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  • Monday:



    Monday 9 December 2019


    Psalm 69:1-12, Habakkuk 1:1-4

    God often delays in answering prayer. We have several instances of this in sacred Scripture. Jacob did not get the blessing from the angel until near the dawn of day—he had to wrestle all night for it. The poor woman of Syrophenicia was answered not a word for a long while. Paul besought the Lord thrice that “the thorn in the flesh” might be taken from him, and he received no assurance that it should be taken away, but instead thereof a promise that God’s grace should be sufficient for him. If you have been knocking at the gate of mercy, and have not received no answer, shall I tell you why the mighty Maker has not opened the door and let you in? Our Father has reasons peculiar to himself for thus keeping us waiting. Sometimes it is to show his power and his sovereignty, that men may know that Jehovah has a right to give or to withhold. More frequently the delay is for our profit. You are perhaps kept waiting in order that your desires may be more fervent. God knows that delay will quicken and increase desire, and that if he keeps you waiting you will see the necessity more clearly, and will seek more earnestly; and that you will prize the mercy all the more for its long tarrying. There may also be something wrong in you which has need to be removed, before the joy of the Lord is given.

    Perhaps your views of the Gospel plan are confused, or you may be placing some little reliance on yourself, instead of trusting simply and entirely to the Lord Jesus. Or, God makes you to tarry awhile that he may the more fully display the riches of his grace to you at last. Your prayers are all filed in heaven, and if not immediately answered they are certainly not forgotten, but in a little while shall be fulfilled to your delight and satisfaction. Let not despair make you silent, but continue instant in earnest supplication.

    “Therefore will the Lord wait that he may be gracious unto you.” Isaiah 30:18

    Prayer Point:
    1. For any delayed answers to my prayers, I decree that I shall receive, “all things that work for my good and to God’s glory”
    2. I shall continue to make earnest supplications without season; despair shall not make me to be silent.
    3. O Lord, I command everything within and around me to bow to your power and your sovereignty; I confess that you are Mighty Jehovah.

    Read the Bible in one Year:  Hosea 1-2; Revelation 2: 18 - 3:1-6


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  • Tuesday:




    Tuesday 10 December 2019


    1 Thessalonians 4:7-18

    Even the sweetest visits from Christ, how short they are—and how transitory! One moment our eyes see him, and we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, but again a little time and we do not see him, for our beloved withdraws himself from us; like a roe or a young hart he leaps over the mountains of division; he is gone to the land of spices, and feeds no more among the lilies. “If today he deigns to bless us with a sense of pardoned sin, He tomorrow may distress us, make us feel the plague within.”


    Oh, how sweet the prospect of the time when we shall not behold him at a distance, but see him face to face: when he shall not be as a wayfaring man tarrying but for a night, but shall eternally
    enfold us in the bosom of his glory. We shall not see him for a little season, but “Millions of years our wondering eyes, shall o'er our Saviour’s beauties rove; and myriad ages we'll adore, the wonders of his love.”


    In heaven there shall be no interruptions from care or sin; no weeping shall dim our eyes; no earthly business shall distract our happy thoughts; we shall have nothing to hinder us from gazing forever on the Sun of Righteousness with unwearied eyes. Oh, if it be so sweet to see him now and then, how sweet to gaze on that blessed face for yes, and never have a cloud rolling between, and never have to turn one’s eyes away to look on a world of weariness and woe! Blessed day, when will you dawn? Rise, O unsetting sun! The joys of sense may leave us as soon as they will, for this shall make glorious amends. If to die is but to enter into uninterrupted communion with Jesus, then death is indeed gain, and the black drop is swallowed up in a sea of victory.


    “So shall we ever be with the Lord.” 1 Thessalonians 4:17


    Prayer Point:
    1. I shall gaze forever on the Sun of Righteousness unceasingly; eternity with Jesus shall be portion.
    2. I overcome every sorrow that portrays his absence in my life; may His presence be continually felt, keeping my heart clean and rapture-able, in Jesus name, amen.

    Read the Bible in one Year: Hosea 3-6; Revelation 3:7-22

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  • Wednesday:



    Wednesday 11 December 2019


    1 Thessalonians 5:22-28, Psalm 121:4-8

    Heaven is a place where we shall never sin; where we shall cease our constant watch against an unrelenting enemy, because there will be no tempter to ensnare our feet. There, the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest. Heaven is the “undefiled inheritance”; it is the land of perfect holiness, and therefore of complete security. But do not the saints even on earth sometimes taste the joys of blissful security? The doctrine of God’s word is, that all who are in union with the Lamb are safe; that all the righteous shall hold on their way; that those who have committed their souls to the keeping of Christ shall find him a faithful and immutable preserver. Sustained by such a doctrine we can enjoy security even on earth; not that high and glorious security which renders us free from every slip, but that holy security which arises from the sure promise of Jesus that none who believe in him shall ever perish, but shall be with him where he is. Believer, let us often reflect with joy on the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, and honour the faithfulness of our God by a holy confidence in him.

