God placed him there. If you want grace to abound unto you, have a large heart for God; have a large heart for the work of God. I shared with you about a youth in one of our churches in Lagos, who with two hundred naira he looked at the church. He desired that the church should be painted, and with two hundred naira, God opened grace upon him, he was able to paint the church. Like that little lad; Philip in the Bible who supplied his five loaves that Jesus blessed to feed five thousand people, when they gathered the remnants who will drag it with him? Definitely, when God send you a message, there will be change.

    3. God is able to subdue all things. Philippians chapter 3:21: who will transform our vile lonely body, that it may be conformed to his glorious body, according to the working by which he is able even to subdue all things to himself. “Subdue” is the ability to overcome, for quieting or silence, to bring under control. With God nothing can be out of control. When Jesus was in a boat as they were trying to cross to the other side, the Bible said that the storm was raging; there was treat; danger, and he got up, he looked at the wind and the storm, he declared and said; peace be still! And immediately, the bible says; everything became calm. The disciples were all afraid and they said; what manner of man is this that even the wind and the storm obey his voice. He has the ability to subdue all things unto himself. I don’t know the battle that is raging in your life and family, whatever that battle is; I want to announce to you today, that God is able to subdue that oppression, power and all manner of diseases in your life.

    4. In Luke 3:8, Jesus was speaking there himself. And He said; therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance and do not begin to say to yourself, we have Abraham as our father for I say to you that God is able to raise up children from Abraham from these stones. Jesus is saying to you that God can convert stones to children. God created man out of dust; dust is something that nobody can reckon with. But because of his ability, he molded us into a walking dust. Every man you are seeing on the surface of the earth is a walking dust in the ability of God. Science with all their studies on evolution, and all the thousands of years they have studied have not made someone that has evolved to be like you and I, because there is no man that can do what God can do. Today, science is doing virtually anything, but the best they can produce is “robot”. They can’t produce man, but God has ability to turn nothing to something, to turn stone to child, I don’t know what doctors have told you, but God is able to turn stones to children, God is able in the midst of fibroid to put child there, to put children there. The God we serve is the God that has done what no man has done; he is the God that will do what no man can do.

    5. God can fight any battle. There is no war that can overwhelm him. If there is any battle in your life that tries to overwhelm you, hand it over to that God who can fight all battles. The story we read in 1 Samuel chapter 5, we found that because of the judgment God had pronounced upon Israel and the house of Eli, because of their sins, they found themselves defeated in a battle. Usually, in those days when the battle is too strong, they will send for the ark of God and immediately the ark comes, it is a battle changer, the battle will change. That is why when they sent for the ark of God, and it landed, Israel shouted for joy of victory, but with all those shouts, because there was sin that was not taken care of, nothing came out of the shout. Israel was defeated; the two sons of Eli were killed in the battle. When Eli heard it, he fell down and died; when the daughter-in-law who was pregnant heard it, she entered into force labour, delivered and died. When you know that you are not yet a child of God, but claiming to be one; there is sin in you, there is immorality in you, and so many other sins and you are harboring it in your life. Maybe, you are in that place where they are telling you to always confess the word of God and receive it, when there is sin in you, nothing significant will happen in your life. To make it worst, the Ark of God was captured and carried away, that was why Eli’s daughter in-law delivered before she died. She gave a name to the child “Ichabod”, meaning, the glory had departed. The Ark was the symbol of the presence of God in the midst of the children of Israel, so for that Ark to be taken, it means that the philistines were saying to Israel, we have defeated you and we have also defeated your God. But the philistines didn’t know what they were carrying, so the Bible says that the philistines had the heart to carry the Ark of God and took it to the temple of their god called Dagon. It looked like Israel was totally humiliated. So, they carried the Ark of God and kept it beside Dagon. It’s like matching power by power, telling the Ark that Dagon is even stronger now, because he is housing you. At this point Israel was helpless, if there is one thing Israel will not do is to let the Ark to be captured, but this time nobody had the heart anymore to fight, they were helpless. So when the philistines did that, they went home and it was like God said to Dagon, today is your end; I will defeat you in your house; I will defeat all your agents; I will trouble all the people who brought me here. The Bible says that even when we become unfaithful, God will still be faithful to himself. At a point, when no man was there to fight for God, God said; now you will see the mother of all battles. So by morning, Dagon had bowed to God. Dagon bowed right in front of the Ark because the Bible said that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow. Every situation in your life today; every battle in your life today; at the name of Jesus it must bow. The Philistines came to see how the Ark of God was doing to mock Israel again, but how did it go that Dagon would have to bow right in front of the Ark? God is able. I don’t know what was used to mold Dagon, but the power of God moved it to bow. The philistines are the one who carried their god and positioned it, but our God is the one who positions us. Dagon had hands, legs and head, but he can’t carry himself. So they went home by the night and before the next morning, God said; they can’t position or handle you anymore. God made Dagon to bow to him. Dagon did not just bow but the legs were taken away, the hands were taken away, the head was also taken away. What was left was called tussle, trunk. Dagon was finished. You know that if somebody does not have hands and has head, he/she can still live, but this time, there was no head; Dagon was finished. God by that act terminated the powers of Dagon, but the battle was not over. In 1 Samuel 17, there was a battle between the philistines and Israel. Goliath came and when David appeared, goliath was cursing David in the name of his god, and boasting with his god, he never knew that the power of Dagon was already finished. Whatever they did, they just tried to package Dagon but as far as Dagon was concerned, his power was terminated. Whatever problems that have been troubling your life, those powers are terminated by the power of God. So God said; the battle was not over, this time around, it was to trouble the philistines, the Bible says that; he afflicted them with a plaque, the Bible calls it “tumor”. Every one of them had swollen on their groins, on their armpits, they had fever and to some of them it was resulting to a mental case, that’s how they were afflicted. No doctor had cure for afflictions, when it is a plaque from God, remember in Exodus 15, the Lord said; I will put none of these diseases on you which I put upon the Egyptians, So God afflicted them with incurable diseases. God started with Ashdod where the temple of Dagon was located. 1 Samuel 5 Verse 7, when the men of Ashdod saw that it was so, they said, The Ark of God of Israel shall not abide with us: for his hand is sore upon us, and upon Dagon our god.

    When the power of God will come upon your situation, those powers that have been troubling you will begin to give you up, those forces that have put you under captivity, will say please go. So they carried the Ark out of Ashdod.

    Verse 8: they sent therefore and gathered all the lords of the philistine unto them, and said; what shall we do with the asrk of the God of Israel? And they answered, let the ark of the God of Israel be carried about unto Gath. And they carried the ark of the God of Israel about thither.

    The philistines claimed they have lords, they didn’t know they were dealing with the Lord of Lords, and the king of kings. They want to show power, they convinced the city of Gath and said; maybe something must have gone wrong with Ashdod, nothing will happen, we are going to make all the necessary sacrifice, we have defeated them. They carried the ark of God to Gath. As soon as the Ark of God entered the city of Gath, everybody was afflicted. The Bible says that the hand of God was heavy, harsh on the philistines that they were sore afflicted. The power of God came raw; the hand of God will be heavy upon that disease in your body; the hand of God will be heavy upon that oppression in your body. The people of Gath said; please come and carry the ark. When the children of Israel were in Egypt, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that he will do enough havoc; his heart was hardened. So as the Philistines carried the ark again to Ekron, people were dying; some were killed, and there was nobody who was not carrying the disease; everybody was afflicted. At that point, they surrendered. They now began to look for how to send the Ark back to Israel. They began to look for how they will make restoration, they went and consulted their priest, who told them they can’t send the Ark empty handed. Israel never knew what was going on. God will fight for you and you shall hold your peace! You may be helpless, but God is not helpless. God can fight any battle. God had to arise to fight to defend his name. Are you called by the name of Jesus and identified by his blood? God will arise to defend his name in your life. Before God will arise to fight for you, you must be called by His name. The greatest barrier any man will have with God is sin. That is why in John chapter 3: Jesus said; except a man be born again, he will not see; he will not enter into the kingdom of God. If you know that you are not born again, if you know that sin is still dominating your life, you need Jesus to come into your life.

    ==Message Ends== Let's pray

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  • July 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    Preambles: This is a recorded video coverage of July 2015 Central Healing Service held on Sunday, the 19th of July 2015 at Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters. The message was given by God’s anointed servant, the International Director of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Pastor Isaac V. Olori. The read-up bible passages for this sermon are: Mark 10:46-52, 1Samuel 1:7-12

    N/B: This was transcribed verbatim from the pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was preached.

    ==Message begins==

    Welcome to July 2015 Healing Service. Today, we shall look at the second aspect of the message we had last month. Last month, we talked about encounter with the God of mercy. Today, we shall talk about “The encounter with the God of mercy 2”. We told you that someone that needs mercy is someone that finds himself in distress, someone in a position that needs compassion. I want to announce to you today that, the God we serve is the God that can help the helpless. Hebrews tells us that we are not serving a high priest who is not touched by our infirmities, by our weaknesses. He knows how we feel, he knows your challenge. Your neighbour may not know it, I may not know it, but the God we serve knows, and is able to reach out to you.

    We read in our lesson about a man in the bible called “blind Bathimeous”. His problem was so overwhelming that it gave him identity. The sickness and the problem took over his first name. There are some people that if you want to know them, there is no other name to identify them but that of their problem and one of them was “Blind Bathimeous”. If that is your situation, God will change your story today. This man has a wonderful name, Bathimeous meaning the son of Timeous, and Timeous means something that is highly prized, something that is honourable. Timeous was his father’s name, but looking at the life of Bathimeous, there was nothing honourable or good to see. Instead of something good, it was blindness accompanied with begging.

    He was physically blind, but note that we don’t only have physical blindness, there are other kinds of blindness. We also have mental blindness. One of our Ministers was giving a testimony today, it was a kind of mental blindness; he could not balance his account, something was covering him, he kept losing money, not because he was dull, not because he doesn’t know his job but because the enemy came and began to oppress his work. We also have spiritual blindness. It is when you don’t know that you need salvation. There are people who when you preach to them, it doesn’t make any meaning to them, when they see you carrying your bible they laugh at you; they think you are wasting your time. This problem is spiritual blindness. Whichever kind of blindness you have in this service today, I want to announce to you that the God of mercy is in this service. We are in the house of mercy, the baskets of miracle. You will receive your sight today in the name of Jesus.

    One of the things you need to get God’s mercy is:

    1. Positioning yourself for divine encounter or touch. One that has encounter with God is one that positions himself. In one of the healing services, I told you about zacheous. He saw that he had a disadvantage; he said to himself, if I follow the crowd, I wouldn’t see the master. He had to do something; he climbed a tree in order to position himself. There is a positioning, even as you are in this service today, your story can be different if you position yourself. There are some people in this church, by the time we close the service, if you are asked what was preached, you will not be able to say anything. You are in this service and didn’t position yourself, you are allowing other things to distract you, you allow sleep to distract you, even for some of our youths, it is the time “to go and twitting”. The enemy wants to rob you. I want to charge you that you position yourself because the God of mercy is passing your way and he wants to give you a miracle.

    We see a man called blind bathimeous. The bible tells us that Jesus entered into Jericho and on his way out, when you look at that passage, you will discover that Jesus will never go to any place without purpose, and when you look at that account, there was nothing the bible told us he did in Jericho. It was on his way out that blind Bathimeous encountered him. I perceive that he went to Jericho just because of blind Bathimeous. God will come to this service today because of you; if you are desirous and hungry; if you are saying God I need a touch. If you are the only one, God will descend with his power today because of you. We are looking at Mark chapter 10, verse 46. The bible told us that his disciples and a great number of people were moving with him, but no one had an encounter, no one had a testimony. They were only following Jesus, but the man who was by the way side, a man who was not seeing, who was there maybe for his usual business of begging had an encounter; went home with a testimony. The crowd only followed. May you never be part of that crowd in Jesus name. Amen!

    2. Blind Bathimeous could not see, but he could hear, maybe he called one person to ask because he felt that so many people were moving, so he could ask them what is happening? And they could tell him that Jesus of Nazareth was passing. So this man knew something about Jesus, he had not met him before, he had no encounter with him, but knew something about Jesus, and he acted in that knowledge. If you look at verse 47, the bible told us that when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say; “Jesus, thou son of David have mercy on me”. Now, we will see a number of things from that verse.

    First, this man knew when to cry out. Before Jesus’ arrival, he was not shouting but when he heard that it was Jesus, the bible says; he cried out; that is a form of prayer. He knew when to cry out; he knew when to get attention; he knew when to get help and he did not miss that opportunity. I pray that you know when to cry out; you know when you can’t miss it. I want to let you know that a meeting like this is an opportunity for you to cry out. God wants to hear your voice, it a time that your cry will not go unheard. I pray that you don’t miss out.

    Another thing we discovered was that once they just told him that Jesus of Nazareth was passing, he cried out; now look at his cry; “Jesus of Nazareth, son of David, have mercy on me”. He knew something, he knew that there has been a prophecy that someone is going to come, and he is going to come through the lineage of David, the messiah! And when that messiah comes, he will wipe away tears; he will heal the sick; he will deliver the oppressed; he will open the eyes of the blind; he will cause the lame to walk. So, while others were just seeing Jesus, some were following and saying, is this not the son of Joseph the carpenter? He was not seeing him as the son of Joseph. In the eye of the Spirit he said; ‘this is the Messiah, Jesus son of David! I want to announce to you that he is the king of kings, he is the Lord of Lords, he is the great I am that I am, and he is the healer, the deliverer’. Then, the next thing he said was ‘have mercy on me’! What did we learn?

    We discovered that he knows Jesus can show mercy, he knows Jesus has the power of pity, he also knows Jesus has compassion and the ability to show mercy. So he said, have mercy on me. Bathimeous knew he needed mercy; he knew the only thing that can take him out his situation is mercy from above. When you say somebody should have mercy on you, you know that the person has the power to change your circumstance. There are different levels at which you need mercy. Let’s take for example, I have offended you, and you have the power to punish me. I will plead for you to have mercy on me because, there is power in your hand to do whatever you wish, I am the one that needs mercy, and more so I am in a terrible situation like this man, blind Bathimeous, not seeing and always on the road side begging. Sometimes, until you enter some situations, you will not know how terrible it is. If people want to mock you, they will throw stone in your plate, it will sound as if they are putting money, and you will put your hands to see that it is not money. You don’t know the colour of what you are wearing, it’s a terrible situation. This man knew he needed mercy. If you must have an encounter with God, you must recognize your situation and must see it clearly. Many of us today are comfortable with our situations; we manage it, and don’t think we need help from above. Until we come to a point where we realize that we need mercy, we will not meet with the compassion of God. It is your misery; it is your pitiable situation that attracts the God of mercy.

    Are you here today, you are in misery and looking helpless or in a pitiable situation; I want to announce to you that you are the object of God’s mercy. And Jesus who is the trustee of the mercy and grace of God will be attracted to you.

    We have talked about divine positioning and the power of his knowledge.

    The story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:7 is another instance. Hannah was going to Shiloh year by year, and each of those years she was praying for a child, but a year came, she said, today I am not going back until something happens. She told the husband, you people can go. She told her mate, you can go with your children; my own has to come from here. She said, God! except you answer me, I will not leave here. She came to a point of desperation and agony that words were not coming out, it was her lips that were moving; it was her heart that got broken and God read her heart. Do you know that when you pray, God does not read your words, he reads your heart. When she got to that point, she went home with a promise of Samuel, and by the next year, Samuel came forth. So shall you go home with your own Samuel.

    In Verse 49 of Mark chapter 10, Jesus commanded him to be called. They called the blind man saying unto him, be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee. No power could stop him; all those who were ordering him to shut up became helpless because order had come from above. Today, order will come from above for you. He commanded him to be brought; even Satan could not resist that order. I don’t know the nature of the dress he was wearing because he does not see to wash; his business was to stand on the main road every day to beg. It is not even a tarred road like this. Suddenly, the beggar, the blind man became special that everybody would wait for him. Infact, the same people who told him to shut up, were the people who told him to be of good comfort, rise, he calleth you. The same people who silenced him were the same people who began to rejoice with him. I assure you that if you connect to the master, those who despise you will respect you; those who rebuked you, will honour you; those who rebuke you will cheer you up. Some people had to help him because he was not seeing, he didn’t know where Jesus was, he only knew that he was around somewhere. It must have been some of the senior officers, one of the disciples or those who have access to where Jesus was and as they are taking him to Jesus, they may be telling him to move gently so that he does not fall. He became a special guest of honour. What you need is to connect to the master because when you connect to him, everything must bow; demons will bow; human beings will submit; sickness will submit; your problems will submit.

