Kum-Ran Bible College (KBC)


Greater Evangelism Kum-Ran Bible College was founded in 1974 at Bori in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State by the International Director, Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Apostle G. D. Numbere. In 1994, the College relocated to its permanent site in Nonwa Tai, Tai Local Government Area, Rivers State; about thirty six kilometers from Port Harcourt City, on account of the expansion of academic programmes, increase in the intake of students and staff strength.

Kum-Ran Bible College is a higher Ecclesiastical Institute run by the ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade for the study of Theology and related disciplines within the socio-cultural context of the African Sub-region. As an Ecclesiastical Institute, it is accredited to the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA). The Institute is canonically erected and approved by the International Director, Greater Evangelism World Crusade, for the granting of academic Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. It is also affiliated to the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, for the award of an academic Diploma in Christian Education.

The College trains students for missionary and ministerial exploits as well as professional teachers in the areas of Christian Education and Biblical Theology.



The aims and objectives of the college are as follows:

1. To promote scientific, analytical and critical contextual study of theology and related disciplines.

2. To train church personnel in Christian Theology against the socio-cultural background of Africa.

3. To train church personnel in the communication of Christian Theology.

4. To produce teachers for Seminaries, Universities and other Institutions of higher learning.

5. To train students to develop independent thought and critical judgment in theological matters.

6. To train and equip ministers and Christians with the modern day "Information Technology" and other related matters to ensure contemporary competence.

7. To eradicate theological illiteracy from the ecclesiastical community.

8. To raise a Bible-based standard in this morally decadent generation and to develop a Biblical leadership for the church and the nation at large.

9. To train, equip and mobilize missionaries into the already white field that is ready for harvest.



1. Certificate in Theology - 1 Year (One Session)

2. Diploma in Theology - 3 Years (Three Sessions)

3. Diploma in Christian Education - 2 Years (Two Sessions)

4. Bachelor in Theology - 4 Years (Four Sessions)



1. Certificate in Theology:

Qualification for this programme include a genuine call into the Christian Ministry without academic qualification of whatever kind and a recommendation of the Admission Committee after screening.

2. Diploma (CE/TH) and Bachelor Programmes:

Qualification for these programmes include five credits including English Language and Christian Religious Knowledge in not more than two sittings from WAEC/NECO/GCE. A minimum of two years Diploma in Theology/Christian Education with a minimum Grade level of Lower Credit is required for a Direct Entry into the Bachelor programme, upon recommendation by the Admission Committee.


1. Pastor (Mrs) Abigail Tanu - Provost (B. Ed., M.A.(Rel – OT); Ph. D Candidate, UI)

2. Rev. Emmanuel Duru - Deputy Provost (Dip.Th; B.Th; M.Th (O.T) Unijos )

3. Rev. Ernest Chike - Registrar (B. Th; M.Th (N.T), Unijos)

4. Rev. John Freeman - Academic Dean (Dip.Th.; B.Th., PGDE, M.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling) RSUST)

5. Pastor Charles U. Achonwa - H.O.D. Theology (Degree) (Dip.Th., B.Th., PGDE, M.Ed. (Edu. Psychology) UPH)

6. Pastor M. O. Obi - Dean, Students' Affairs (Dip.Th., B.Th.)

7. Pastor Monday D. Nlenee - ABU Co-ordinator/Chaplain (B.A. (Missions), PGDE, UPH)

8. Evangelist Amerika Tamuno - Bursar (B. A. (Theology) )

9. Pastor Lawson Iyagba - H.O.D. Theology (Certificate) (Dip. Th., B.Th.)

10. Pastor David B. Yaalo - Lecturer (B.A. (Theology); PGDE; M. Ed.(Adult Education) RSUST)

11. Rev. Ozioma P. Chigbu - Lecturer (B.A. (Theology) ; PGDE ABSU)

12. Pastor (Mrs) Diseph Isikima - Lecturer (Dip.Th; B. Ed. (CRE) Unijos)

13. Pastor Ledum Vite - Lecturer (B.Sc. (English)

14. Pastor Dumleenu Lemon - Lecturer (B. Ed; PGDE)

15. Pastor Eugene Wilberforce - Lecturer

16. Elder (Barr.) Innocent Wigodo - Lecturer



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