    May our God bring home to you a sense of your safety in Christ Jesus! May he assure you that your name is graven on his hand; and whisper in your ear the promise, “Fear not, I am with thee.” Look upon him, the great Surety of the covenant, as faithful and true, and, therefore, bound and engaged to present you, the weakest of the family, with all the chosen race, before the throne of God; and in such a sweet contemplation you will drink the juice of the spiced wine of the Lord’s pomegranate, and taste the dainty fruits of Paradise. You will have an antepast of the enjoyments which ravish the souls of the perfect saints above, if you can believe with unstaggering faith that “faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”


    “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

    Prayer Point:

    1. My soul I command you to be glad and rejoice for the heavenly bliss to come

    2. Thank you Lord for calling me; your faithfulness shall preserve me in your love and righteousness to the end, in Jesus name, amen.


    Read the Bible in one Year: Hosea 7-10; Revelation 4


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  • Thursday:




    Thursday 12 December 2019


    Exodus 20:1-6


    Your Lord is very jealous of your love, O believer. Did He choose you? He cannot bear that you should choose another. Did He buy you with His own blood? He cannot endure that you should think that you are your own, or that you belong to this world. He loved you with such a love that
    He would not stop in heaven without you; He would sooner die than you should perish, and He cannot endure that anything should stand between your heart’s love and Himself.

    He is very jealous of your trust. He will not permit you to trust in an arm of flesh. He cannot bear that you should hew out broken cisterns, when the overflowing fountain is always free to you. When we lean upon Him, He is glad, but when we transfer our dependence to another, when we rely upon our own wisdom, or the wisdom of a friend—worst of all, when we trust in any works of our own, He is displeased, and will chasten us that He may bring us to Himself.

    He is also very jealous of our company. There should be no one with whom we converse so much as with Jesus. To abide in Him only, this is true love; but to commune with the world, to find sufficient solace in our carnal comforts, to prefer even the society of our fellow Christians to secret intercourse with Him, this is grievous to our jealous Lord. He would fain have us abide in Him, and enjoy constant fellowship with Himself; and many of the trials which He sends us are for the purpose of weaning our hearts from the creature, and fixing them more closely upon Himself. Let this jealousy which would keep us near to Christ be also a comfort to us, for if He loves us so much as to care thus about our love we may be sure that He will suffer nothing to harm us, and will protect us from all our enemies. Oh that we may have grace this day to keep our hearts in sacred chastity for our Beloved alone, with sacred jealousy shutting our eyes to all the fascinations of the world!

    "God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies". Nahum 1:2

    Prayer Point:
    1. Dear Lord, I thank You for being jealous concerning me. Help me to jealously serve and worship You.
    2. I declare that from this day forward, I shall be untouchable, unhurtable and indestructible by any power of darkness because the angles of the Lord are assigned to watch over me.

    Read the Bible in one Year: Proverbs 29-31; 2Corinthians 11:16-33

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  • Friday:



    Friday 13 December 2019


    Matthew 5:13, Ezra 7:20-25

    Salt was used in every offering made by fire unto the Lord, and from its preserving and purifying properties it was the grateful emblem of divine grace in the soul. It is worthy of our attentive regard that, when Artaxerxes gave salt to Ezra the priest, he set no limit to the quantity, and we may be quite certain that when the King of kings distributes grace among his royal priesthood, the supply is not cut short by him. Often are we straitened in ourselves, but never in the Lord. He who chooses to gather much manna will find that he may have as much as he desires. There is no such famine in Jerusalem that the citizens should eat their bread by weight and drink their water by measure. Some things in the economy of grace are measured; for instance our vinegar and gall are given us with such exactness that we never have a single drop too much, but of the salt of grace no hold-back is made, “Ask what thou wilt and it shall be given unto thee.” Parents need to lock up the fruit cupboard, and the sweet jars, but there is no need to keep the salt-box under lock and key, for few children will eat too greedily from that.