    We will now go to the first miracle the man had which was coming to Jesus when Jesus calls. The bible says in Mathew 11:28, Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. That call is a call unto salvation. When Jesus now commanded him to be called, it was an invitation to come to Jesus. So the first miracle became the miracle of salvation. Your first miracle is to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and savior; be born again. Jesus is inviting you and saying come unto me, you need to respond that call first, then the other miracles will follow. ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all other things will be added unto you’ (Mathew 6:33).

    Let’s look at how this man responded to that call in Mark 10:50. And he casting away his garment, rose and came to Jesus. He didn’t want anything to hinder him, his garment was dirty and smelling; he understood that his garment was dirty, so he decided to pull it off before going to meet Jesus. The first thing he did was to throw away that ugly garment. By removing that garment, it means he was casting away anything that may obstruct him from going to meet Jesus; he threw it away. Some people have the garment of self-sufficiency; they don’t think they need salvation, the garment of self-righteousness, I go to Church; I am baptized; but they know their life is not right with God. Blind Bathimeous cast away his garments. For others, it was a weight which is described in Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 ‘wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth easily besets us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us’. Many of us, our walk with God; our coming to Jesus is not fruitful because there is a lot of over load you are carrying; they are not allowing you to make progress; they are weighing your spirit down; they are bringing you to compromise every day; you are not ready to surrender it, and yet you want to follow Jesus like that rich young ruler who came to Jesus and ask what do we do to enter into eternal life? Already, he had his credentials with him so by the time Jesus mentioned them, he said; he had all of them, so he is in order. Jesus said; one is remaining, he said which one was that? Jesus said; go and sell all that you have, and give to the poor, then come and follow me. The man had things he could not give up for the master. The man was grieved, he wanted to follow Jesus, but this one is too hard. Let me read for you the sacrifice Paul did, from Philippian chapter 3 verse 7 in International Standard Version, it reads: whatever things were assets to me, this I now consider a loss for the sake of the messiah, what is more? I continue to consider all these things to be a loss for the sake of what is far more valuable knowing the messiah Jesus my Lord. It is because of him that I have experienced the loss of all those things; indeed, I consider them rubbish in order to gain the messiah.

    So, this blind man considered it a great opportunity to meet with Jesus and cast away his garment. Many of us need to put away anything that will hinder us from coming to meet Jesus. I want you to look at your life, what is hindering your walk with God? I pray that you have the wisdom of this blind man. No man told him but he said nothing can stop me, if it is this garment, I throw it away. In fact, he did not carry his begging plate because there was something more important. Your soul is more important than anything you can think of, the man eventually came to Jesus.

    In the last healing service in verse 51, I told you there was a serious question. When blind Bathimeous came to Jesus, Jesus answered and said unto him, what wilt thou said I should do unto thee? Jesus knows everything. Every human being will know that this man is blind and is a beggar. I am sure that some people in that congregation will say what kind of question is this? Are you not seeing this man is blind? Are you not seeing that he is even begging? The lesson we need to learn there is that God wants us to be specific in our prayers. Some of us come to the service and when it is time for prayers we will say; God bless me, bless me, what is God bless me? You need to be specific. It means there is something in your heart not just general but there has to be a specific burden. Do you know that there are some beggars who use their begging as tool for their employment? To the extent that if you want to remove the begging, they will not like it. They will say it is better you give me money for daily bread; possibly, the man would have wanted money, because he is using his blindness for business. So you need to be specific. The master asked him, what do you want me to do for you? The man said; that I might recover my sight! When you look at another version of the bible, it says: that I may recover my sight. That was an interesting reply. With God you can recover, it doesn’t matter what that thing is. The man believed that he could recover from his blindness, no matter how long that problem had lasted. He said; I want to recover my sight. I don’t know whether there is something from which you need to recover. Today, will be a day of recovery for you; the years that the cankerworm had eaten, there will be a recovery for you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    In Verse 52 it says; and Jesus said unto him, go thy way, thy faith had made thee whole. Jesus has the power to heal, but there has to be a connection. The power is in abundant. Look at this microphone, there is no cord connecting it to the sound. This means as soon as this microphone is on and the battery is working, as I talk the wave connects to the mixer and to the amplifier which is connected to the speakers so that you can hear me. Those wave sounds are your faith. The power is in the amplifier. The amplifier is ready to bring out the sound, but something must connect to it. Faith is what makes the difference in the life of a man, because that is what made the man believe that his sight could be recovered. That was faith. He believed that Jesus had the power; he believed Jesus was the messiah; all these were elements of faith, and he expressed it. That was why when the hindrances came, he said; no way, you can’t stop me, he pressed on, look at what Jesus told him: it is not just that I am healing you but it’s your faith. Your faith connected to my power so he said go, sight is your solution, sight is your portion. He said; go thy way, your faith had made thee whole. Jesus did not even touch him, he just spoke and he believed, and his eyes opened. The Bible said; immediately! When faith connects with the power of God, there is a miracle. It doesn’t matter the situation, it doesn’t matter how long, and I pray today by the end of this service, you will go home with your testimony.

    Finally, as the man received his sight, he didn’t go back to his begging office. The bible said; and he followed Jesus in the way. Some people, all they want is miracle. They don’t want Jesus; all they want is his blessings. If you want an abiding miracle, it is not enough to come to Jesus for spiritual or physical healing but when we are healed, we must continue to follow him. That is why we encourage you to learn of Jesus; know him more; go to bible studies and study his word very well. Follow him so that you will not only be a recipient of miracle, you will also be an instrument of miracle. You need to have an encounter with the God of mercy! There is no situation that the mercy of God cannot reach out to. Mercy says no! I don’t know what that challenge is; today God’s mercy will speak for you. Ephesians chapter 2 verse 4 says But God who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us. God is rich in mercy, so if everyone here needs mercy and he distributes it in this service, it will not finish. Today, he has his portion of mercy for you. If you need mercy for salvation, you will get it; if you need mercy for healing, today you will get it; if you need mercy for deliverance, today you will get it; if you need mercy for anything in your life, you will get it because, he is rich in mercy.

    ==Message Ends== Let's pray...

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  • June 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    June 2015 Central Healing Service

    Source:        Recorded Video coverage during the Service

    Date:            Sunday, 21st June, 2015

    Venue:         Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters

    Lesson:        John 5:1-15 (Please, read-up)

    Topic:        "An encounter with the God of Mercy"

    Preacher:     Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director)

    ==Message begins==

    Welcome to the 34th central healing service Anniversary. Today is the 34th Anniversary of this Service. I believe God that somebody will receive an Anniversary gift today. The Bible says Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. God has been so faithful in healing men and women. You heard about the story of one of our Pastors who would have been taken for surgery at Western Germany, but God healed him free of charge. So many of us have been partakers of the blessings from our Healing Services. God has healed you from all manners of sicknesses, even the one that doctors had no answer to. And so, in the next healing service, we are going to give the 34th central Healing Service thanksgiving.

    We read from John Chapter 5 verses 1-15 in our lesson, and we are going to be looking at some few things  from  that passage. The topic for today’s message is “an encounter with the God of mercy”.

    Our God is a merciful God. When we talk about mercy, we are talking about one who will alleviate your difficult situations. If you are in a helpless situation and someone comes to show you compassion, rendering some help to you. The Bible says that it is because of the mercies of God that we are not consumed. We saw in the Testimony where our sister changed position and immediately a bullet came to where she was sitting before, and landed there. In other places, that bullet would have destroyed things, and may not stop until it kills somebody; you can see that God had been showing us mercy.  Any situation that you are in, today God will show us mercy. The God that established this Ministry, the God that set up the healing service is a God of mercy and today that mercy will reach you. In the passage we read today, we found the story of a man that met the God of mercy. We were told in verse 2 that in Jerusalem there was a pool called Bethsaida, which is the Hebrew name for the pool.

    The meaning of Bethsaida is, the house of mercy. That means, it is a place that people who have problems, challenges, people that cannot help themselves come to find help, And so the bible told us that in the passage read, there  they had so many people called “a great multitude”, a large number of people, having different kinds of problem; they called them impotent people, sick folks. Some of them were crippled, some of them were blind, some of them were paralyzed, some of them had internal heat, some of them had high blood pressure, and some of them had diabetes and so on. This temple is our house of mercy, the basket of miracles. They were all gathered there because they wanted an encounter. The second thing we find there was that everyone who came into that place was looking for something. They were waiting for the moving of the water.

    So if you must receive your mercy, you must come with an expectation to receive. Everybody that came there wanting to receive is waiting for one thing, the moving of the water. Men that receive from God are men that come to him with expectation. Some people come into meetings like this and they go home with their testimonies, others come without receiving anything, most times the difference is; how prepared are they? What is their expectation? If you hear some people who come up here to testify, they will say they made up their mind to receive from God, they will say to themselves, Lord today is my day; I will not go with this problem. God is looking for a heart of great expectation; the bible says that they were waiting for the moving of the water, which means if the water was not stirred particularly by a divine agent, anything you do with that water will produce no result. That means anybody there who wants to receive a miracle must be very vigilant. Some of them were even leaving there; it was like a healing home, so that means even when they were sleeping, they must sleep with one eye open such that they can hear the sound of the miracle water jump in to get their miracle. No man knows when the Angel will come, and so they must be in readiness that is why the Bible admonishes us that we must live with expectation because we do not know when Jesus will come, we should always be prepared because he can come in an hour that no man knows. The bible says when the son of man shall come, shall he find faith on earth? Some of us in our services and even in this service, we go late to church, you don’t know when your visitation will come. You heard the testimony of Elder Handerson Jumbo, his visitation came when the praise and worship was going on, some of you come when we have finished worship and you have missed your time. You must come with expectation; God will meet men and women that have expectation.

    Let’s look at the significance of the moving of the water. The bible uses a number of things as symbols:

    The word of God, He said you are clean because of the word you have heard. Water is another symbol of the Holy Spirit. In science, stagnant water does not have the ability to produce power. But the difference is that there must be a motion for it to be able to produce power. So this water we can represent the word of God, and  we can also liken it as the Holy Spirit. When you give your life to Christ, the Holy Spirit is in you, but the Holy Spirit in your life needs to be stirred up, you need to stir up your spirit to connect to the spirit of God to be able to receive from Him. The word of God that you have heard, you need to activate it to produce results in your life. That is why we encourage you to read the word of God prayerfully and meditatively. By the time you activate it, it will produce result in you. The same thing with the Holy Spirit, when you enter into the environment of worship, when you enter into a time of prayer and we are consumed in it, you create an atmosphere for the presence of Holy Spirit in your life. The testimony we heard, the song created an atmosphere, the case that could not be handled by doctors in Nigeria, the Holy Spirit did it very simple, it came upon him like ice water, like a shock for three times and after three times, the story was over. An atmosphere was created and the Holy Spirit began to operate. We need to stir up our spiritual waters, many of us are living and operating in stagnant water and we can’t experience the power of God, we can’t experience the grace of God. So we are told in that passage that when the water is stirred, something happens, “whosoever”, that means anybody that steps  first into the stirred water, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter where you come from, when you create an environment for the Holy  Spirit, God will visit you. The Bible says; “stepped in”, so even if you see the water moving, you are on the shore and you did not step in, you will not get it. There are some of us who will be in the service worshiping, while  some have stepped into the worship, others  who are spectators, will watch and  go home the same way they have come. It is only those who step in when the water is moved, that will have the encounter.

    Now let me enter to point three, the age of your problem cannot intimidate God, in verse 5, we were told that there was a certain man who had an infirmity for 38 years. Anybody who is 38 years old, under normal circumstances should be married and have children. So….you can now say that his problem is a matured one, he had lived with it for 38 years. But you know that with God, it does not matter how long the problem has been. After all, Sarah was 90 years old and everybody had written her off, she had also written herself off, but God said No, I have not written you off yet  and  God gave her a child. It still happens today. I will tell you a story about a friend and who is minister. At their 25th year wedding anniversary, when the wife was 51, they had their first baby. After that, they adopted 2 more, but God said to them, “it’s not still enough”. At 53, the woman had a second baby, normal conception and normal delivery. So with God, age is not a factor! He is the one that created the system, when any part collapse, He can recreates. When any part cannot work, He can make them work, therefore age is not a factor with God. I don’t know how long your problem has been! God knows how long. The bible says that Jesus saw the man lay. The man was lying down helpless, and Jesus knew that he had been in that problem for a long time. God knows how long you have been in that problem! God knows how long you have gone through that situation!

    There is a question you must answer before your encounter, and what was the question? When Jesus met that man, He asked him, “will thou be made whole?” I’m just imagining somebody who had left his house for 38 years, and came to the pool, and he has been seeing others get their miracles and he was still there, only for someone to come around asking, do you want to get well? I know that some of us who have lost the fruit of the Spirit in the course of their problem will be aggressive. This man did not know Jesus, he did not know who was talking to him, but I thank God that this man still had grace to answer properly. The man said, “sir, I have no man”. That answer is very important, I will tell you how in a moment. Now, why did Jesus asked him that question? There are some people that because of how long their problems had been, they have written the matter off; they are no longer looking and expecting an answer, they don’t think that anything can still happen again. You can read 2Kings chapter 4 verse 16, you will find a story of a Shunammite woman. That woman was serving God, she didn’t have a child. She came to a point in her life when she had written off the issue of child bearing. So when this woman was taking care of Elisha, one day, Elisha called the servant Gehazi and said, ‘what can we do for this woman, she has been showing us love and caring for us’ And then, Gehazi looked around and said, ‘since we have been coming here we have not seen any child, the woman doesn’t have a child’ Then, Elisha sent for her, as the woman came, Elisha said, ‘by this time next year, you are going to have a child’. Instead of the woman to rejoice and shout praise the Lord, the Bible told us that the woman got angry. It was like reminding her of something she had forgotten. She said, ‘man of God, do not lie to me.’ …maybe she had tried so many prophesies, and many men of God before now. She told Elisha not to lie to her. I am bringing the picture of a woman to who had written-off her case to you, and that’s why it is important that the Master is also asking, ‘do you want to be well?’ So, as you are seated in this service today, I’m sure the Spirit of God is asking you the same question!  I don’t know the problem you came with. But the one who has the ability to solve the problems, the one who has the ability to deliver you is asking you, ‘do you really come to this service prepared to be made whole?’  So, the man had to answer the question and said, ‘I have no man.’ Can you imagine that! Whereas, the bible told us that there were multitudes with different problems. Some even came with somebody taking care of them. There were so many people there. And because of how long their problems were, some of those looking after them might have said, ‘I will not die with you.’ Others might have abandoned their person(s), or may will come any time they liked. Sometimes doctors and nurses may ask some patients, ‘where is the person taking care of you?’ But you may have No body, despite having other people around you. This man had no one, no relation. I don’t know whether he was married. Maybe the woman had left because of the problem; and inside him, he had no strength. You could imagine a man who was in a place of solution, a healing pool, a house of mercy, but he did not have the ability to receive his healing. He has been there for many years; there was no hope of getting his miracle. He saw more and more people getting healed and going home. He was completely helpless!

    The greatest handicap is for you to be in a place of miracle, but you don’t have the ability to receive, you don’t have the ability to connect to the spirit of God, that is the greatest handicap.”

    But, thank God that the man was sincere. He didn’t hide anything, he said, ‘I have no man.’ Those who will obtain mercy are those who know that they don’t have the answer in themselves; those who know that it’s only God they look-up to. I will look up to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help comes from God. When you come to that point where you will say God,  ‘I have no man, it’s only you (God).’ The man told Jesus, ‘when the angel stirs the water, before I could go, others would step in before me.’

    Today, nobody will go ahead of you. So at that point when the great physician appeared and talked with the man, he didn’t know the person he was talking to. The great physician had appeared, took over the situation and said, ‘rise up, take up thy bed and walk.’ I’m sure that was why he asked him earlier, ‘do you want to be made whole?’ The man at this point must have got caught up with the spirit of healing! Because, if he did not catch the direction, he would have perhaps said, ‘no angel had come and the water had not been stirred, why are you telling me to rise up?’ That was why Jesus asked him, ‘are you prepared?’ When Jesus comes in your situations; He will not follow protocols. He has no particular method of how to do things; He does not have a pattern. That is why he is asking you now, ‘are you prepared to be made whole?’ I don’t know what has been holding you down; this is your hour to rise up! The man was in the place of mercy, but he could not get mercy until the God of mercy appeared. The man said, ‘I have no man’, but the man of Calvary came and said, ‘I am your man’. In this pool, the Angel came once in a season. We were not told how many times in a month. But when he came only one person would be healed in that one season. But Jesus heals at all seasons. Not only one man, He heals as many that are prepared to receive from him.

    In that house of mercy, when the Angels stirred-up the water you need to enter inside before you could get your healings. But now that Jesus had come, the man did not need to enter inside the water to get well. So, for you today, you don’t need holy water, anointing oil, handkerchief, and all that to get your healing or your miracle. The Bible said that, immediately, the problem of 38 years ended. As you have come into this healing service, you will have your own healing, deliverance, and miracle. For those years, it was the bed that was carrying the man, he could not carry his bed. But from the day Jesus met him, the situation changed. His bed no longer carried him; rather he now, in turn carried his bed. I don’t know what has been carrying you! I don’t know whether it was walking stick that brought you to church today, you will carry that walking stick today; no longer will the walking stick be carrying you. I don’t know what you have, as it were that seems to be your sustainer; the story will change today in Jesus name, Amen.

    The last point I want to make is that, the man now knew Jesus and began to make Jesus known. If you look at your bible, you will discover that all the while the man did not know who was talking to him, that it was Jesus. He obeyed the order by Jesus and carried his bed. Not quite long that he was seen walking that enemy of progress confronted him. Enemies that do not want your progress will always confront you. They asked the man, ‘why are you carrying your bed when you knew it was a Sabbath day, don’t you know that you are not supposed to carry anything?’ I’m sure that the man would have imagined in his heart that for 38 years, Sabbath did not do anything for me, but now I’m walking, you are telling me about Sabbath. Anyway, the man who made me whole was the one who said that I should carry my bed and go. He is the one I will listen to, He is the one I will obey. They started questioning him about who was such a man; what is his name? I don’t know his name; neither do I know where he came from. All I know is that he made me whole; and he told me to carry my bed and go.

    We will learn two more lessons here quickly. The man got a miracle quite alright, but he did not know Jesus. You can get your miracle, but it’s not a sign that you are born again. So many people may receive miracle without knowing Jesus. So, receiving miracle is one thing, and knowing Jesus is yet another. Jesus came because he knew that the work was not finished; until a man is born again, the work is not finished. The Bible said that he came and met the man in the temple. The temple is the church. That means, the man had started coming to church, and yet, he did not know Jesus. Coming to church is not knowing Jesus. You need a personal encounter with Him. When you come to a point where your sinful life is addressed, where you now come to understand that you are a sinner. There are so many of us who just live a moral life. You even tell lies, and for you, it does not matter; you do certain things and it does not matter. You need to come to a point where you know that your sins are forgiven. But Jesus now addressed the most important thing in his life. So Jesus now came back, called him and said, ‘behold, thou art made whole.’ That’s the first thing. Your sin matters must be settled. You must stop living a life of sin. And there is no way you can settle it, except you are born again. There are some of you who are sincere about following God, but you just see yourself struggling. The issue is that you need an encounter Jesus; you need Jesus’ cleansing power; you need to come to Him and tell Him that you have made up your mind that from today, would like to follow Him. It is only when you have surrendered completely to Him, that, the ability to live for Him will come upon you. And Jesus warned the man and said, ‘if you don’t heed, something worst will happen to you.’ I began to imagine, this man had been in a problem for 38 years, the consequence of sin will be worse than the infirmity of 38 years. The consequences of sin are surely worse than any problem you can think of in this world. Sin is dangerous. Sin is destructive; it is worse than cancer that could only destroy the body, and if you are right with God, it will not destroy your soul. But sin, can both destroy both your body and your spirit. That’s why Jesus when he was teaching in Mathew 5 verse 29 and 30, because He knew that the consequences of sin are so serious, He told them, ‘if your right eye will lead you to sin, pluck it off; it will be better for you to enter into heaven with one eye than to enter into hell with your two eyes. If your right hand will lead you to sin cut it off, it is better for you to enter into heaven with left hand than to enter into hell with complete hand.’ He was illustrating the seriousness of hell. Hell is a consequence of sin. Every person who is not born again, who is not washed from his sin, hell is awaiting him, hence Jesus warned the man, ‘you are made whole, but go and sin no more.’

     And in verse 15, we see the conclusion of the man; how that he was talking about knowing Jesus and making Jesus known. In this second encounter, the man now knew who Jesus was. The man knew that the one who made him whole was Jesus, and that his sins have been washed off him by Jesus. So, the man did not keep quiet, he went back to the Jews and started looking for them. He said, ‘I think you people were asking me who made me well? The man that made me whole is Jesus. He met me in a hopeless situation and he made me whole.’ The man started witnessing. Many of us we come and receive miracle, we close our mouth, that’s not proper. The Motto of this Ministry is to know Jesus and to make Jesus known. What has Jesus done in your life? Has he transformed you? Has he healed you? Go and share it; be a witness for Him.

    The woman of Samaria, after he had an encounter with Jesus and her life was transformed, she left her bucket, ran to the streets and said, ‘come and see…’ Invite people to church; witness to people; that is an evidence that you have had an encounter with the God of mercy. I don’t know what your situation is: whether it’s spiritual or physical; I don’t know how long? But the God of mercy is here. The great physician is in this service. We are going to meet him, whether it is salvation you are looking for, He can give you salvation, whether it is healing you are looking for, He can give you healing, whether it is deliverance you are looking for, He can give you deliverance, whatsoever it is, the bible says that when He was here, He was going about doing good  and healing all manner of sicknesses. Today, He will do the same in your life. In the passage Jesus addressed two different issues in the life of the man, and that’s what we are going to address in our prayers right now. He started with his physical infirmity and then went to his spiritual infirmity. My dear, there is nothing we can do on our own to stop sinning. He said, ‘all our righteousness are like filthy rags in his sight.’ It’s only Jesus that can wash us from our sins, and give us the ability to live above sins.

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • May 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    May 2015 Central Healing Service

    Source:        Recorded Video coverage during the Service

    Date:            Sunday, 24th May, 2015

    Venue:         Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters

    Lesson:        Exodus 15:22-27 (Please, read-up)

    Preacher:     Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director)

    N/B: This was transcribed verbatim from the pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was preached.

    ==Message begins==

    We have been dwelling on our theme for the year, “knowing Jesus”. And the last 2 healing services we have been talking about “the Power of knowing Jesus”. So we are going to look at the part 3 today. I will title the message, “Developing a Spiritual Immunity”.

    One of the benefits we get when we know Jesus is that we develop spiritual Immunity. We have been reading from Daniel chapter 11:32, if we look at the part B, the bible says: they that do know their God shall be strong. Being strong, you will have some

    level of resistance inside of you. When we talk about Immunity, most of us here have heard the word immunization, and you have also heard about one of these dreaded sicknesses; Aids. And when we talk about Aids, if I explain it from the layman’s angle, it’s just that it weaken your immune system, it breaks down your immune system, and when your immune systems are broken down, any slightest problem, disease or infection will afflict you. There are different kinds of immunity. In the political level, there are some levels of office; like Governor or president, if you enter that office, according to our constitution currently, you have immunity. No matter any offence you commit, as long as you are still in that office, nobody will jail or punish you .But if another person commits that same offence, the person will go to jail. So that one is political immunity, I told you about the medical one, there are some of us here, your system has a high level of immunity, even when mosquitos bite you ,you will not get malaria, there are others just one or two mosquito bites, they have malaria. That means there is a difference in the level of immunity. We also have spiritual immunity and that one supersedes all level of immunity, that’s why if you listen to the song of Jubilee voices, it says; in the hollow of his hands, no matter what you are safe. No matter what betides you, you are in the hollow of his hands, you are inside his wings, and you are safe. You know the story of Israel when they were in Egypt, all the plague God brought upon Egypt, several of them, because they have a covering from God, they had that immunity from God, every one of them in Egypt were afflicted, but not one of the Israelite were afflicted. So from the passage we read the lesson in Exodus chapter 15, we read from verses 22 to 27, we are going to x-ray that passage briefly, from there we are going to see some of the things that will help us to develop spiritual immunity. Now if you look at the verses before, you will discover that the children of Israel were celebrating their deliverance, they were celebrating the great victory that God gave to them. After they were delivered from Egypt, over 400 years of captivity, they pass through the red sea, they thought that was going to be the end of their lives, but God miraculously opened the red sea, and they passed through on a dry ground. And when pharaoh’s men and armies attempted to pass through the same place, every one of them was drown, they were all drown and the bible told us that they began to rejoice, they began to dance. Miriam brought her jamboree, led the women, you know what the women can do, it was a mass celebration, they had a great time with God upon their lives. Immediately after that verse, we now enter verse 22; the Bible told us that the children of Israel entered into the wilderness, they moved for three days, they could not find water, maybe they were carrying some little gallons of water, because I’m sure they didn’t anticipate that situation, they have exhorted what they had, and you know that, it was not just a journey of Adults alone, the children were also involved. If you have had little children before, when they tell you; mummy or daddy I want to drink water, and you don’t give them that water, that’s when you will know their trouble and how important water is. For three days no water, by the time they now saw one, they couldn’t drink it.

    The first lesson I want you to get this morning is that you must prepare for the wilderness, because the wilderness must surely come in any man’s life at one time or the other. We have so many people today who call themselves Christians, but they are not prepared for the wilderness, by the time they meet and experience the wilderness, they don’t have what it takes to resist it, no immunity. So this immunity we are talking about today is in different dimensions, it is not just the immunity that sickness will not come to me alone, that one is there, it is also immunity, the ability to withstand pressure. The bible says in Timothy that we should endure hardness, which means that if you are a child of God, sometimes hardness will come. When Peter was writing his epistle in 1 Peter chapter 1vereses 6 and 7; he said this: wherein ye greatly rejoice, though, now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations, that the trial of your faith being much more precious than of gold that perished, though it may be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. Now in that passage, Peter was telling every one of us, that see, yes we may have course to rejoice, yes miracles will happen, but it is not only that, ye greatly rejoice though now for a season, there is season of rejoicing, there may also come a season of heaviness, he said; “manifold”, many times of temptation. Every temptation, every trial have their season, so I don’t know which season you are? But whichever season, if you are rejoicing, we pray the rejoicing continues, but notwithstanding, prepare, because there has to be a balance. As we go along I will tell you why, but if you are in heaviness, you are passing through some pressures in your life; I want to encourage you that it is also a season, very soon, that season will be over, in this service today, your season will be over. But you must note that every man has one wilderness to experience or the other, but it may differ, I know that maybe for a number of us here, your problem may be that you have no money, but do you know that there are people that their problem is their money, they cannot walk freely like you and I, some of them have built so many big houses, but they cannot live there, they are renting hotel from one place to the other, they are thinking about their money, they cannot sleep, if rats move around, they think robbers have come. One thing I have discovered is that even a rich men’s house you still find wallgeko, I don’t know how they get there, there is one sign it use to make, as they feel that sign their blood pressure will increase, they will think robbers have come. So you see their own wilderness is the problem of money, particularly those of them who have put their hearts in money. There is no man in this planet that has no problem. All we need is to carry something that can go through every situation. The bible told us that when Paul was speaking he said; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    . I will give you four reasons why God allows us to go through the wilderness as we move on.

    1. God allows us to go through the wilderness to humble us, sometimes God is compelled to allow us go there so that we will be humbled. You know that those who had been to the western world, particularly America, part of the problem of their Christian faith is because certain things are taking for granted because of the level of their Christianity. Part of the things they take for granted is what we believe God for, here, is where we exercise faith, those things are not a problem because it is taking for granted. Some of them have been push to a point where they now think that by the time the food you need is there, everything they need is there, they can even live their life for credit, and they believed they don’t need God, they can do without God. So when God finds that you have shifted your confidence, you have shifted your reliance on one of the things He made or gave you, God will allow you to go into the wilderness, so that when you get there, you will realize that he is there, and you will call him.
    2. Another reason why God will allow us go through the wilderness is to prove us. When God wants to prove us means? There are so many counterfeit Christians, we carry ourselves, we say we are God’s children, and God looks at you He said; this one? You can imaging the children of Israel, after that great miracle that God did, suddenly now there is no water, it has become a big issue, there are so many of us we follow God as long as it is okay, we want God because he should provide the things of life for us, that’s all, if there is any need for sacrifice, you withdraw, you change your mind, and now if God wants to let you know that there is no stuff in you, he will expose you to the wilderness, so that all those who need to end up in the wilderness, will end up. You remember that so many people who left Egypt did not enter the promise land, all the counterfeits were eliminated. They didn’t have what it takes to be able to withstand pressure, they compromised and failed. When you pass through the wilderness, another reason is that God wants to prove you; he wants to give you a result of whom you are. I remember when we were at 25 Elechi beach in 1991, when the Ministry had crisis, after the crisis, some people left the Ministry, they were giving all kinds of excuses, but they couldn’t stand for God. While others stood and even went to court, while others left. It was a time of weeding. The bible says that there will be a shaking, sometimes in our life we experience shaking, so that those things that a real will stay, and those things that are not substance will dissolve. Those are the things that the wilderness does, that’s why you need to develop spiritual stability, spiritual immunity so that you can begin to speak like Paul. He said; I am crushed, but I can’t give up.
    3. He wants to know what is in your heart, he wants to show you how your heart is, Jesus knew that Peter will deny him, and even told him, he said; before the cock crews you will deny me three times, Peter said; it can’t happen, he said; if anybody want to arrest you, I will volunteer first, if they want to kill to you, I will be ready to die first. Jesus looked at him; he knew what was in his heart, so he allowed him. The scene came, a house girl, not even a responsible man, the bible told us that Peter denied three times. When it was the third time in Mathews account, Jesus looked at him right inside where he was being cross examine, he looked where Peter was and their eyes met, he remembered what Jesus told him. Sometimes God will want to show you yourself, so that if you can still remedy like Peter.
    4. To help you acquire immunity. There are some seasonal sicknesses, some diseases that when it afflicts you and you get cured, it will not afflict you again. If it is a season of Apollo and you catch Apollo and gets free from Apollo, Apollo will not catch you again. What has happened? The Apollo has giving you immunity. Even when people were afraid to shake hands because of Apollo, you can shake one hundred times and nothing will happen.

    So the children of Israel continued and came to a place where they called Mara. When they saw water there they said; thank God, water at last, by the time they got to that place, they discovered that they could not drink that water. The bible said; the place was called Mara because the water was bitter. Something that can liken to bitter water was the period of Ebola when some people tricked others and told them to put plenty of salt inside water and drink. A man who wants to drink water cannot drink a salty water to satisfy his taste, salty water cannot serve the purpose. So at this point the bible told us; the children of Israel began to murmur against Moses, they began to complain and were discouraged because they had looked for water for three days, the one they managed to get, was not manageable. They didn’t know that it was part of their wilderness experience; God was trying to draw their attention to him. Do you know one thing I like in Mara, that bitter water? As they were moving in the wilderness for days without water, and suddenly they saw one and said; here is it, God had not done anything. If they just had that water, they would have felt it was their own effort. In liking manner to so many things we struggle, we think it’s by our power it’s our own power, by the time you get that thing, you will discover that it cannot give you the satisfaction you want, anything that God is not involved in, will not satisfy you. Anything that God’s hand is not in, will not satisfy you that’s why he said; all of you who labor come unto me, I know where you can get rest. If you think you can make it in life by your own struggle, if you think you can make it in your own strength, no way it’s not possible, its only God that can give true rest and peace, it’s only God that can give true satisfaction, your money cannot, not even your job, your position can’t, marriage can’t, its only God. If not so every of these things by the time you achieve them, they will become Mara.