    A man may have too much money, or too much honour, but he cannot have too much grace. When Jeshurun waxed fat in the flesh, he kicked against God, but there is no fear of a man’s becoming too full of grace: an excess of grace is impossible. More wealth brings more care, but more grace brings more joy. Increased wisdom is increased sorrow, but abundance of the Spirit is fullness of joy. Believer, go to the throne for a large supply of heavenly salt. It will season thine afflictions, which are unsavoury without salt; it will preserve thy heart which corrupts if salt be absent, and it will kill your sins even as salt kills reptiles. You need much; seek much, and have much.


    “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” Colossian 4:6

    Prayer Point:

    1. Oh Lord grant me your preserving and purifying grace, in order to preserve me from worldly/fleshly decay and pollution of the mind.

    2. Let my life be salted with abundance of grace that brings more joy and fulfillments.



    Read the Bible in one Year:  Joel 1-3; Revelation 6


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  • Saturday:



    Saturday 7 December 2019


    Romans 5:1-10


    Walk the streets by moonlight, if you dare, and you will see sinners then. Watch when the night is dark, and the wind is howling, and the picklock is grating in the door, and you will see sinners then. Go to jail, and walk through the wards, and mark the men with heavy over-hanging brows, men whom you would not like to meet at night, and there are sinners there. Go to the Reformatories, and note those who have betrayed a rampant juvenile depravity, and you will see sinners there. Go across the seas to the place where a man will gnaw a bone upon which is reeking human flesh, and there is a sinner there. Go where you will, you need not ransack earth to find sinners, for they are common enough; you may find them in every lane and street of every city, and town, and village, and hamlet. It is for such that Jesus died. If you will select me the grossest specimen of humanity, if he be but born of woman, I will have hope of him yet, because Jesus Christ is come to seek and to save sinners. Electing love has selected some of the worst to be made the best. Pebbles of the brook grace turns into jewels for the crown-royal. Worthless dross he transforms into pure gold. Redeeming love has set apart many of the worst of mankind to be the reward of the Saviour’s passion. Effectual grace calls forth many of the vilest of the vile to sit at the table of mercy, and therefore let none despair.

    Reader, by that love looking out of Jesus’ tearful eyes, by that love streaming from those bleeding wounds, by that faithful love, that strong love, that pure, disinterested, and abiding love; by the heart and by the bowels of the Saviour’s compassion, we conjure you turn not away as though it were nothing to you; but believe on him and you shall be saved. Trust your soul with him and he will bring you to his Father’s right hand in glory everlasting.

    “Base things of the world hath God chosen.” 1 Corinthians 1:28

    Prayer Point:

    1. I receive a strong love like that of Christ to preach to sinners.
    2. I reciprocate in genuine love to my savour who loved me and gave his life for me

    Read the Bible in one Year: Daniel 9-10; Revelation 1

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  • Sunday:


    Sunday 8 December 2019


    Revelation 3:1-6, Ecclesiastes 9:7-10



    “Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.” Revelation 3:4. We may understand this to refer to justification. “They shall walk in white”; that is, they shall enjoy a constant sense of their own justification by faith; they shall understand that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to them, that they have all been washed and made whiter than the newly-fallen snow. Again, it refers to joy and gladness: for white robes were holiday dresses among the Jews. They who have not defiled their garments shall have their faces always bright; they shall understand what Solomon meant when he said “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart. Let thy garments be always white, for God hath accepted thy works.” He who is accepted of God shall wear white garments of joy and gladness, while he walks in sweet communion with the Lord Jesus. Whence so many doubts, so much misery, and mourning? It is because so many believers defile their garments with sin and error, and hence they lose the joy of their salvation, and the comfortable fellowship of the Lord Jesus, they do not here below walk in white.


    The promise also refers to walking in white before the throne of God. Those who have not defiled their garments here shall most certainly walk in white up yonder, where the white-robed hosts sing perpetual hallelujahs to the Most High. They shall possess joys inconceivable, happiness beyond a dream, bliss which imagination knows not, blessedness which even the stretch of desire has not reached. The “undefiled in the way” shall have all this—not of merit, nor of works, but of grace. They shall walk with Christ in white, for he has made them “worthy.” In his sweet company they shall drink of the living fountains of waters.


    “And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life” Revelation 21:27


    Prayer Point:
    1. Oh Lord, grant me grace to keep my garment clean, unspotted and undefiled, day and night.
    2. I shall drink of the fountains of living waters in God’s kingdom; and no devil or anything else shall hinder me, in Jesus name, amen.
    3. I receive the soul salvation of all the members of my family, because I shall be saved and my household.

    Read the Bible in one Year: Daniel 11-12; Revelation 2:1-17

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