    So when they got to that point, they began to complain, they were discouraged and they began to ask questions. They ask Moses, what are we going to drink? They forgot the power of God, they did not remember that God can do anything, they quickly forgot the miracle of the red sea that God did and began to complain, but thank God Moses was on a different page, Moses did not follow them, while they were murmuring and asking questions, the Bible told us what Moses did. Look at your Bible, verse 25 the Bible told us; he cried unto the Lord. Somebody shout cry unto God! When others were murmuring and complaining, Moses cried unto God. Crying to God is one the strongest form of prayers. It is not every cry that is unto God, when you are crying unto the lord, you are crying and asking him question that was not the type Moses did, when crying and complaining; look at my mates, who is your mate? Nobody is your mate. You are crying and you are giving reasons, that one is not crying unto God. There are others who are crying for self-pity, they are crying to attract attention, my own is the worst, that’s not the crying we are talking about, when Moses was crying, he was crying expecting a divine intervention from God. And each time you cry unto God, there will be a divine intervention. Each time you look at the scripture and you see men and women cry their heart unto God, God intervenes. There are so many scriptures because of time we may not be able to read them. Let me just give you about two references, take note of them, you can read them, if you look 1 Samuel chapter 7 verses 9 and 10, in that passage the bible told us that there was a battle between Israel and philistines, and when the battle was so strong, the enemy was so strong, Samuel had to take suckling Lamb and offered unto God, and Samuel did not end there, the Bible said; Samuel cried unto the Lord for Israel, and the Lord heard him, and when the Lord heard him, when you get to verse 10, and God thundered from heaven a great thunder against the philistines. God took over the battle because there was a cry that came from his servant unto him.

    Another place is in 2 Chronicles chapter 13, if you look at verses 14 to 18; this time it was between Israel and Judah. Israel was the break away, Judah was on the other side, in most cases, Judah was following the commandment of God better than Israel, there was a battle between them and the Bible said; when Judah looked and behold there was battle before them and behind them, battle in front, battle behind, everywhere battle. The Bible told us what Judah did, Judah cried unto the Lord, the Lord took over the battle and smote Jeroboam and all Israel, 500,000 chosen men of Israel were slain, because somebody looked unto God, by the time you now read verse 18, the children of Judah prevailed because they relied upon the Lord God of their fathers. When you cry to God with all your hearts, you are relying on him, and when you rely on him, help will come, when you rely on him solution will come, he said call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer you. Some of us don’t know how to cry to God, we only know how to complain and murmur. I pray that today, you will cry to him, if he hears your voice, the answer will come. When you cry from a sincere heart, God takes over the battle.

    The story of Ismael is another case, Ismael was the illegal child of Abraham, he came through the house girl, by the time God bless Sarah and they did a very wonderful celebration for the miracle child, the expected child, Ismael stayed one side and was mocking, Sarah saw him and immediately after the occasion he called her husband Abraham and said to him; send away this bond woman and her child, she said this bond child will not have any inheritance with my son. Bible told us that it was hard for Abraham to do so, but God intervened, he said; you listened to her when you went, listen to her again. So they sent him and his mother away, what she did was to carry a bottle of water and bread, and began to walk into the wilderness helpless, no direction, and as they were going, the water finished, and Heggai said; I don’t want to watch this child die, she went and put the child under one small tree and went into a distance, she said; when I see the child struggling for pain and dies, I will not forgive myself, I will not see that scene. She went the other side and started crying, and the child also started crying, because there was a link with Abraham, even though the child didn’t have covenant, but the cry was coming from an innocent heart, the cry was coming from desperation, God called from heaven. He said; Heggai! What is troubling you? Stop crying, and God opened her eyes and showed her a whale where she will fetch water, automatically, whale appeared in that wilderness because someone cried. And beyond that, God gave her another promise, he said; this child, I’m also going to make him a strong nation. All these Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, that’s where he came from. It was the cry that gave them that position. It tells you how cry can move God. That’s why the Bible says; a broken and contrite heart the lord will not overlook, many times you carry your problems to people who cannot solve them, and you keep moving from place to place yet no solution, I beg you, learn how to cry unto God, he will answer you. So we see there that when Moses cried, God did something, in that verse 25, and he cried unto the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree. So I will tell you few things now that will happen when you cry unto God. The first thing God showed him was a tree, it’s like a log of wood, that tree had been there, but it didn’t serve any

    purpose, but when Moses cried, God opened his eyes. See this tree, He showed him a tree which when he had cast into the water, the waters were made sweet, God showed him a tree, he showed him what to do with the tree, he said; cast it into that water, and then Moses obeyed, and cast it inside the water, the  water that was bitter turned sweet, that situation that was bitter turned sweet. So it quickly reminds us that no matter how bitter your situation may be, no matter how bad your story, it will take God nothing to turn it around. You can imagine from bitterness to sweetness. Sometimes there are some drug that parents want to give children that are very bitter, they try to mix it with a proportion that is sweet, with all those proportion, you still discover that the bitterness will not go, you still feel that taste. When God visits your own bitterness, there will be nothing left, that same God that turned bitter water to sweetness is your God, he is the God that called our father of blessed memory, he is the God that kept this vision, the God that established this healing service. Today, I don’t know that bitterness in your life, I don’t know that situation that is so bitter, and you are so uncomfortable with it, the God of miracle is here, the God who can turn bitterness to sweet is here, today as you call upon him, he will answer you. Remember also the story of Elisha the sons of the prophets in 2 Kings 6:6, when that axe head was missing, it was a borrowed axe head, and the young man cried, Elisha told him to cut a tree and drop it inside the water, when he did so, the Iron axe head that had gone down the bottom of the river, started swimming, the tree was a connection. Have you seen iron swim before? If iron can swim, there is no situation in your life that can drown. I became interested in the tree, and today do you know we have our own tree? Yes we have our own tree, even though we will not be carrying it up and down. What is our own tree. The cross of Jesus is our tree. Just like tree came in contact with bitter water, turned it to sweet water, tree came in contact with water that was harboring an iron and made it swim, anything that comes in contact with the cross of Jesus, will change, if it is something that was bitter, it will become sweet, if it was something that was lost, it will be found.

    I don’t know what challenge you came to this service with in a moment we are going to pray, I want to introduce you to the cross, just take it to the cross, do you have any problem or challenge, no man has an answer, but the cross. The cross is here, the cross is our own tree, and the cross is our own solution, our own answer. After they drank the sweet water, God said let me lay for you the principal of spiritual immunity, because you have only started in this wilderness you will still move more, but I will give you a principle that if you walk by it there is nothing that will be impossible unto you, there is no situation that you cannot conquer, there is no mountain that you cannot climb. And so in verse 26 we find that principle established and He said if thou will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and will do that which is right in His sight, and will give ear to His commandments, and keep His statues, I will put none of these diseases upon thee which I have put upon the Egyptians, for I am the Lord that health thee. Now, I am going to bring out 2 instructions, I will just separate them into two because of time, two laws, when you talk about statues you talk about laws that regulate things. Many of us don’t know as a Christian, that there are laws which regulate your life. If you are hear and you are born again, God has established principles that should regulate your life, I will just give you one or two scriptures because of time, if you look at: Rom 8:1-2

    “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death”. (KJV).

    There are two laws: law of Sin and Death and law of Spirit of Life. The bible calls it law of life in Christ Jesus. There are spiritual laws; the bible says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word. The word of God is supposed to regulate my life, it is supposed to regulate my situation, it is supposed to regulate everything around me. If I discover the law and I operate by that law I will have immunity, I have a defense, because there is one thing that the enemy cannot contend with, he cannot contend with the law of God, he cannot contend with the word of God. So in that passage that we read in Exodus 15:26 there are quickly two laws that I will just mention and then we will pray in a moment. The first one is Obedience, He said if thou will diligently hearken, most of us our problem has to do with obedience, we do selective obedience we obey when it suits us and when it does not suit us we keep it aside, when it is comfortable, any portion of the bible that is sweet to claim you claim it, other commandments that you find not convenient to you, you leave it, and you are waiting to operate in the spirit of life, he said diligently take care, perform it with intense concentration and we observe that the children of Israel were obedient to God, He took care of their battles, God took care of their problems but each time they entered into disobedience their defense was broken, their protection was broken, their immunity was broken. I will give you an example quickly, if you look at John 15 verse 16, the bible tells us there; you have not chosen me but I have chosen you, ordained you that you should bring forth fruit and that your fruit will remain and what so ever you ask the father in my name I will do it. God has told you what He would do. He has also told you what you should do before you get the promise. Now we want God to answer all our prayers, but are you fruitful, are you winning souls the very reason why God has chosen you. That is why God was telling them He said; see I am making a principle of how am going to relate with you, you must obey me and do everything I have said whether it is convenient to you or not, when you do it then I will cover you with my immunity, i will be available but if you don’t do it I will take it away. You are coming to healing service how many of us invited somebody, but you are coming to receive blessings, you are coming to receive healing, there are so many that God wants to reach out to through you, but you came alone, I believe that if you had obeyed God and brought somebody the door to your miracle would have been more open, because you have lived in obedience. And then number two thing He told them, He said and will do that which is right in His sight so I call that one Righteousness. Living a Righteous life doing that which is right not in your own sight , not in your peoples sight, doing that which is right in the sight of God. Many of us because we don’t know the scriptures or we are not ready to look at the scriptures and open our hearts to God, we feel contented with ourselves in fact we commend and congratulate ourselves, we compare after all am better than the other one, we still do that which is not right in His sight. Let me give you one example quickly before we conclude this message, you know there are two times when Moses brought water from the rock, right? The first one God told Him strike the rock and he did water came out the second time God told Him speak to the rock, and because of his state of mind the trouble the children of Israel were giving him, he got angry and the bible say the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God and that is why you must watch your anger, in anger he forgot what God told him and struck the rock, he struck one nothing happened and he struck again and water started rushing, everybody drank, miracle has happened but it was not right in the sight of God, he did not do what God told him to do God was not happy, God was so angry and that was one of the things that made Moses not to enter the promise land that is why we must know that doing what is not right before God is very crucial, this race is personnel and personal in the sense that what God says, you must not just be satisfied that people are clapping for you, people are hailing you, people are seeing you, how does God see you. You must know what the bible says and when you are living right with God, doing that which is right before His sight, He will cover you with His arm so much that the enemy will not see you, and no power will. So when He gave them this two basic principles the principle of life, and the spirit of Obedience/Righteousness because every other thing you read there bothers on that, He then told them what to do, He said when you do this, I will not put upon you the diseases which I put upon the Egyptians. He said I will not put them upon you because you are living in my principle, sometimes you don’t understand this significance, that God will not put the sickness upon them it means if any other sickness comes upon you, note that it is not from God and anything that is not from God cannot stand. So if the problem I am having is not from God then there is a solution, there is an answer when I go to God, He said no weapon formed against you will prosper and every mouth that rises against you what will happen………. He said for I am the Lord that health thee, to put it in a simple way, He said I am your doctor. How many of us here that when you realize God is your doctor will not be happy, you know some of us are privileged that we have a family doctor, but for others they cannot afford it, if we are confident in our doctor when we have little challenge what do you do? you call please am having this because you have confidence in him, now because no doctor specializes in everything sometimes they will refer you to somewhere else, but know that God is offering himself as your doctor the great physician the one that heals all manner of sicknesses, He said I will be your doctor so that no matter the sickness I don’t need to refer you to any other person, no matter the problem in fact even if it requires operation when you read Exodus 23:25-26, He said I will take away sickness from the midst of you, I will do operation without blood, I will do operation without tearing you up. He said when you live by this principle, I am going to be your doctor whatever comes I will take care and in His hospital, He never discharges anybody without curing, He goes about doing good that is our God. Today you can make up your mind but this is the principle God says obey me and do what live a righteous life I will do what be your doctor.

    So we are here today, we are going to pray, the great physician, the doctor of doctors is here, he is the one that cures, he is the one that takes away all sicknesses but He has given us the principle, we are going to start with ourselves, we are going to make sure that there is nothing on our way, when we follow His principles, if you look at your bible we did not have time to look at that by the time you enter verse 27 of where we read in our text when the people moved from Mara they entered into where Elam and Elam was a contrast to Mara, in Elam they have twelve wells some translations call it spring water coming from the rock, clean water twelve wells and seventy palm tree, God moved them from wilderness and they entered into a place of refreshing, they entered into a place of rest they entered into a place of restoration but they had to follow the principle. Today God wants to move you from where you are but you must take the necessary steps so I want you rise on your feet right now because we are going to pray.

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • April 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    April 2015 Central Healing Service

    Source:        Recorded Video coverage of the Central Healing Service

    Date:            Sunday, 19th April, 2015

    Venue:         Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters

    Lesson:        1 Kings 17: 1-24, 18:1 (Please, read-up)

    Preacher:     Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director)

    N/B: This was transcribed verbatim from the pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was preached.

    ==Message begins==

    We want to bless the name of the Lord for another opportunity to be in his presence. This is another healing service. The Jubilee Voice has already prophesied to everyone today that deliverance is available, miracle is available, healing is available, and our God is most capable.

    I want us to open to James chapter 5 verses 17 and 18. “Elias was a man subject to like passion, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain, and it rain not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again and heaven gave rain, and earth brought forth her fruit.”

    During our last healing service, we talked about the power of knowing Jesus. So we are going to be looking at the Part-Two of that message: The Power of Knowing Jesus.

     And I will title this one: “Taking Charge”. God originally designed man to have dominion, to take charge over his environment. Due to sin man lost that authority. In our last healing service we saw Jesus speaking to his disciple, particularly He was addressing Peter because of the revelation he received, he said; I’m going to give you the key of the Kingdom of Heaven; so Jesus was saying, I’m going to restore back that ability to be in charge. And during the Easter, we saw how it was accomplished. And today we are going to see from where we read in our lesson and our text a man that was able to discover the purpose of God for his life; the calling upon his life. He rose and was able to be stirred up to take charge.

    So we want to look at Elijah today. From the lesson, we were told, infact we don’t have much history about Elijah. We were only told that he was a Tishbite. That means he came from a community they call Tishby; that was all we knew about him. We were not told about his father; we were not told about his mother; he was like somebody people knew little or nothing about. To also kind of bring it home, James said; Elijah was the same kind of person as we are, of a like passion. He was like any other human being. If you have ever been afraid in your life, if you have been intimidated before, Elijah had the same experiences, even when the power of God was manifested through his ministry. He still had a point when he was running for his life. I want to announce unto you today, you may be unknown, nobody knows you, you may have situation that are looking overwhelming, you may be looking weak, you may have fears all around you, I want to announce unto you today that, that may just be your beginning. You are going to be strong by the time you know Jesus and that power we can derive by having a relationship with him. You’ll finish being strong. I say to somebody, you will finish strong.

    Elijah came into the scene when Jezebel the wife of Ahab because of her background, had imported the worship of Baal and wanted to turn all the Israelites to worship Baal. It was a time that the worship of the true God was being replaced by false hood and false religion. We are in that day today, all over, look at the city, all over the nation, the world, there is a drive, the men are moving from true worship to falsehood. All kinds of gospel are being preached on Altars. Like we told you earlier, some places are like a commercial house, others are using one symbol or the other in the name of serving God. And you see the drive for religion. All over the place, people are sounding religious but the truth is missing. It was this kind of time that God stirred up a man called Elijah. And I pray that in our time, God will stir you up, God will stir up somebody to be in-charge. You’ll make sure that in your vicinity you are in-charge.

    And so a man began to pray. You may ask me, what was his prayer topic? He was not praying for food, he was not praying for house, he was not praying for his own blessing, he was praying earnestly for what he saw; that things were going wrong. He knew the word of God, he knew what God said, it is war. He said if my people, if they leave me, if they go and serve other gods, I will do a number of things. One of them is that I will close the heavens so that there will be no rain. So he began to seek the face of God, and he began to speak the mind of God; he said, I want this people to know that there is a living God. By the time he prayed and had a break through, and God assured him, he said; go ahead now, anything you declare, I will honour it. So he came one day to meet Ahab. I don’t know where he met him, whether it was in his Palace.  Ahab was the king; it was like coming to tell Ahab that I am in-charge. Do you know that if you don’t rise up and take charge in that your environment, in that your family, the devil will mess you up.

    I don’t know what your own case is, whether it be sickness or affliction. Do you know that until you are grieved inside and rise in your spirit to take charge, the enemy will be taken hold of you. So Elijah came before Ahab the king, and we saw verse 1: let’s look at 1 Kings 17 verse 1. He said as the Lord God of Israel liveth, before who I stand, there shall not be due or rain these years but according to my word. As I read this place, I see a man who has so much confidence in God. I see a man who has received the authority and was speaking with that authority. We are going quickly to look at three things: firstly, He said, as the Lord God of Israel liveth, when he knows that the God of Israel, the God we serve, the father of Jesus Christ, our own God, that God lives. We are serving a God that lives, He has no beginning, He has no end, you cannot imagine His power, he said as long as that God lives. You know powers expire, throne expires, offices expire, is it not? Even there are some royal stool that they will tell the king; live forever but the kings don’t live forever. At best it is only the stool that is remaining; they keep changing those who sit on it. But our God Is from everlasting to everlasting, His power is always the same. If you are connected to that God, you know in one of the services I told you about divine connection. You are connected to an authority that does not expire. You know if you look at our nation now, in the political scene, there is a change of power. Some people who were seriously connected, have now lost grip, that’s why some are moving from one place to another looking for how to connect. Our connection is always relevant  because our God does not change office, no power can remove Him. Do you know that even your problem and situation cannot remove Him from office; He remains God. He said as long as that God lives, and then he went to the second area: he said, before whom I stand. Maybe he met Ahab while on his throne. He went to his Palace. It’s like there are certain things he will be saying. He will tell him, don’t you know where you are standing? Don’t you realize the authority you are interacting with? Then he needed to introduce himself properly. I told you earlier that nobody knew his background. Nobody knew his father and nobody knew his mother, maybe Bible scholars should go and research, but from where we read, we didn’t see much. Maybe Ahab will be asking; where is this one coming from? He said I better introduce myself. See, you are on your throne here, but I’m standing on a higher throne. I am speaking from a higher Authority. I am servant to the living God. I have the mandate of heaven behind me, he said; as the Lord God of Israel liveth before whom I stand. I want to ask you a question, where are you standing? Before whom are you standing? I pray that God will open your eyes to know. You know the Bible told us in Ephesians; we are seated in heavenly place with Christ Jesus. Many of us don’t know what happens when you come into a relationship with Jesus, and that is what knowing Jesus will reveal to you. But though we are in the flesh, we do not work after the flesh. Though you can see me, I may not have anything, I may not possess anything, I may not even know how to speak English, but my place is in the heavenliest, I stay in a place that when I speak heaven is interested, when I move, I may not have money to pay police escort, God gives me an escort that money cannot pay, he gives me Angels to walk with me.

    You know something happened with the three Hebrew children when they had encounter with Nebuchadnezzar. We had the story that they were not ready to worship his gods, and he had to summon them before him, and then the king began to talk like a king, royalty, the one that has the final say. He said; see the fire is ready, my own when I speak, there is no appeal court, no supreme court, I have all of them in my hand, I will just command they will throw you here, with all the bragging after he was finished, what did they tell him? They said oh king! We are not careful to answer you in this matter, because if there is connection with our God, the throne where we are standing is higher than your throne, that God is the one who made fire, and if He made fire, He will deliver us from fire. So I will ask you, do you know the God that you serve? Until you know Him, every situation will intimidate you, until you know Him, you cannot rise up. It is unlike today. Today, you can address the president anyhow, and they will tell you freedom of speech, that you are entitled to your own opinion. If you like you can abuse him, nothing will happen, as long as you do not do anything that will infringe on the law. Those days if the king says die; it is death or if he says live, it is life, and for you to go and stand before that king to challenge his authority, you must know where you are coming from. That’s why I want you to know today that we are coming from a higher Authority. We are connected to a higher Power. So Elijah realized that, because he knew that he had a right standing with God. I pray today that in this service you look at your standing with God. This very standing starts with our relationship with Him in salvation. Are you born again? If you are not born again you don’t have a right standing with God. The righteousness of God will not cover you, and if you are born again, are you living a holy life? Do you have that confidence to say like Elijah, that as long as God liveth before whom I stand. If you don’t have that confidence, in course of this service, we will give you an opportunity, so that God will give you that right to have it.

    So we now enter into the number three thing, declaration. What was this declaration? He said; there shall be no rain these years, but according to my word. I want you to begin to look at that statement; he didn’t say there will be no rain for one week. He didn’t say there will be no rain for one month. He didn’t say one year, he said; these years. It must be somebody that has confidence, somebody that has received a breakthrough, and he didn’t end there, he said; even before rain will fall, until when I will say it, he didn’t say until God permits, he said; God had giving me the key now, he say God had giving me the key now, I have the key, until I speak, there will be no rain. He was talking like one that was in charge. He told Ahab, I am now in charge. And how did it come to this point? I told you earlier, that: (One) He had a right relationship with God. (Two) He knew his authority. (Three) He had sought the face of God, he knew what the mind of God was. He knew the word of God. That’s why we are encouraging you to study, we brought materials for you to study, so that you may know what God says. Let me read one place for you where Elijah was standing from. I will read Leviticus chapter 26:18-19, I will just paraphrase it: He said; if you will not yet hearken, I will punish you seven times more for your sins, I will break the pride of your power, I will make your heavens as iron, and your earth as brass.

    I will give you two other passages just note them down. Make sure you read them when you go home. They are: Deuteronomy chapter 11:16-17 and Deuteronomy chapter 28:23-24. These passages are in the same line with the Leviticus I read for you. Elijah knew the consequences of sin; he knew the punishment so well. During Easter, we tried to let you know how God takes sin so seriously, that even when He was punishing His son for us, He did not mind that it was His son. Right from the Old Testament till today, God does not compromise with sin. When you read those passages they are very serious. In fact, I will recommend for you to read from verse 1 of that Leviticus I read for you, read all of them. You will see how God was emphasizing, if you don’t change, I will do this one, if you don’t change. I will do this one. He said, if you don’t hearken, I am going to punish you seven times. The one I will bring to you now is that I will seal the heaven and seal the earth, and it is not going to be plastic that you will blow and it will break; I will use brass and I will use iron. So you will be caged, you cannot connect heaven, he cannot connect earth. You know that earth is where the fruits come from. Heaven is where rain comes from. He said; I will seal them up. Elijah knew it, and Elijah went and sought the face of God. He was telling God, I want things enforced so that the people will realize that they have gone astray. He prayed until God said; okay take the key. Do you know that the victory is in your closet? Do you know that the break through is in your closet? Many of us know how to complain before God, but we don’t know how to utilize our closet. That’s why we read James, it was not as a matter of coming to say there will be no rain and it happened. He prayed, the bible says; earnestly! Enter your closet. Draw strength from the closet, and when you come and declare, it will come to pass.

    So when he finished, we were not told the response from Ahab. There was no response. I am sure Ahab was still wondering who is this one? Where is he coming from? We don’t know him, and even the rain makers we know them, so where is this one coming from? And more so, baal was a god of fertility, baal also makes rains, because you can’t have a fertility without rain. So he was challenging baal in the place of baal’s authority, because Ahab knew baal, but he didn’t know the authority that is over and above Baal. He looked at him and said; this man doesn’t know what he is saying, I don’t even need to spend my energy talking to him, we know the one who controls rain, we know the one who controls the weather, we don’t even have to bother to punish him, don’t put him in any discipline, let him go. And immediately he finished, God told him something. So immediately Elijah made that pronouncement, heaven was lucked, no dew, no rain, because he knew what will follow.

    So we now come to how God takes care of his faithful servants. You know the Bible tells us that when rain falls, it falls both on the wicked and on the good. So by the time Elijah had shot the heavens, it means to him, rain will not fall even where he was, if not some other people will come and benefit from it. There are so many other issues there now: the first thing God knows that Elijah will need His protection. He knew that time will come when Ahab will see that this thing is working. When Ahab will call his men and do all his incantations and nothing would happen, he will look for Elijah. So He told him, go to the brook Cherish and hide yourself there. In essence God was saying go to that brook I will hide you there. God was the one to hide him there, and when God protects you, no power, no demon, no authority can be able to see you. Are you looking for protection? Are you looking for covering? Psalm 127 said; except the Lord keeps the city, they watch in vain. Our real protector is God. Don’t you see that this God is so special? Don’t you see that this God is so powerful? You know there are people who hire people to come and protect them while they are sleeping and moving around. But God says, I offer to take care; I offer to protect you  even when you are moving around and when you are sleeping. There is a song we used to sing, which says, “even mosquito no go touch you again”. That means that when we are sleeping, God is not sleeping. He is watching over you, He is protecting you. You listened to our sister’s testimony; when she was in the church listening to the word of God, worshiping God, evil men came and took her car away. God knew their plan, God knew their direction. They drove and drove from here, as they were approaching Owerri, their heart could not contain them, and something ordered them, if you don’t drop this car here, you will die. They became restless, they parked! I don’t know how they got her number; they must have searched the car, there was a document that has her number, they sent a text: please forgive us. That God is your God. We can rest on his protection; we can rest on his covering.

    The next thing, God knew Elijah will need was food. God had provided accommodation, whether it was brook I didn’t know what was there. But God provided accommodation. He had provided protection that nobody who knew Elijah will ever go there to fetch water. The next thing God did was that he commanded a raven (bird)  to feed him there. Do you know that when you are God’s servant, you are special, he said; I have commanded, and when God command, what is it that will not obey? God commanded a bird to feed him. The Bible told us that the raven will bring bread in the morning and will bring meat in the evening. He will command the raven to bring bread, don’t ask me where the bread is coming from, if you want ask God, and also meat. It is not raw meat because it has been prepared. Don’t ask me where they prepared it, and then he will come and make noise. Elijah was now taken vacation. You know when you work hard you need vacation. Elijah had prayed hard, fasted hard, he said; now is time for vacation, the bird will come and wake up Elijah: it’s time for lunch, and then Elijah will open his eyes, he will see food prepared, and he will not ask question. You need to connect heaven. He will go back and sleep. In the evening during supper time, dinner, the bird will faithfully bring the food and say, dinner is ready…and Elijah will wake up and eat, go to the brook to collect water and drank. That happened, we don’t know for how long, in fact some Bible scholars says, it was about one year because before the brook will dry, you know rain was not falling again; so the brook will gradually dry. It took months, and for each day, the bird did not fail on his duty because God was in charge. Hey! I don’t know how we can leave to trust God and realise that God does not need to break His head to take care of you. He can take care of you from source that does not even make sense. He uses the foolish things to confined the wise.

    Let me tell you something quickly before we move on, you know when you look at the raven (bird), there are two characteristics of the raven that I will like to mention: If you look at Job chapter 38:1, if you read that place it gives you a description about the ravens. One of the characteristics of Ravens is that they don’t know how to take care of their young ones, and that’s their young ones are always crying. It’s God that takes care of their young for them. This bird that could not take care of her young, God made it to take care of a man. That’s number one.

    Number two. This bird is one of the unclean birds that the children of Israel were not meant to eat. In fact, they were not supposed to touch even their dead body. When you read Deuteronomy 14:14, you will find out. So this raven that is God’s vessel cannot take care of his young. This raven that is now God’s vessel is declared unclean That shows you that God can use anything. He can use the foolish things so that when they will explain it, man would have no business with it. God can do for you what no man can do for you. God can help you from sources that you never can imagine, and that’s why you must have faith because if it is me and you that had a vision of bird coming to feed you, even after you heard this. Before that time we have not heard of bird feeding people. I don’t know how strong your mind will be, that bird can take care of you. In essence God is saying, I will take care of you.

    So after Elijah had stayed there for a while, he has been used to  bird supply. God said; since your faith could carry you, I will give you promotion now. Sometimes when one door closes, it’s because God wants to open another one, but sometimes because we are too used to that door, we don’t want to leave that door. So the brook dried up, but we didn’t hear Elijah complained. God spoke to him again, he said, it’s time to move. Go to Zarephath. Now Zarephath was a gentile nation. In fact, Zarephath is close to the home of Jezebel. They are very close, they are from the same territory. He told him and said; I have commanded a widow woman to sustain you there. You can always see each time “command”. That means God has a word and his word is command for you. God has a word, it’s for you to identify the place, if you know the place, when you go there, things will work. So this time around, he said; widow. Thank God I told you he has graduated, if not he would said; em... this time again, widow, not even somebody that is established, because in those days, widows were generally poor. When there is difficulty, they were the first set of people to run out. And God said; go there. I will tell you in a moment why God directed him there, and then we will be preparing to pray. So we see in that place quickly that this widow was not well to do. In fact, it was the widow that had a final meeting with her son, the only son available there. I don’t know whether she had another one. This drought affected everywhere, and most of them in Israel were they used to get supply. Now Israel was hit hard. She told her son and said,  see, we have been managing, now this is last card, as we cook this one, then we will surrender to death. I’m sorry, as a mother I should have supply for you, but there is nothing look at the condition. The son said; mummy don’t worry, I understand, and while the woman went to gather two sticks. Have you seen people gather two sticks to make fire? There is no point wasting energy, taking a lot of firewood when there is no food to cook. So let me just get two sticks to prepare this little food. And while she was gathering the two sticks a visitor came. A stranger! she looked at him, he said; please give me water to drink, I’m sure she was praying in her heart, I hope this man will not ask more than water; as she was going to bring the water, he said; please if you are coming, add a little bread, it has been a long journey, I need something to bite. You know, I used to tell my brethren in my former church, that whenever someone come to you and said; please give me water to drink, ask for the second and third one, look for food for that person to eat, because he is trying to look for water to fill all the space. So he said bring cake, and the woman looked around and said; this man I don’t know where you are coming from, is like you don’t understand what is happening! What I have is the last card, if you want I will show you the basin where it is, the oil is the last, the flour is the last, it is a covenant food that we have made, that as soon as we finish eating, we will surrender to death.  Of all the people in Zarephath, it was only the widow, why did God send Elijah? Was it just because God want the widow to take care of Elijah? No, it was because God wanted to use Elijah to sustain the widow. Elijah was a point of connection between that Widow to God. Do you know that when you look at the scripture, God is interested in what we call last card, that time you think you don’t have, that was what our Mummy was telling us earlier. When you think you don’t have, that is the one God wants most. That’s the one God appreciates, because that your last card connects you to God. Do you know how God measures your giving? God does not measure your giving by the amount. God measures it by the sacrifice; the sacrifice you make. So if I am earning millions and I take one and give to God and there are so many other ones left, it may not touch God as that widow with the two mites, that was her last card. And when they finished the offering, Jesus called the result. He commented on the offering to teach them a lesson. He ask them, do you know who gave best in this service? I’m sure they looked around, they know there are business men, they know those who have connections, they would have said, ahh! you don’t need to ask us, we know that brothers offering,  we know that sister’s offering, Jesus said; no, that widow there has given the best, she had given all that she had. God saw a woman that said; after that meal, that will be her end, he said no, I wouldn’t let her die. I will send a prophet to her, and then he sent a prophet, and how did the prophet start?  “Give me”. Many of us miss our point of connection when you see needs in the house of God. When you see needs in your church; when you see needs of people around you, and God is speaking to you, and you are only looking at it that, I don’t have. Your second name is: I don’t have. As soon as they raise issues of money, only God knows that I don’t have, you have already concluded, you are always complaining. God wants to pull you out. God wants to open a door for you, but you have kept yourself. This woman did not have, and if you read further, it was not easy for this woman; the bible says that God said; I have commanded a widow, but even with the command, it was not easy. The woman was telling Elijah, I hear one voice oo.. but I like to be practical, this is the last card. Thank God that Elijah knew that God sent him, he said woman, fear not. In the midst of your fear, that is the time to release what you have. Do you know that the last you have, that is the best for God, that small one is the best. And so Elijah said; give to me first, he was looking like a selfish prophet. Maybe some of us will say, if you are man of God pray let the thing multiply first before I will give you but now you said you want to eat first, the ration now will be shortened. He said; this flour will not finish, this oil will not dry, and the woman obeyed. As they collect, the thing will replace, as they collect, the thing will replace... Assuming Elijah spent one year in the brook, it means that two years plus, Elijah was there, assuming that this woman’s son was now big enough for wedding, and they were to do wedding and do entertainment for five hundred guests. As the five thousand guests collect, it will be replaced, because the power of God came into that resource that was so small by giving to that man of God. She had given the resource to God, like that bread of Philip, small loaves, as it entered the hand of God, the bread was multiplied. I pray that somebody will learn how to connect to the resources of heaven.

    That was not the only blessing of the woman, at the point they were living today, the child of the woman fell sick, he was very sick, fainted and almost died. She carried the child to Elijah. She said chey! Man of God, you have come to bring my sin to the public, I have been hiding my sin, now your presence has brought God here and you have exposed my sin, you have killed my child, and when Elijah saw that he took up the child, we saw how that when Elijah prayed and the woman’s child revived. That was the second miracle, by just giving one meal, she experienced a continuous supply for years, and now, healing and reviving of a dead child, everything was in that package.

    So we see a man who yielded to God and took charge, through him, we saw chains of miracles happened as Elijah stayed there. I want to conclude with verse 1 of chapter 18. A time now came, God came back to Elijah and said to him that the hiding is over, the school I brought you is over. He said go, show yourself to Ahab. I know that God is saying to somebody today, you know, Ahab has been looking for Elijah not just in Israel, all over the other nations. In fact, when he gets there and they looked and they didn’t see him and they will say, pledge that he is not here, everywhere he published that Elijah was a wanted man. God said, this is not time to run away from the thing that is hunting you. It’s not the time to run away from your troubles. He said; go and show yourself to Ahab. From this service, you will no longer run away from your trouble, you will not run away from your challenges, you will not run away from those things and people that you think are threats to you, God told Elijah. And I know that God is saying to you today, go and show yourself to that Ahab in your life, that thing that stands as an Ahab in your life. It’s time to confront that Ahab, go, show yourself unto Ahab, I don’t known whether it is sickness; go, tell that sickness I come unto you in the name of the Lord.  I don’t know what that problem is, it’s time to face it, go and face that situation, go show yourself. I don’t know what that challenge is, but if you have come into this service with a challenge, all you should say is; God I want to rise up after this meeting to stand and take charge spiritually, physically, all around me, around my surrounding, I will not be intimidated anymore. Some of us cannot open our mouth and share the gospel with somebody, there are people around you living in sin, living in falsehood, and your mouth is closed. We are saying today, take charge. I want you to take charge, I want you to confront it, if there is anything you want to confront, be it physical, be it spiritual, I want you to step out, we are going to be praying together in a moment, just step out before the Altar. 

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • March 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    March 2015 Central Healing Service

    Source:        Recorded Video coverage of the Central Healing Service

    Date:            Sunday, 22nd March 2015

    Venue:         Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters

    Lesson:        Matthew 16: 13 – 19 (Please, read-up)

    Preacher:     Pastor Isaac V. Olori (The International Director)

    N/B: This was transcribed verbatim from the pre-recorded video tape. It is expected to reflect the originality of the message delivered. For maximum benefits, every reader is advised to put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting under the Preacher when the message was preached.

    ==Message begins==

    I want to welcome you to this special service. This is the Ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, and here is our international headquarters and we are right in the TempleIn Greater Evangelism, we don’t teach people how to make money, but we teach people how to make heaven. The things happening around you are pointing to one thing, that the end is at hand. So the greatest thing that you can do to yourself is to ensure that you have a right standing with God and prepare yourself for heaven. That’s why as a Ministry, we focus on preparing men because a time will come when all we have will no longer count, what will count will be our relationship with God.

    I want us to open to Daniel 11; we are going to read verse 32; “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall corrupt by flattering, but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploit”.

    Our theme for this year is “knowing Jesus”, and we have been making emphasis on that theme so that we will be brought to a point of seeing it as a priority in our life and ensuring that we increase in our knowledge with God.

    So the title of the message I want to share with you this morning is; “the power of knowing Jesus”. Where we just read in Daniel, we found people of the same race, people that have the same heritage; they have the opportunity and privilege that they were separated to be called the people of God. They are the children of Israel, special people, but we discovered that there was a separation here. If you look at your bible in Daniel chapter 11 verse 32; the first half was talking about the first category of people; he said and such that do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries. The second category he said; but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploit. The factor that separated them was just the level of their knowledge about God. And today we are going to be dwelling more on the second part; the people that know their God. We shall look at the power that is available to you when you come to an intimate relationship with God. Your life and everything around you will be affected when you know God intimately. We are going to go to our lesson and use the example of Jesus and his disciples that we read in Mathew 16 to bring out the lessons that we are going to learn today. From verse 13, we can see the question that Jesus asked. He said; who do men say that I, the son of man am? He wanted to know the opinion of people about him and how much they knew him. From their response; we discovered so many saying that he was John the Baptist, others said; he was Jeremiah, he was one of the Prophets.  Some looked at him like a prophet because they didn’t know him well. So we find varying answers and they were wrong. I begin to wonder if God should ask you that same question today. If God should ask us in the various situations we pass through because even in our situation, that question keeps coming. Who do you say that Jesus is? This is because how you know him determines how you relate with him. Today, we can see the way men and women who call themselves Christians relate with God. It shows you how they see him. For many, he is not anything more than the one who will solve their problems, heal their sicknesses, protect them and provide for them.  That is the level of relationship they have with him. When you pray, what are the content of your prayer list? Your list reveals how much you know him. You only see him as a problem solver and you don’t have a personal relationship with him. For some, they reduce God to become the one that will fight for them, destroy their enemies and all they pray is for their enemies to die. They also send God on an errand to kill their enemies because that’s all they know about God. Jesus knew the answers were wrong so he turned to his own disciples, those who have been sitting under him, he said to them; what do you say about me? He wanted to know the level of revelation they have received concerning him. And from the answer we saw here, they were twelve, he didn’t hear from any other person except Peter who answered him. Peter was the only person that gave an answer, and we are going to look at that answer a little bit as we go on. God is looking for a personal answer, not what you got from other people. He is looking for a personal experience or account you can give by reason of your walk with him. If you look at the experience of the transfiguration, Jesus had twelve disciples, but it was only three that had the privilege of seeing him transfigured. I am sure that after that experience, those three were not on the same page with the other nine. I pray that we will be stirred up in our spirit to begin to see an intimacy that will reveal God to a level that we can stand anywhere, no matter the situation because we know him.

    So let’s look at the answer of Peter, we are going to pick out two things there as we go on. And Simon Peter answered and said;

    1. Thou art the Christ.
    2. The son of the living God.

    So the first answer of Peter was; you are the Christ. Christ means the anointed one, the messiah. The anointed one, the one that heaven commissioned. If you know Jesus as the one commissioned by heaven, if you really know that he is the one sent from heaven, I am sure that your relationship with him will change. In Acts 10:38; the bible tells us how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit, and he went about doing good and healing all manner of sicknesses. So if you know Jesus as the anointed one, if you really know him, then you will know that there is no situation that is impossible with him. You must know that the one you are relating with was anointed by heaven, commissioned by heaven. There are so many people that go around trying to offer solution, but they were not sent by heaven. Jesus is the only one sent from heaven, he is the only one commissioned by God, and he has the key to every problem. I don’t know the problem you have come with today to this service, but I want to announce to you that the one we are calling here today is the king of kings, he is the Lord of Lords and he is the master of every situation. So as you are in this service today, I pray that your eyes will be open to see that Jesus is here, he is here in this service, and if you can see him, if your heart could be open to him, you will go home with your miracles.

    The second answer that Peter gave was; you are the Christ, the son of the living God. You know when Jesus was here on earth, most of the problems he had with the Sadducees and Pharisees was because he said; he was the son of God. So he asked them; who do you say that the son of man is? You know you are a son of man and you are limited by what limits men. He introduced himself to know whether they were able to graduate from just seeing him as the son of man, because in scriptures, at some point you see the people get angry. Is he not the son of Joseph the carpenter?  We didn’t even see where he went to school because he has always been in the carpentry shop with his father. They only saw and knew him as the son of man, and they said among themselves; this young man is intelligent even when he didn’t go to school. So they looked at him at the level of man and that limited them from getting his true picture. And Peter said; you are the son of the living God. That means Peter was also saying that Jesus was God. That was why Jesus could walk upon the water. You know when he was walking upon the water, it was dark, they didn’t see his face, and they saw somebody walking on the water, what was their conclusion? They said; no this can’t be a human being, chai! We are struggling with storm and now, here comes a spirit walking towards us. Jesus was able to walk on the water because he was the son of the living God. I want you to know that if you are born again and Jesus is your Lord, you are serving a living God. And if that same spirit that raised Jesus from the grave dwells in you, he will quicken, he will produce life, whatever kind of life. Whether it is temporal life that has to do with breathing, whether it is spiritual life, whether it is eternal life. He has power to give you all kinds of life. From verse 17, we will begin to see the power of that revelation of the knowledge and intimacy of knowing Jesus. We will also see the power and benefits of knowing Jesus.

     Look at the first thing Jesus said in verse 17 “blessed art thou Simon Bar-jona”, I don’t know whether Jesus had said this to them before, he has not. He did something, he told him and said; see, for having this revelation, you are a blessed man. Any man who has this revelation is blessed. He said; “blessed art thou son of Jonah” He went on and said; flesh and blood did not reveal it to you, but my father which is in heaven. The first thing you see there is that the level of Peter had changed. Peter had graduated from just interacting with men here. He is interacting with heaven and interacting with the father in heaven to the point that the father will open his eyes to see and he tells him this man you are seeing is not just an ordinary man o, he is my son. God introduced Jesus in his own way, after baptizing God said; “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased” but yet it did not sink into people’s heart. That’s why when they were quarrelling him, he said; Peter your level had changed. You are now operating from the heavenly realm which is the supernatural. Let’s now assume that peter has a problem and he knows how to access heaven, will he be looking for answer here? He will also go there and talk to that father who knows how to talk to him. You now see the reason why your level and peter’s level will no longer be the same. Most of us here, whenever we have problem, all our solution or strategy is physical. Also, when you now go to the point that the physical can no longer help you, you get stranded, worried and depressed. Doctor said this, my business is doing this, the witches said this etc. will be the things you hear. But if you know how to switch over to the supernatural, if you know the one who is your lord that he is the son of the living God, that he is God, what you will do is to switch over.  You switch over to the one who is anointed, who is going about doing good and healing all manner of sicknesses. So many of you have been Christians for years, but you don’t have confidence in your ability to pray and believe God to get answer. Also, God is your father, just as he is the father of any other person you know that he is walking with. You know that if we look at the life of Peter, it is not that Peter had perfected all things.  Note that when you take the proper position, God will reveal himself to you. If you read the next verse, after the whole wonderful glory Peter had, Peter changed position is it not? And then what happened there? Jesus said; get thee behind me Satan! The first time he changed and was hearing from God, another time he changed and was hearing from Satan. So don’t be discouraged, God can visit you too. All you need is a change of position, change to that positive position that Peter took; you will have access to heaven. That is what we are talking about “Knowing Jesus”, have a personal walk with him.

    Now let’s look at the second blessing that Peter had in course of that revelation, look at what Jesus said in verse 18; He said; “I say also unto thee: thou art Peter”. He said; I will also tell you, you have revealed whom I am, let me also reveal who you are Peter! Do you know the meaning of Peter? Peter means stone, small rock, little rock. Jesus is the rock. Jesus said; you too, you are a little rock. What I possess, you have part of it, what made me; you have part of it. He said; I say also to you, because you have got a revelation of whom I am, let me reveal who you are. So many of you are under living, under operating and you are living under the shadow of the real you. This is because you don’t have a revelation of Jesus; you don’t have a revelation of who you are. It is the revelation of Jesus that will reveal your real you. Let me give you one example quickly: when Moses was born with a mission, he was born at a time that no man child was allowed to live but to prove to him that there was something inside him, instead of him being killed by those that made the law, God made it that those people nursed him, sent him to school, clothed him but Moses did not understand a thing. Moses did not have a revelation of God, all he knew was physical power, and he thought that, that mission was to be accomplished by physical power. He tried it and it sent him on exile. And then he resigned, He said let me hear that voice again. Let me hear those who will say, see the one I did, I would have been a dead man. But suddenly God appeared to him in a burning bush. May God appear to you!  As God appeared to him in that burning bush, it attracted his attention. The green leaves were burning but they were still green. He turned to see what kind of sight it was. God spoke to him there and he had an encounter with heaven. God introduced himself to him but what did Moses do? Moses was still struggling, because of his past experience. He said; God, it is like you will look for another person. Me, I am a stammerer, if I go to Pharaoh’s Palace before I speak one word they will cast me out. It took God patience to take him through and he didn’t know that in him was a red sea divider. He didn’t know that he was somebody that God will use to bring plague upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians to the point that they will begin to beg him please go with your people.  He didn’t know all that. I pray that you draw close to God so that your real you will appear. That’s what the bible says, that the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploit. The knowledge of God will bring out God’s deposit in your life and when the world and your faith are saying you cannot, God is saying you can. Where others cannot survive, God is saying I can make water come out from the dry land. We need to know him because when we know him so many issues in our lives will be settled and then we will be transformed to become an instrument in his hand.

    The third thing that Jesus told him that you can get from that revelation is that he told him; “upon this rock; I will build my church”. What is that rock? That rock is that revelation of Jesus he had. The revelation that Jesus is the anointed one, the messiah and that is the foundation that God will use to build his church. You know that we are not talking about a church that is as big and fine as this our temple. We are talking about the called out people, people that have been called out, people that are born again, people that have been washed in his blood and have a living relationship with him; that is the church he is referring to. When we say church, we are talking about human beings. That church is talking about those that their names are written in the book of life, so it is possible, you can be here, your name can be in our register, but you need to answer this question, is my name in the book of life? It is only those who are born again, and living righteous lives that are the members of this church that Jesus is talking about. So he said upon this rock I will build my church, which means if that rock is not there, it is like building a house without foundation and Jesus can’t waste his effort and materials because there is no reasonable man who wants to build what will not last and then he will build it without foundation. I don’t think there is any man like that. That means that if that rock of knowing him is not there, he will not waste his time with you, he will not waste his resources on you. It means the more you know him, the stronger your foundation and the higher level of building he will put on top. There are some buildings that are hundred storeyed, their foundation is not the same with one storey building. That means that the more you know him, the more he can build upon you. And so he said if you have that foundation, I will build my church. God is going to be the architect, he is going to be the engineer, he is going to be the builder and he is going to supply the materials. Everything he will need to build you, he will provide, everything he will need to take care of your life, he will provide. When he will have that provider foundation for you, he will take over. He said; I will take over, and when I finish with you, it will take us to the next level oh, hallelujah!

    That will take us to number 4. He said when I build you, “the gates of hell …” We are not talking about demons, Satan; we are not talking about witches and occult people because those ones are small. He said; your level will so change that even hell, hades, where all the demons are and they send them message and they keep you sleepless; that is their abode. He said; even those gates cannot stop you. You know when you talk about gate: you are talking about limitation, is it not?  For example if we close this gate, nobody will come in or go out from here. So hell has gates that it uses to limit men, and there are two ways he does it. For some, when it keeps you inside, you can’t go out, you will struggle and struggle. They will tell you all kinds of things; ancestral spirits and all kinds of evil things. This is because the gate has been locked.

    Another side of it is that; maybe this is your blessing, this is what you deserve to get and he will also not allow you to access it. The gate of hell! But he said that; when I take over your project, I pray that God will take over somebody’s project here, and that project I’m talking about is your life. As long as you are God’s project, no hell can stop you, no power can stop you, no disease can stop you, no witches can stop you oh, hallelujah! Some of you here are struggling with sin because you gave yourself to the enemy, you rise, you fall and you have come to the point that you are depressed. Some of you, it is a problem in your body, doctors don’t have the answer, you have done all that you know. Some of you, it is your business, your finances, your job, your marriage etc. I don’t care what it is, but the bible says that Jesus said I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not stop you. Today there is going to be a declaration from heaven that will say;” lift up your heads o ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the king of glory shall come in”. There will be a declaration from heaven; I pray that you will tune up so that you can partake of that liberation today.

    Lastly, we are going to be praying in a moment, I want you to begin to fasten your spiritual belt now; the ball will soon be in your court. You will have opportunity to face heaven in a moment. And then he said; all these things came as a result of that revelation Peter had, you can see the change because he didn’t stop there. He said I will not only build you, I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. The keys of the kingdom of heaven are not the same thing as the key of heaven because God will not give you the key of heaven.

    Now when you talk about the kingdom, you are talking about “reign”, Government, jurisdiction.He said; I will give you the key so that …; you know when he was telling Peter he said; Peter you are blessed. Peter now will be operating, not with the key of the padlock of his house, not the key of any earthly place. He said; I’m going to hand over to as many as will have this revelation, not just one key; he said keys of the kingdom of heaven. You know that key sometimes can even be so small but it is a mark of authority. Let’s take this temple for instance, we have the two main gates in this temple, they have keys, let it be that a small boy is holding the keys and I am the director and I don’t have the keys, when I come to that gate will I enter? That boy who is holding those keys is holding the authority to enter here. So, key talks about authority. He said; I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind here on earth, whatever you forbid here on earth and say it will not happen as long as you have decreed. We are the people who decree the will of heaven here on earth. Do you know the Lord’s Prayer? “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth …” We are the ones who will determine the will to be done on earth. I don’t know whether you know that truth, on earth, in your life, in your family, in your business, in Nigeria, we hold the key. We make the will of heaven to be done here; we will no longer live like people who are ignorant. When he builds you, he hands over keys to you, no door can stop you and no situation can stop you. And that’s why we have the authority to bind. Somebody after this meeting, you will have the authority to bind, somebody after this meeting, you will cease to become a victim and you will become a victor (congregation echoes; Amen!) Remember he said keys! Some of you have so many doors and the doors are not having the same key because the doors have different keys to open all. If you use the right key on the right door, the door will be opened. There are so many keys, he said; I will give unto you keys. When you know him, you will begin to operate with different keys like the key of prayer, the key of worship, the key of holiness, the key of service. When you are witnessing, you are going with a key, because he talks about wearing the gospel shoe. There are different keys for different doors. So when you receive a revelation and you have that kind of understanding, you know which key to use for every situation. He said I give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. God wants to hand over keys to somebody today, if you are that person rise on your feet and start coming out.

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • February 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    Source:         Recorded Audio tape at the Central Healing Service

    Date:             Sunday, 15 Feb. 2015

    Venue:          Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters

    Preacher:      Pst Isaac V. Olori (The International Director)

    ==Message begins==

    Our Lesson:  Luke 19:1-9

    Text:                Ephesians 4:13
    “Till we all come in the Unity of faith and the knowledge unto a perfect man, unto a measure of stature in the fullness of Christ”.

    I want to title my message this morning:

    Increase your stature

    I know some people will be wondering like Nicodemus when he met Jesus and Jesus told him that he must be born again. And he asked, as old as I am? Am I going to enter into my mother’s womb the second time? To some of us, we will be looking at our age, and we will be saying I have finished growing so how am I going to increase my stature? I’m sure along the line you will know the kind of stature I’m talking about. We are trying to build on our theme for this year; “Knowing Jesus”. We are doing everything to drive this home so that every one of us will be stimulated to know him more than we have ever known him before. If you look at the verse that we read, you will discover that there is also an emphasis; it says “until we all”, no exemption. No   one is exempted; God is expecting every one of us to grow. God wants us to have the following from the passage; 
    1). Unity of faith,

    2). Knowledge of the son of God

    Another thing God is emphasizing there is that we should grow up to the measure of the stature of Christ. Now what do we mean by stature?


    1. Stature is the natural height of an animal or person, when he is standing upright.

    So I want you to note that definition very well because standing upright is important to us. Another way the dictionary defines it is: 
    B) The respect that comes from achievement or development.

    When you accomplish spectacular things, when you achieve some certain benefits and when you develop yourself to a point. It attracts respect and that respect is because of the stature you have been able to acquire.So we are going to be looking at stature from those two dimensions.

    Numbers 13 verse 32, you will find the story of the spies that Ten out of Twelve when they gave their reports, part of the things they said were that all that they saw were men of great stature and they went further to say that before them, they were looking like grasshoppers. So there you find that they were making a measurement,they looked at the men they saw and they looked at themselves. In fact I don’t know whether that land was a land of giant, the story looked as if it was exaggerated, because they said; all the people they saw, they were all huge and tall, and all of them reduced themselves and said that they were like grasshoppers. They were simply measuring themselves with those giants. So in stature, there is measurement.

    And Ephesians told us the yardstick of the measurement. Every day as you wake up, as we are advancing in this New Year, you have a yardstick to measure your stature, not your physical stature, but a spiritual stature. And who is the yardstick? Jesus.

    The bible says measure of the stature of Jesus, the fullness of Jesus. We are not talking about physical height, because I don’t know anybody who knows the physical height of Jesus here but we are talking about the spiritual measurement. That’s why even as you are in this service, if you have not measured your spiritual height before, I want you to begin to meditate over these words as you are hearing them because God says I have a standard, Jesus is the standard, and that’s why we want to know him. How would you know his stature? How would you know his height? Some of us measure ourselves with men, when you hear some people they will say I’m better than this man o. The bible says when we begin to compare ourselves with people, we are not wise. Let us look into his word. The bible says looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

    I’m going to look at another passage that tries to bring out stature, we are just trying to lay the foundation, and then we will go to our lesson that tells us about a man that both physically and spiritually had to do something. Particularly, about his stature spiritually.

    1 Samuel 16 verse 6-7:  you will find there the story of Prophet Samuel when God sent Samuel to anoint a king for Israel. And when he went to the house of Jesse, he said God had sent him to his house to anoint one person as king. He told Jesse to bring out all his sons and quickly Jesse had to line them up according to their age. He brought the first one named “Eliab” and this man, in physical stature, you can’t neglect him because he was tall, huge, shoulder high, and the physical qualification was there. In fact he was so elegant that Samuel was almost overtaken, so he said; this is without doubt the Lord’s anointed king. And God could not hold it; he had to speak to Samuel and say; no! Not that man. Yes he is tall, yes he is huge, yes he has all the physical characteristics, I have not chosen him. And then God said; I don’t look as men look, but I look at the inside. That means there was another measurement, the measurement of the heart, the stature of the heart. How tall and how huge is the heart? Samuel was not seeing that one; he was seeing the physical one. But when God was measuring, he said; for this business, there is a particular height of heart that I’m looking for. And he said no, I wouldn’t accept this one. So it doesn’t matter what your physical height is. You know there are some of you who are so uncomfortable; you feel that you are so short, you see yourself as though you have a problem with God. The most important thing is for you to make sure that you are tall inside. Tell somebody; make sure you are tall inside (congregation: make sure you are tall inside). This is because your height inside will determine your placing with God; your spiritual height determines what God will do with you. I don’t want to emphasize much about that story. You can go and read that story in 1Samuel chapters 16 and 17, “Goliath and David” if you go and read that story of Goliath and David, you will discover that his elder brother that God rejected was also in the Army of Saul, and when they saw Goliath, what did they do? They ran. But when David; the one God measured his heart, a small boy appeared and saw Goliath did he run? The answer is no. He asked a question; who is this uncircumcised philistine? Do you know what his brother did? His brother that was concerned probably waited for Goliath to go out of the scene. He ran to David and said this small boy; what are you doing here? Can’t you see men like us that couldn’t speak out? Can’t you see that we are finding our level and you this small rat you are here? He was looking at him as a small rat. But inside, some body be strong inside, somebody grow inside. I want you to hear me, just hear me, if you don’t grow inside, all kinds of spiritual Goliath will be intimidating you. You heard the testimony of one of our pastors here, how ritual killers saw him and they said; not this one. Don’t you think they saw something? He saw him and said; where is the person? And they said; that’s him, he looked at him and said; not this one. They saw something. When Demons and agents of darkness see you, what will they say? Is it just your height? Is it just that you are a member of Greater Evangelism world crusade? Yes the testimony of Greater Evangelism world crusade will open doors for us but there is something more we need and that is for us to GROW INSIDE and acquire the stature of Jesus. 
    The bible says in Ephesians 4:15: We should grow up to him in all things. Grow up to him in knowledge, grow up to him in love, Grow up to him in  Holiness, righteousness, grow up to him in his passion for souls, you can keep naming them. The bible says; GROW UP TO HIM. That’s why I said; “increase your stature”

    That’s why I told you last healing service that Jesus said; take your yoke and learn of me. You can't increase your stature until you dedicate yourself sincerely to learn, study the life of Jesus and have an encounter with him.

    I will quickly give us a few factors before we go to the example we have. I want you to take example from physical growth because most of the things that happen in physical growth are also required for you to grow spiritually. Studies reveal that physically, your height is determined by 60 – 80% of the genes you inherit from your parents. So if you have a short father and your mother is short as well and probably, your grandparents on the both sides are all short as well. It will only be a miracle for you to be tall. Like I told you, you need don’t to border because that is not the concentration of God. We are using that to say that 60 – 80% of what determines your physical height is contributed by your parents.

    This also applies in the spiritual. Who is your spiritual father?  At a point Jesus told some of those people who were following him, the Pharisees and all that, he said; you are like your father the devil. So if your father is the devil, it will determine your spiritual size. If your father is God, you are born of God. It means that the potential of the height of Jesus is deposited in you. The moment you give your life to Jesus, it means that you can grow and be like Jesus. I’m not just talking about your spiritual father. I’m talking about you being born of God; that was what Jesus was telling Nicodemus. He said; except a man is born again, that potential to see the kingdom, that potential to enter is not there. You must be born again! It’s not a matter of belonging to a church, it’s not a matter of paying my tithe, those ones are good, but you must be born again. Now the remaining 20 – 40% is determined by other factors. Some of them are called environmental factors. I will just highlight one or two: one of them that is very crucial is your diet. Even if you are tall, your mother is tall and your child does not receive a proper diet, it will affect the growth of that child. In nutrition, there is an emphasis; “a well-balanced age appropriate diet”, not just diet, it should be a well-balanced and age appropriate diet. Can you imagine if I have the potential to still grow? let me say; you have a child between 15 and 16 of age and that child is still growing, you give the child Pap in the morning, pap in the evening, pap in the night, everyday pap, no milk is added to the Pap. Some of you that have teenagers in the house, you know how much they eat. They  can just take a loaf of bread, and by the time you know it, you are looking for the loaf of bread. Now I want you to quickly look at your spiritual life, I want you to just reflect, what is your spiritual diet? Do you really have a diet for your spirit man? And if you have, is it balanced? Is it age appropriate? You know when Paul was speaking to the Hebrews he said; when you are supposed to be teachers, you have need for people to teach you again, it  is like you are drinking milk when you are supposed to be eating strong meat. My dear what are you doing? Is it milk?  For most of us our spiritual growth is stunted because the best we get is milk. Do you know what I describe as milk?  The milk I’m talking about is that one that you process and you need no stress to take. They just give you, you drink, no stress. Some of us, it is when people have done all the processing, all the studies, they just give us and we drink. You can’t chew milk, if you keep drinking milk, I’m sure your teeth will revolt, your bone will revolt. You will not be strong. So I want to ask you again, what is your spiritual diet? Are you growing up to the stature? Many of us are spiritually malnourished, and I pray that this year, you will have your deliverance (Congregation: Amen!).

    The other factors talk about your hormones; it talks about your physical activities. Just as we have physical activities, we have spiritual activities as well. Hormone activity; I will liken it to the activity of the Holy Spirit in your life. We also have your posture; as you are growing up, whether you are standing, all the time you need to stand properly, and whether you are sitting, you sit properly. It is also dependent on your height, and you remember when we talked about the definition of stature we said that it is the measure of somebody standing up right. Are you standing upright? Are you living a righteous life? Or you say you are a Christian and you are compromising. If you don’t stand upright, it will affect your height. If you look at my height now is it the same thing as at when I stand? Some of you, your dwarfism is caused by your life style. You are not standing upright. I pray that you take a decision today that everything in your life that is affecting your spiritual growth, you are going to take it away and you will begin to stand upright and stand for Jesus (Congregation: Amen!).

    Now let’s look at an example as we tie up the message. We read in our lesson from
    Luke 19: The man here who was both physically short and spiritually short. The bible described him in verse 2, that he was one of the chief publicans and He was rich. So in the society, despite his physical stature by human standard, he had societal virtue because he was rich and highly placed. He was among those who made money. So his size didn't affect him from being rich.
    The bible told us in verse 3: that this man sought to see Jesus. It was not just to sight Jesus; it was like he wanted to know Jesus. He wanted to know who Jesus was. I want to let you know today, that your position is society, the things you acquire, not withstanding, you still need Jesus. A time will come in your life when your position will not help you, when money cannot help you, when connection cannot help you. A time will come! And zacchaeus got to that point in his life he knew that, that was a vacuum, a void that position could not fill, riches could not fill, connections could not fill, and then he had been hearing of Jesus, he said today; I want to see that Jesus, I want to know him. And the bible says that when he came, he discovered that he had a weakness, he had a limitation, he was little in stature, smallish, and he could not reach Jesus because of the press, crowd was all around, everybody was making effort. Some were there sincerely and some were there to follow others. All of them occupied space. There is a saying in my place that when they cannot see people while standing, is it those who are sitting down they will see? This man, his height was like somebody sitting down. The crowd pressed him such that he couldn’t see Jesus. Do you know that some of us, we are like zacchaeus spiritually? The situations in our lives, our problems and our challenges are there and we want to see Jesus but our heights can’t allow us. Very soon we are going to call for prayers, sometimes you see people running. Some run out of zeal; some might want to take advantage because of their heights so that they will see the altar. We are here because of our spiritual size; our problems have blocked us in a way that we can’t see Jesus. At this point, his money could not count; his position and connection could not count. When you read verse 4, let’s read what Zacchaeus did. For you to grow, it will take drastic steps. You cannot grow by chance; it must take definite effort because Zacchaeus did three things. Look at your bible: what did he do?

    1. He ran. Have you seen a rich man run before? It must be when they are shooting gun but if it is to come to church, eh the reverse is the case. A big man climbed tree. Can you imagine if Zacchaeus’ children were around and they saw their father climbing tree. When they get home, they will say; Daddy we saw you climbing tree, how can you be climbing tree? I want you to see the extent Zacchaeus went. It shows the state of his heart and his desire to see Jesus.
    2. He did something extra ordinary not minding his person, not minding his position.
    3. He looked for a way by his own effort to enhance his height. He said let the crowd reach anywhere, as long as I’m climbing this tree, there is no way I will not see him. The bible said that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above principalities and above powers. Do you know that when you enhance your spiritual status, your level will change, your position will change, you will be looking at principalities from up, you will be looking at powers from up, and you will be looking at the problems from up. And the bible says in that same verse 4 that he knew that Jesus will pass through that way, he knew the direction that Jesus will pass through. I want to announce to you that Jesus will pass through your direction in this service today in Jesus name! (Congregation: Amen!). As you are hearing the sound of my voice, Jesus is passing your way. But you need to make an effort to catch up with him. When you go to verse 5, as Jesus was coming, immediately he reached that place, he looked up. There must be a height, that height was not the tree, it was the height of the heart of Zacchaeus. You know there is certain faith that Jesus will see, he will say; I have not seen this kind of faith, not even in Israel. He saw the heart, Zacchaeus was short before, but he said; no, I can’t remain here, I must do the extra ordinary, I don’t care what people will say, I don’t care whether they will laugh at me, I will do what people of my status will not do. He ran, he climbed the tree, as he was running and climbing, his faith was climbing, his faith was increasing, his spirit was increasing, as soon as Jesus got there, he could not pass. There are some people that Jesus cannot pass, there are some hearts that Jesus cannot pass.  Zacchaeus had gone to that level. As soon as Jesus got there, his procession stopped, and he looked up. He didn’t see most of the people following him but he saw Zacchaeus. He saw Zacchaeus because he went the extra mile. I pray that Jesus will see you in this service today, that your faith will be so strong that all of the thousands here, he will not miss you (congregation Amen!). Look at what Jesus told him, Jesus said;” Zacchaeus make haste and come down. For today, I must abide at thy house”. Do you know the name of the crowd? Did their names enter the bible? The answer is no. your spiritual height will put you where others cannot go. Nobody told him the name of Zacchaeus, but because he is the all-knowing God. He knew his name, God knows your name, he knows your situation, and he knows what you are looking for because he can see it in your heart. He said; Zacchaeus make haste and come down. The whole procession had to wait for Zacchaeus. I don’t know the height he climbed, but he had to come down immediatetly and everybody was waiting for him. You will get to that point in your life in Jesus name(Congregation: Amen).
      Verse 5: Jesus knew Zacchaeus’ name, because of his faith and his spiritual height. Jesus called him by his name and said to him make haste and come down. Jesus did not call the name of anyone in the crowd. When your faith grows; Jesus will call you by your name and everyone else will wait for you (congregation: Amen!). Jesus said today I "must" go with you to your house and sit down with you.

    Jesus did not know the names of the other people in the crowd. Zacchaeus was just imagining how Jesus got to know his name. Jesus saw his desire, saw the way he was opened up for him. He said; today I must suspend every other engagement and abide in your house.

    The bible says in Revelation chapter 3:20, “behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and sup with him, and he with me”. That was exactly what Jesus did, and the bible tells us in verse 6, and Zacchaeus received him into his house with great joy, he was excited, he even went the extra mile by telling Jesus; master see, I did not just come to look for you pretending, I mean it from my heart and to show you, this is what I will do. All the things I have acquired, part of it I will give to the poor, and those I have cheated in my past life, I repent sincerely. I will pay them back four times the amount I took from them. He was ready to give up everything, that’s why we tell you that in Greater Evangelism, we don’t teach people how to make money, we teach them how to make heaven. Zacchaeus saw that the gate of heaven was getting open for him, he said; what am I going to do with money? The people I cheated, all my crocked life, all that I have I will give to the poor, the remaining one I will give to anyone I cheated that I remember four times the amount. Even if nothing is left for me, I don’t care, but let me make heaven. And in verse 9, listen to what Jesus said; “And Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham”. This day, the fact that Jesus entered there was not what brought salvation, the fact that Jesus called his name was not what brought salvation, the fact that he joined the church was not what brought salvation, it was that he took a decision to be truly repentant and be converted. There are many of us, you have come to church, you have being a member of this ministry, but your life has not changed. You still leave the old life, you still keep the old connection, you claim to be born again, you might have come out for altar calls severally but your life has not changed. It is only when you take a step of a changed life that is when salvation will come. He said; this day salvation has come into your house. You are still keeping your boyfriends and girlfriends, youths! You are here, when they sing song, you will dance more than everybody but you are living in sin. I pray today, that salvation will come to your house. (Congregation: Amen!)

    Luke 2:52 says; “and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” His increase in stature produced divine favour. When you find favour before God, is there anything that will disfavor you? If God be for you, what is it that will be against you? When the favour of God comes upon your life, even diseases will not stand, demons will not be able to stand you and that man also will find favour with men. There is a place where God will place you, whether somebody likes you or not, he has no option but to like you.  That is why, as we begin to attract God, even our enemies will be at peace with us, even diseases will run away, obstacle will flee. I will give you this example and then we will pray.

    You know there are some cars you will drive, taxi drivers, bus drivers will not allow you pass through. If you pass through any direction, they will also follow you but there are some cars they will see, they will say; oga abeg go because they know that if anything happens and they will sell their buses or taxies yet the money will not be enough to repair their cars. So that status, when you pass through the direction of your choice, they will shift their hands. May you get to a place that when demons see you, they run away, When they see you, they hold break and when situation sees you, it will say not me and you. You heard the testimony of our pastor, when they took him to the bush, as they discovered his connection they said hey! We didn’t bargain for Pastor o, and much more, pastor of Greater Evangelism, Apostle Numbere church, not me and you, when they saw the spiritual status that God has given to him, they said; please pray for us. But beyond that general status, may you acquire your own spiritual status today (congregation: Amen!). Jesus told zacchaeus, I have seen your height and I have seen your enhancement. You know when you see some of our young people walking, some of them are very tall, but when you look down, you will see their enhancement. The tree enhanced zacchaeus. Jesus said; zacchaeus come down, we will start from the basic. You cannot take artificial thing to enhance yourself when it comes to spiritual matters. Some of us are operating with artificial height because people call us spiritual brother or sister, we answer them. I ask you today, are you spiritual? Jesus said; make haste and come down. Don’t deceive yourself with whatever position you occupy, don’t deceive yourself. He said; make haste and come down. The first category we are going to start with is; if you are here today, you know that you are not born again, you know it that you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus; you can’t remember a day that you encountered him and your life was transformed. The bible says if any man receives Christ, he is a new creation, old things are passed away, you can’t remember that encounter. Today, I want to give you an opportunity for you to say Lord Jesus I want to be born again, I want to have that encounter that will transform my life. Just raise your right hand wherever you are. Jesus went to the cross; he died so that he will save you from sin. Don’t look at anybody; come to Jesus, anywhere you are.

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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  • January 2015 Transcribed Healing Service Message

    Source:         Recorded Video coverage of the Central Healing Service

    Date:             Sunday, 18 Jan. 2015

    Venue:          Greater Evangelism World Crusade, International Headquarters

    Preacher:      Pst Isaac V. Olori (The International Director)

    ==Message begins==

    I want to welcome you especially to the first healing service of the Year 2015. I don’t know how many of you are ready for a New Year miracle. God will begin his New Year miracle in this healing service.

    Our theme for this year is, “knowing Jesus”.

    It is part of our motto as a ministry, and if we must fulfill the second part as a ministry, this first part is very important. By the grace of God every opportunity we have as much as possible, emphasis and teachings will be made because that is the foundation that will bring you to the supernatural power.

    Turn to 2Peter 1:3; According as his divine power has been given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.

    Connect it to John 15 where we read in our lesson.

    John 15:1-11, I am the true vine, and my father is the husbandman.

    2. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

    3. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

    4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

    5. I am the vine, ye are the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

    6. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

    7. If ye abide in me, and I in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done.

    8.Herein is my father glorified, that they bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

    9. As the father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

    10. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my father’s commandments, and abide in his love.

    11. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain with you, and that your joy might be full.

    I want to tag this message “DIVINE CONNECTION”. I want to say that for you to be sustained in 2015, you need the connection. This connection is not called human connection, it’s not what man can do for you, and it’s not what the system of the world will do for you. We are talking about “divine connection”. I want to let you know that there is a divine power that is in control of your entire being. If you are a child of God here today, I want to announce to you that there is a divine power that is in charge of your life.

    In 2Peter that we read, the bible says; that God had made a provision: According to his divine power. When you talk about divine power, you are talking about the power that is above all powers, and when that power speaks, no other power can contend with it. That power can do spiritual things in a physical situation. It carries out spiritual operation, and it will manifest physically. You had the testimony of our sister; in the dream that there was an operation, and in the physical there was a miracle.

    That divine power is with us here in this service to touch you. How will you be able to benefit from that power? You must be connected to that power; you must be linked up to the source of that power. If you go to where we read in our lesson in John 15:7, “If ye abide in me, and I in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done”. Also amplified version, and my word remain in you and continue to live in your heart, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you. God has an open cheque for someone here today, I don’t know what you want to fill in that cheque, he said; ask whatever you will, I don’t know what you came to this service with, but God is presenting an open cheque for us. But how can I Cash this cheque? I must be connected.

    And he said; abide in me. Live inside me. God wants to change our level. I want you to know this in a moment, when you first gave your life to Christ, you invited Jesus into your heart, Is it not? But for some of us, that’s where you have been, as you invite him to your life, he is inside, you are the one carrying him, anywhere you like you carry him to, and that’s why sometimes you carry him to where he doesn’t want to go, you compromise, you fail, you get disappointments because you are the one carrying him. God wants you to change your level; this time around he said; not just him abiding in you, he said; you abide in me. If you look at Acts 17:28. Therefore in him we live and move and have our being. We are living inside him, we are moving inside him, and we draw our existence from him. I’m sure everyone here lives in a house; whether duplex or batcher, and you operate within your house, and when you are operating within your house, there is a sense of safety. Can you imagine that with all this insecurity you find yourself maybe sleeping outside, and suddenly discovered that by 2.00am, you are lying outside, you will jump up and rush into your house. Where we live, we make every provision within our reach to get the comfort of life. There is also a spiritual house that every child of God must desire to go into. Jesus said; abide in me, live inside me, move inside me, grow in me. I have a plant here, you are seeing in my hand; a plant that has branches, if you look around the Altar, you will see a similar plant also, but my plant has so many branches. Now if you look at John 15 where we read; Jesus was speaking there and he said; I am the vine, so let’s assume that this is the vine. He said; I am the vine, he went further in other verses and said; we are the branches. And so you see that this plant here has a number of branches, some of them are just growing out, some of them are big, and so you can see that you represent these branches. It can be that you are either the small or the big ones, and if you watch these branches, they are connected to the vine. They are living in the vine, they are linked up to the vine, and they draw sustenance from the vine. You see; if it was a full tree, it will be planted, and the supply of nutrients comes from the ground and the vine will be conducting and transferring them. You will observe that for you to enjoy the nourishment that will be coming from the vine, you must be connected as a branch. For any reason you are disconnected; just watch, this one is disconnected, you discover that when you come by the following day, this branch will be dried up, because it has been disconnected from the source. And he said; in John 15:1, Amplified version; Jesus said; I AM the True Vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser.      

    The father is there to ensure there is nutrient around the vine, and as many branches that are connected to that vine, they will be sustained by day and night, they will live in him, they will move in him, they will draw their existence and essence from him. No matter what, the vine dresser will provide for his vine, this one that is disconnected will not enjoy it. That’s why in 2Peter 1:3 that we read said; according as his divine power he has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of him. All you need for perfection, all you need for your deliverance, all you need for your safety, and all you need for your blessing is through Jesus by having knowledge of him.

    There was a word that was used in Amplified version I want to talk about; it talks about “vital connection”, something that is essential, it is something that has to do with life or death. You know in the medical line there is something that is called vital organs; and those are organs that if anything happens, it is death. One of them is the “heart”, you know the heart is a pumping machine that God puts inside you, right from the day you were born, it is pumping inside you, it has not stopped pumping one day, if it ceases pumping, it’s another story, “death”. But I have good news for you, maybe you have problem with any of your vital organs, I want to tell you that the vine dresser is here, he will dress it for you today in the name of Jesus! So I’m emphasizing that your connection to Jesus is a matter of life and death. And what you receive from him is determined on how you will live. If you look at the vine again, you will notice that these ones are big, because their connection is strong, and if you look at these ones also, you will notice that these ones are small.it means that the connection is also small. Which one do you think gets more nourishment? The big ones have it. The level of connection you have with Jesus determines the volume of blessing that will reach you. All that you need in 2015 is available, but it is through the knowledge of God that is, knowing Jesus. The question is how connected are you?

    If you look at Matt.11:28-30, we are going to pick a few things there to still make us understand that this is the mind of God, he said; get connected, I want you to live inside me, I want you to draw from me, I’m going to read it from the Amplified versionCome to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden andoverburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve andrefresh your souls.Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment andrecreation and blessed quiet) for your souls.For My yoke is wholesome (useful,good — not harsh, hard, sharp, or pressing, but comfortable, gracious, and pleasant), and My burden is light and easy to be borne.

    There is a promise of rest here, I don’t know whether somebody is looking for rest, I don’t know that problem and situation you are passing through and you are looking for who will help you. I want to assure you from the word of God today, that there is a promise of rest for you, he said; even if you are overburdened, even if you are carrying over load, I don’t know how that problem is, he will carry your load. It doesn’t matter what the doctor said, it doesn’t matter what your body says, it doesn’t matter what your situation around you says, there is a superior word, there is a word that when it is declared in heaven, it must not return void, and that word says that there is rest for the people of God, he said; there is rest for you, I pray that you connect to that rest today. He said; I will give you rest. You know when you take the best doctor in the world; they specialize in one part of the body, the more they read, the more they narrow down, they become specialist in one small area, but the doctor that is promising you rest today, is the doctor of all. He can heal all manner of sickness; he can heal physical sickness and spiritual sickness. You know there are some problems you will have, it’s manifesting physically in your body, but when you go for x-ray, they wouldn’t see it, some of them are manipulated by demons, you just keep spending money, they will test you and say; nothing is wrong with you. Some of them will tell you it’s a psychological problem, but this your doctor, he knows even the psychological problem; whether it’s in your brain, he will give you rest. But for you to enjoy this rest, the first thing is; come unto me, he said; come unto me, that’s the first invitation, and that invitation is invitation of salvation, and that’s why if you are here and you have not given your live to Jesus, and if you fail to respond to that invitation, you will not enjoy that promise of rest.

    Two things are required for you to continue to enjoy and access his rest:

    1. Take my yoke upon you: a yoke is like a bond that is used to tie two animals, they tie them together, two of them are connected, they are kept together, they are not separated,they are tied together. Jesus says; if you want to continue to enjoy his rest, get connected, abide in me, and get connected to me.

    2. Learn of me: take time to study me, take time to discover me. That’s why we are talking about “knowing Jesus”. Many of us here, some have not even come to him, you are not born again you know yourself, others have come but they said I will give my life to him but I won’t accept him because I will be tied down, I want to be the way I am, so any time I want, I relate with him, when I need him I will come. So most times, when you have problems, you run to Jesus, when he solves the problem, you go back and continue the way you are. When something will happen, you will go back and pick it, you might pick the physical one, but the spiritual one is gone. You have refused to come back; you have refused to be yoked. You will say “oga”, wait here, wait here, when you have finish compromising, When you are busy taking bribes, living a dirty life, Suddenly things become tough, you run to him again, you have refused to be yoked. I pray that this year, you will accept that yoke. There is somebody here, you said; you want to graduate first before you accept Jesus, because you need to sort to pass your exams, you don’t want to take the yoke. You don’t need to sort to graduate, he can give you rest. Jesus said; learn of me, if I ask you whether you know the Director, all of you will say I know him and now if I ask you how many of you know where I’m coming from? You will see that hands will be reduced. Those who have knowledge of me know me beyond where I come from, they know me beyond being a pastor, and they know me beyond being a zonal minister of Rainbow zone. You know during the burial of Daddy, I was so busy; some Facebook hackers; I don’t know how they hacked my Facebook account but; they were operating in my name. They began to send messages to my friends and said; “I am in a very crucial church meeting; please send me seven hundred and fifty Naira Airtime”. And those who knew me called and told me what they saw on Facebook, some called me later and asked if I had received the credit. Actually, someone used my name to extort money from the public, and some of those who knew me could not believe I could do such a thing.

    Now I want to round up this message with an example:

    Luke 10:38-42; You will also see part of it in John 12:1-3, in that place you will find the story of Jesus when he visited the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, you find there that the bible described them as the friends of Jesus. They were connected but you will see the difference in the level of connection between the three of them, if you read verse 38, the bible says; it looks like Martha is the senior, but somebody took an upper hand, Martha went into the kitchen, but Mary sat at Jesus feet. In John 12; Mary anointed the feet of Jesus, she used her hair first, and anointed the feet of Jesus. But Martha was busy. There are some of us, you are very old in the faith, no doubt, it is very easy for you to quote the year you gave your life to Christ but all that can be said about you is that you are very busy. You move from one committee to the other, that is alright, but you don’t know Jesus, you are not growing, because you have no time for the word of God, if you know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. That is why the way you react shows the level of your immaturity or state of Christianity. Verse 41, and Jesus answered and said unto her; thou art careful and troubled about many things. Jesus was talking to Martha but Mary saw the good part in knowing Jesus, she couldn’t hold it, she followed him, nothing could take it away from her. Knowing Jesus is a good part, if you do, nothing can take it away from you, and sickness cannot take it away from you. I will just give another example again before we close, John 11: 20, Lazarus the brother of Mary and Martha suddenly became sick, they sent a message to Jesus and said; Lazarus the man who you love is sick, they said that to Jesus because they knew that Jesus loved them, and even when the bible was recording, it went further and said; Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Do you know Jesus to that point that you will know he loves you? Can you be so bold to say Jesus I know you love me. That was the message they sent, because of his relationship with them, when the message came Jesus knew that he had to do something, because he is the resurrection and the life. Jesus said; when I get there, the worst will become a testimony; the worst will bring down my glory. And the bible said; he delayed, before he got there, Lazarus had died, had been buried and in the grave four days, and when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, you know her, active woman, she ran to meet him on the road, and the first thing she did was to query him; the same message, but different result, she said; master, if you were here, our brother would not had died, but I know, that even now, whatsoever you will ask of God, he will do it for you, at this point Jesus was getting encouraged that Martha was coming up, but could not complete it, instead, she told Jesus that her brother will rise up again on the day of resurrection at the last day. She came back to Mary, if you read that chapter; two of them had the same message but different result came out, Martha ran back to Mary to tell her that the master was around, but this time Mary was calm, and then she went to Jesus and knelt down to his feet weeping, she said the same thing that Martha said; but with different approach. After then, something happened. Mary had to connect to power. She had to connect to action. I’m not saying that being busy in the church is bad, but when you are busy, getting the knowledge of Jesus, is richer, the productivity will be determined by the knowledge. Martha had gone back, but Jesus was not moved, but when Mary went, she knew how to worship, she knew how to pray, she went with the same message, but with a broken heart. She went broken, the bible says; a broken and a contrite heart God will not overlook. The brokenness of Mary troubled Jesus, Jesus was troubled in the spirit, Jesus began to groan inside, something in him was stirred up, it was a time to act, and he asked where did they laid him, he had not reached, because they met on the way, he said; where did they lay him? Somebody had stirred up his spirit; somebody had

    connected to the divine power. He wept, when you read verse 35 and 36; he was groaning inside; something must happen. He said; roll away the stone, Martha appeared again, she said; no, no, no, it’s being four days ago, if you roll away the stone now, nobody will stay her. Humanly speaking, it’s true, but Mary, did she say anything? No, she was connected to the supernatural. I pray that somebody will be connected to the supernatural. He said according to his divine power, he has given unto us all things. But the problem we have is how to connect.

    Jesus said; Lazarus come forth! And the bible says; him that was dead came alive. I don’t know what your situation is. I want you to know that every dead situation in your life will come alive again.

    ==Message Ends==  Let’s pray...

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